Pope Francis meets top Sunni cleric after five year freeze



Pope Francis has met the grand imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar mosque after a five-year pause in dialogue between the Roman Catholic Church and the mosque, the highest authority of Sunni Islam.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb visited the Vatican en route to a Paris conference involving Muslims and Catholics.

Al-Azhar froze meetings in 2011 after taking offence at some comments made by the previous pope.

It said Pope Benedict made “repetitive and negative statements” about Muslims.

At the start of the half-hour meeting on Monday, the Pope said that the fact it was taking place at all was significant.

“The meeting is the message,” he said.

Relations between Al-Azhar and the Vatican soured in 2006 after Pope Benedict quoted a 14th Century Byzantine emperor in remarks taken by some Muslims to imply that Islam was a violent religion.

Pope Benedict repeatedly said the words did not reflect his personal views, but he stopped short of issuing a clear apology to Muslims.

On Monday, a Vatican spokesperson told AFP news agency that the meeting between Sheikh Tayeb and Pope Francis had been “very cordial”.

The leaders exchanged gifts, embraces and discussed conflicts and tensions between Christians and Muslims in the Middle East.


“Al-Azhar froze meetings in 2011 after taking offence at some comments made by the previous pope.”


but francis is much nicer eh?

“The meeting is the message,” he said.”

symbolism is ALL that matters..


~ by seeker401 on May 26, 2016.

11 Responses to “Pope Francis meets top Sunni cleric after five year freeze”

  1. 401 both are tools toyed with; and controlled quite easily by the elite~ although I feel the Vatican is part of t(he elite..) chaos and disorder is so easily achieved. if religion was not ‘labeled’ and all could only see good or bad then our faith in ourselves would be greater. the “message” was no message at all. in all honesty when it comes to proxy gods the Islamic teachings denounce any kind of idiol worshipping which the rest of gods children should be aware of. they praise only God and not the messengers who had only one role: to convey gods message not to be idolised! i thought it was forgiveness that was prayed not prayers that answered questions or ‘wants’ there is a fine line between being religious and falling into the spirituality trap…which all religions should take note of. just look at stupid this article sounds and most probably aimed at creating more tension and disillusionment amongst the innocent! two of the highest proxies of God meeting to convey a “message” the only message this shows is the division of gods children. great message lol. perhaps no fault of the author as he/she is told what kind of direction they must maintain as bad news makes more money, it seems than good news…makes me wonder is this good news? could the author of taken another angle? of course but i doubt the oligarch owners would be pleased. i am enjoying this 401. thank you for the opportunity to comment. i hope my words will help someone

    • the vatican is one of the 3 pillars that own and control the world..jesuits to be precise..

      meetings between muslims and catholics are to forge the new world religion..interfaith meetings..

      • it is merely a smoke screen. Islam is being attacked and i doubt this proxy of Islam will consider interfaith with the very who try to destroy it. from what I can see and learnt Islam is a threat as its values towards its teachings. the rift between the most ridiculous thing i have witnessed being the Sunni Shiete issue has brought about a third player with expertise in creating disillusionment, mistrust and divisions. in whole no Muslim sees daesh or Isis as Muslim. this is the hand I write of. this is lucifer. the third eye.

        i am sorry but I have to disagree with your statement regarding “new world religion” unless you can help me understand I stand firm and believe this not the case. both parties are wrong. as they have clearly a label. this is division in gods children and even goes against gods commandment of love thy neighbour as thyself!

        this is the doings of the zionists. the one true agenda is not to take over the world as its main objective…it is to have Jerusalem recognised as its capital and to do that most impossible thing they must do so in a way where they do control the worlds people and events so no one will question this. Everyone in a power position will be used and if the position is not filled they will do so to achieve this main goal. it doesn’t matter whether they have Israel as their Jewish state…without Jerusalem as their capital it is fruitless. chaos, anarchy and murder will be the byproduct of their goal. you have to understand the mindset of these people. they have passed on a trait that has been with them since they had been banished from the holy lands..that is survival. to survive they had to not only hide as word spread but also assimilate which they did and now we see the bastardised white skinned race attempt to not only regain recognition as gods chosen but that trait that has always been part of them passed down, taught and never forgotten survival! are they truly gods chosen ones? what threat do the Muslims play to their agenda? it’s easy. it’s the oil. we know they control the us war machine and use it whenever they will it. this war machine needs oil. it is that simple. think of the leading currency of the world…is it not the U.S; now ask why? is it because it is a pretty print?

        the value of that worthless piece of paper we call money is valued on how large and effective your army is against others…without oil, water and food not only your war machine is the lesser but so is the value of your worthless paper they call money. if the American war machine feels a threat imminent then they either threaten sanctions first which the world is helpless to say or they strike first into other lands to show why they are who they are and destroy not only another culture but do what a colonizer with plenty of experience does best! murder and steal! this has been seen by all and it written in every history book in every country. they control the markets, skies and most important is they lend the money but just don’t have all the oil as yet…but we see they are working on it. although this will become a waste in the future as the change to the one world currency will take effect so this will render the USD worthless thus destroying all nations and creating the anarchy predicted by Satoshi Nakamoto. we see a rift already by the Saudis and Chinese. the Russians well until they speak out against the attrocities the zionists are causing the Palestinians i see Putin as a tool in this plan and controlled opposition. where this will see Islam? it will only strengthen the people who follow the teachings. you cannot undo this. the teachings are based on common sense. no riddles. not changed. not many versions as we see the bible. the key to why is they praise God and do not idiolise as many Christians do. now i want to make myself clear. i am not religious and see all the religions of today as mere labels. even Islam but with a higher respect than Christianity as they are not united and have been mislead and swayed to a point where even the children of today idiolise figures like Father Christmas even…i won’t forget the Easter bunny. this saddens me really. if God wanted division amongst his children God would of commanded it like God did when God used Jesus as gods messenger to convey the most important commandment “love thy neighbour as thyself” how many Christians you think have broken gods most vital commandment? i don’t see the countries that claim to be Islamic wage relentless wars and murder as many as the Christian empires of the Anglo’s…

        do you have the figures on how many wars and how many lands had been conquered by the England, France, Spain and Most importantly the U.S? it would be handy to know. i am no way defending Islam but we have learnt of false flags have we not? twin towers? are we now aware of the deceit? even so use this as an excuse to murder more people? how about they stay home and mind their own business in their own land? it because they no longer have control of the war machine…it is the zio master who plays the war machine like a puppet now.

        • all the Abrahamic religions have been used as tools by the elites..

          i am sorry but I have to disagree with your statement regarding “new world religion” unless you can help me understand

          here is a hint..the new one world religion is earth worship..it wont be announced or televised..it will happen via stealth over decades..

          do you have the figures on how many wars and how many lands had been conquered by the England, France, Spain and Most importantly the U.S?


          thats only the uk though..

          • understood 401 😉 sorry if i seemed a little blunt.

            this will be achieved as you wrote. it has always been the fight from the beginning – good vs evil

            we know who the evil is. i assure you we will win as many more awaken and see the slavery. thank you for a chance to comment 401

  2. Pope gives awards to Richard Gere, George Clooney and Salma Hayek


    “For 20 years, Scholas has been developing its own methodology to awaken the interest of young people for changing their close reality through activities that join them together around the same project and inspire in them

    *citizen commitment for the common good*.”


  3. https://c-fam.org/friday_fax/who-is-jeffrey-sachs-and-why-was-he-at-the-vatican/
    is Jeffrey part of the Goldman-Sachs family?

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