The Vatican..2000 years of wealth accumulation


Jesus, the founder of Christianity, was the poorest of the poor.

Roman Catholicism, which claims to be His church, is the richest of the rich, the wealthiest institution on earth.

How come, that such an institution, ruling in the name of this same itinerant preacher, whose want was such that he had not even a pillow upon which to rest his head, is now so top-heavy with riches that she can rival – indeed, that she can put to shame – the combined might of the most redoubtable financial trusts, of the most potent industrial super-giants, and of the most prosperous global corporation of the world?

It is a question that has echoed along the somber corridors of history during almost 2,000 years; a question that has puzzled, bewildered and angered in turn untold multitudes from the first centuries to our days.

The startling contradiction of the tremendous riches of the Roman Catholic Church with the direct teaching of Christ concerning their unambiguous rejection, is too glaring to be by-passed, tolerated or ignored by even the most indifferent of believers. In the past, indeed, some of the most virulent fulminations against such mammonic accumulation came from individuals whose zeal and religious fervor were second to none.

Their denunciations of the wealth, pomp, luxury and worldly habits of abbots, bishops, cardinals and popes can still be heard thundering with unabated clamor at the opening of almost any page of the chequered annals of western history.

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“Roman Catholicism, which claims to be His church, is the richest of the rich, the wealthiest institution on earth.”

the hypocrisy is as we say not as we do..


~ by seeker401 on May 27, 2016.

22 Responses to “The Vatican..2000 years of wealth accumulation”

  1. your timing is impeccable 401!

    with all the suffering in this world and the message of Jesus’s suffering you would think that prayers alone could not even come close to what was conveyed by gods messenger and what he sacrificed for gods children. i don’t see suffering at all. not even one tiny bit. you think if Jesus was here today he would of done the same for his gods children? then what’s wrong with these fools? of all they should know more of the sufferings and death of Jesus than all of us and we are no bodies! doing Gods ‘business’ yep all paid in earthly riches

      • i have a relative who after an accident where he was almost died took on religion. once he was able to leave the hospital he turned to God. Islam to be precise. only after 30 years we managed to find him as he was also abandoned at birth taken by a mute father and a beautiful soul of a mother.

        in all those years he prayed and practised the teachings of Islam. having this upbringing his family was always poor. he never asked for anything only forgiveness from God 5 times a day.

        when i met him for the first time i wished him to be well so i approached the mufti of the town to try to at least have him practise but also get some sort of a wage. in Islam apparently it is forbidden to be paid a wage only donations and if summoned to do a godly prayer then the summoner would ‘offer’ either food as a gift or money if they had. this sounded good to me as I cared and only wished my relative the best for his future as I wouldn’t be around all the time.

        to my surprise I was told by the mufti that he had to have a college degree. i could not believe my ears. you had to go to university to learn of gods teachings which were In front of our eyes and easily available anywhere. although i was totally against all this but i thought this could help anyway..(the money factor and God)

        when i returned to tell of my bad news my relative smiled and said only a few words which I will never forget..

        “i am gods servent and will be paid only when i have served gods commands in heaven”

        i don’t believe any proxy of God who takes, accepts, receives or is willing to do anything in gods name with any sort of payment. food is acceptable in my eyes – but that’s where i draw the line.

        transparency is required in all of gods institutions, this stops corruption

        if payment(monetary form) is required they will form unions, then they might as well demand pay rises according to cpi and roll with the rest of us with inflation.

        • thats a great litmus test isnt it?

          legalism in religion is rife..humans making the rules they interpret them to be from their gods..

          • it is 401. the litmus test is; ‘which god’ they —supposedly–‘work’ for…is watching their every penny! if paid through a private blockchain like the one they are simulating now at the NYSE, then i don’t even god could keep up. i mean anyone could start a private blockchain like the Vatican and the wealth if it is true fortune would forever remain within the walls of lucifers lair; and their god…’which’ever that may be < OK a bit carried away with the private Block chain thing is, it could happen you know.

            legalism in religion. it's the first time I'd read this. in which religion is it most prevalent 401…truthfully though. i speak quite frankly here ..:::as you would of noticed! this is here a lot of other factors come in like idolisation, believing and praying to some imaginary spirit, where if you prayed for it to happen then it might? from what i can see this is a war that is being fought on so many fronts- the only thing that matters is how widespread your network is by now. someone is wanting to destroy history and its not the muslims because they just now wanting to live. survival.

            ask yourself who is dying? Which regions? Which people? don't include America and the drug habit please, because that doesn't count. we are talking invasions. Is it the Russians that have been murdered, the Chinese? the aboriginals already nearly all dead so count them out. Any other country in Asia? What about in Europe anyone being invaded murdered? Something funny came to me the other day while I was watching a video somewhere in London with the with filming from the car and talking of all the immigrants moving in to the neighbourhoods. Without a lie, it was true migrants were moved into the area and taking over towns. How quaint that the coloniser would be complaining about immigrants colonising their lands… It was amusing and I have no mercy for them, for they murdered stole and raped lands. Treating people like savages because they didn't fit into the norm of the day. Slavery and torture! ~no one forgets that easily. that said they have to keep control by always improving their methods and especially the tool used for the delivery.

