US drone strike on Taliban leader in Pakistan “violation of sovereignty”


Islamabad has denounced Washington’s attack on a Taliban leader on its territory, with Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry calling it “a violation of sovereignty.” The government was allegedly only informed of the operation after it had already been carried out.

“Pakistan wishes to once again state that the drone attack was a violation of its sovereignty, an issue which has been raised with the United States in the past as well,” the ministry said in a statement issued to the media on Sunday.

The US reportedly killed Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mansour in a targeted drone strike in a remote area of Pakistan near its border with Afghanistan on Saturday. Pakistan does not dispute the claim that Mansour was killed, but says further investigation is underway.

Islamabad said that US officials informed the country’s prime minister and army chief of the strike only after it had been completed. US Secretary of State John Kerry said earlier that Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had been notified of the air strike in a telephone call, but declined to elaborate on the timing.

Claiming that Mansour had posed an “imminent threat” to the Afghan and US people, Kerry called Saturday’s operation an “appropriate response.” US officials said earlier that multiple drones had been deployed in the strike, which was authorized by President Barack Obama.


yes it was..but nobody is going to be listening..they do whatever they want..whenever they want and you can yell and shout but its different rules for some..

“Claiming that Mansour had posed an “imminent threat” to the Afghan and US people, Kerry called Saturday’s operation an “appropriate response.”


~ by seeker401 on May 24, 2016.

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  2. you are right 401..

    it is an extended version of the 2nd amendment. to bear arms. to defend oneself. ‘the defender of justice’…only it has been manipulated to suit the times. once a threat has been found it strikes first as the right to self defence, so it claims. it is easy. strike first. then claim it as an act of self defence as it was deemed a threat. even though it is not within their borders. police of the world. even police answer to a higher authority.. who does this police entity answer to?

    i will go even further to write that the zionists entity also claims this act of despicable crimes as self defence when approached by its puppet. ”

    if you do this then why can’t we? in the name of self defence” this is why america cannot be a referee/umpire/negotiator when it comes to crimes as it is a criminal itself. criminals tend to stick together mind you..

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