Israeli-born economist confirmed head of Brazil’s Central Bank


Ilan Goldfajn, an Israeli-born economist with an acknowledged career in both the public and private sectors, was confirmed Tuesday as president of Brazil’s Central Bank.

Goldfajn, 50, a Haifa native who was raised in Rio de Janeiro, has served as chief economist at Itau, Brazil’s largest private bank, and deputy to the bank governor of Brazil, as well as adviser to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

He is an active member of the Brazilian Jewish community and was educated in Rio’s Liessin Jewish day school. In a May meeting held by the Brazil-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Goldfajn said “Brazil has a lot to learn from Israel.”

Last year, Goldfajn argued during an Israel-Brazil chamber event in Tel Aviv that the deep economic crisis affecting Brazil stems from a lack of fiscal responsibility. In response, he said, Brazil must boost exports and raise taxes, cut government spending and raise the retirement age.

An outspoken critic of the corruption and socioeconomic gaps in Brazil, Goldfajn will face a series of monetary and economic challenges. Latin America’s largest nation is struggling with its worst recession in nearly a century, including the prolonged erosion of the Brazilian currency, the real, steadily rising inflation and the pessimistic projections of a negative 3 percent growth in 2016.

Last week, Michel Temer was named Brazil’s interim president replacing the suspended Dilma Rousseff, who is facing impeachment over her alleged manipulation of the state budget. At the time, Temer had put forward Goldfajn’s name as the mostly like to head the central bank, but Finance Minister Henrique Meirelles delayed the announcement of his economic team until Tuesday.

Fluent in Hebrew, English, Portuguese and Spanish, Goldfajn has a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. In the mid-1990s he was a professor at Brandeis University, followed by a stint as an economist at the International Monetary Fund.


what a surprise..not!

economist with the IMF..adviser to the world bank..and born into the right race..

“Fluent in Hebrew, English, Portuguese and Spanish, Goldfajn has a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.”

brazil is in the grip of a coup..without bullets..


~ by seeker401 on May 25, 2016.

10 Responses to “Israeli-born economist confirmed head of Brazil’s Central Bank”

  1. /pol/ was right again.

  2. This is really funny, because few months ago, you also supported Dima’s impeachment. You used to say that she was corrupt. Now you ve just forgotten.

    • i had a look at what i have said over a few posts..and we have asked is she corrupt rather than say she is..we dont most people on the planet..we didnt support the impeachment at all unless you can find something i have missed?


      it is a coup..but its bloodless and without guns..thats not to say she isnt guilty..she may well be..but i reckon if you investigated deeply you might find the usual fingerprints.


      “I want tolerance, dialogue and peace. And that will only be possible if democracy is preserved,” she said.”

      dont be corrupt then?

      or is this a western pushed move to destabilize a BRIC country?


      lula pushing back..brazil sits on the precipice right now..

      if hes corrupt then he needs to go to jail..if its western backed propaganda then good luck to him..

      so nothing is forgotten..the post on a jew heading brazils central bank has nothing to do with who is corrupt..its a statemnt on who is looking to control brazils central banking..


  4. oh, surprise!…not!

  5. When you say,” don´t be corrupt”, you are saying that she is corrupt.
    You have the best investigative webpage that I have ever read.
    But about the brazilian politcian, I don´t agree with your posts.
    Why don´t you try to listen to the other side of this history.
    I am sure you know Glenn Greenwald and he made this interview.

    • thanks. very interesting.

      as for the author:

    • i agree its a coup..i have said that..but i also dont dismiss the point that dilma maybe corrupt..and if she is then she has only herself to blame..if she isnt then its a blatant coup against a democratically elected leader..and she wont be the fist or last..this blog is about discussion and opinions and i appreciate your thoughts and the link..i have no doubt that the bankers are looking to get their claws into brazil and are using the petrobas crisis to take out a leader and influence wherever they can..

  6. […]… […]

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