            How hard would it be to hijack the Vatican? I don't mean as terrorism but if a group of us got together. let's say when you somebody in there already and we knew because we would kiddie porn together. But also practising priests at the lower level obviously. Could we master plan to get invited at least? One of us? I think so. So a big what if and I mean what if it has really been hijacked as has the American justice system and the Federal reserve of America. What was the ultimate goal again? Oh yeah that's right… am I painting a fictitious enough scenario?
            almost a full hijacking a centralised religion that is advertised, monetised, and commercialised with a proxy God and his lower proxies living there. The Vatican. spreading their seed. quitely the not doing anything, on purpose one could say as praying to the spirits does not work even they write tha praying to the spirits does not work even they write of that.

            Legalism of religion in this Islamic faith…? can anyone answer that? compare the two, why not…or is it three, four…10 branches vs one? To be honest I never picked up the Bible before in my life. I was curious as I made a friend and my friend would post passages from the Bible. So I asked my friend send me a link to a website where I can read the Bible. She did and I was confronted with a drop screen I don't know where to start so I pressed The drop screen as you would and I didn't know which one to pick.literally I was confused. I was expecting one book. That's it. but obviously in reality it wasn't this week, so I question my friend about it, she was Christian she should know… She told me to ignore the rest and just read the King James version. What sense did that make to me. Somebody for the first time that I've never seen a Bible before. I've heard of the quran as my background was from and awkward islamic background where they wouldn't practice, never ate pork but drink alcohol never prayed have you ever went to the mosque that was how my background was and still is today. So I understood the basics at least I knew it was only one book and not several never questioned as it was never changed. I knew they didn't idolise because prophet Mohammed god's children that God forbids any form of idolisation especially the prophet as he was just gods messenger just like Jesus was and all the rest of the prophets even the ones left out! this make total sense even to a learner like me. praise only God.

            I admit my knowledge of religion is extremely limited but the central message I do get and it's pretty easy. We are all on the God of good side we do not worship the God of evil. This will include pretty much all the religions I would say.

            Have I left anyone out? is zionism a religion?

            where is the central location or bass headquarters of the islamic world? Is it centralised monetised commercialised?

            To a degree it is… But nothing like the Vatican. Now that's a magical act if I've seen one. Such a close knit group. But we don't have to worry because they are all under the watchful eye of God. This is why God is forgiving all the paedophile catholic priests and they haven't been hung as yet… Or made to drink poison in public so people could see them die of an agonising death. because if they done that to my child I promise them a nice slow escort the hell!

            My point is that this tool that claims to be gods proxy and under oath to God, knows no God of good as these and all other religious proxies to god I watching God's children die before their eyes and they stay comfortable with in these walls well fed warm with whatever earthly desires they require water even whenever they are thirsty. All religions are guilty of this it is the same example that are used when I explain my family background you can't call yourself muslim just because you don't eat pork but drink alcohol… This rule applies to all the proxies of God that know people are dying of starvation the cold and thirst. Isn't it the same thing is my examples but worse I would say as they are proxies of God and they should know better.

            These people are preaching God's Word. They are creating labels within Gods commandments!

            This is where we went wrong. After Jesus. Allowing these proxies to take control and manipulate gods commandments as they to want to be gods why else would they change it?

            For a one to the same relative of mine I asked if I could read the Quran and funny enough he said no because I wasn't clean. So I said easy I'll just go onto the computer he got upset… And said you can't do that. I laughed and I said watch me… Once I read around a little bit I learnt that the Koran translated in English in certain translations was wrong just by using one word in one example this one word with throw you off. So I can't read write and understanding Arabic so I think it would be a waste of time to actually read it but the Bible does interest me a lot though.

            Would legalism in religion apply to any other religion the Jewish faith? oh yeah that's right Jewish isn't a religion. Neither is Zionism as it was born out of the Holocaust and if the Holocaust did not exist Zionism would not be. The Holocaust is the mother of Zionism! Explain that to your God!

            Have I got it all wrong 401? This legalism in religion? Do I sound bias? I most probably do but while children are dying i'm my certainly won't stop my criticism of the situation before us today. At least I'm trying. That's all that matters for me. Because if I had to choose a label for my religion it would obviously be the God of good.

            Anyone else with religious knowledge I would like to help me out with this?

            Rosicrucians fascinate me also. this I believe is the true representative of God. they have risen also …The Knights of the Templar's have. With what I can see I don't think the had much choice as the power of the Vatican was too strong and before they disappeared they knew they had accomplished The godly duties during the crusades. One thing I don't understand is why turn a blind eye to all the evil before them…and for a very long time it seems. These religious orders could never be compromised this I've learnt. Did I hear somebody say we want proof of the Templar's? Even if I provided the link or you would get is silence from them. they are true to God unlike the rest.

            I would be very surprised if I don't get any backlash from my comment but I've been honest and blunt. And I don't claim to know it all as you don't need a degree for religion. 401 we are divided God's children are in dismay lost and lost faith in God or should I say God has lost faith in us…

            Just for the record I don't have a religious bone in my body.

            • long comment mate!

              i appreciate your passion and taking the time to post..

              • is there a rule on long comments?

                it is you that should be commended for you have provided the medium for me to share with people. i have no ulterior motives. my aim is create an environment of questioning which leads to doubt which are both reflective of each other 401 – it would make me happy if i was corrected on anything i write. i don’t claim to know everything. only the apex proxy gods know all the answers 😉 we just should act out and please them by being the lesser and asking questions 401


  3. I don’t think Jesus ‘created Christianity’, I’m pretty sure that was a man made re-legion.

  4. Yes Jesus predicted the hypocrisy, he did say ” do as they say but not as they do “.

    Although much of the wealth is held in property I would like to see a consolidated set of accounts rather than bits and pieces where you dont know whats missing .
    But with the Rothschild’s financial “management” we are unlikely to get all the figures.

    • if gods most holiest capital has no transparency, then how would anyone know if this was not the Rothschild holiday home for the european summer…it looks lavish enough. perhaps all those pennies in church do really add up..we’ll never know obviously.

      question: does the bible mention taxes, compounding interest , hidden charges, weekend rates, double time, insurance, G.S.T or have profit and loss statements, be a proprietary or have an LTD. or LLC anywhere? a bookkeeper? sell images of the pope on t-shirts? mugs? to make money knowing that somewhere some child has been a sex slave for a lord? shit i should check to see if they have an online shop…! buying that mug so i can be closer to God as last time i went to a church it cost me money..

  5. Hello, Seeker. I sent a few months ago a full chapter of this book, translated into English by myself, the work is now complete, in Spanish; I hope that soon, the work can be translated into other languages. Here I leave the link, if someone wants to read these realities, both in Heaven and on Earth, Jesus and his mother, as the angels of Jesus, and even, we can hear also the voice of God. In the story, there are also many human beings interacting, some with their own name.

    But you can also see, as the Fallen Angels work, here on Earth, as well as those who sell their souls for money or power, and Lucifer of course, in command.
    Everything written in the trilogy, now finished with this book titled, “When you realize” it was necessary to say. I did everything the best I could. There are lives, especially complicated:

  6. Jesus’ apostles were sacrificed after the sacrifice of Jesus, angels of God came to help humans were violated, today, humans who want the truth and love are still deceived by those operating from the dark side, almost from the beginning of the story and endlessly until today, and every passing day more to the beast.

    o one has managed to kill my hope in love, much as they have tried, with synthetic drugs, rape, trauma, with attempted murder and horrific acts. Thank God I survived, and is with us, and true love, it will not only survive, it will take visibly on Earth, the truth defends love, and must expose the deception, much as it pains us to see what they have done to us. they will not destroy the love of truth.

  7. No one has managed to kill my hope in love, even though they have tried with horrible methods.

    The Woman and the Dragon

    .. 15 Then from his mouth the serpent spewed water like a river, to overtake the woman and sweep her away with the torrent. 16 But the earth helped the woman by opening its mouth and swallowing the river that the dragon had spewed out of his mouth. ..

  8. *be able to afford it..**edit

  9. unfortunately i cannot read Spanish. do you have an English version? sorry if this question seems inappropriate

    • no English version yet. I just finished and published last week, the last book of the trilogy: Woman in Heaven, and now I dedicate myself to seek the path’s to disclose these books.
      I hope that the reality of human beings, they are trying to hide the human being, not late to start to shine in every corner of the world.
      People are afraid of the truth, but ignorance is leading the human being, into a creepy and dark emptiness that strips away the most fundamental and valuable: his own soul.

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