Peru candidates neck-and-neck as presidential votes are counted


Unofficial results in Peru’s presidential election suggest the former World Bank executive, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, has a narrow lead.

But Keiko Fujimori is within a percentage point of him, as counting continues.

Ms Fujimori had a strong lead ahead of the vote on Sunday but corruption scandals in her Popular Force party may have dented her support.

She is the daughter of Peru’s former President, Alberto Fujimori.

He is in jail for crimes against humanity.

Ms Fujimori, 41, has said tackling crime is her priority.

She won the first round of voting in April.

Mr Kuczynski, 77, a former World Bank executive and ex-Wall Street financier, said he would use his international financial experience to promote economic growth.

“We’re going to have a government built on consensus. No more low blows or fights,” he said, as the results started to come in.

Ms Fujimori won support from some Peruvians who credit her father with defeating the country’s Maoist Shining Path rebel group in the 1990s.

But others say they would never support anyone associated with her father, who is serving 25 years in prison for ordering death squads to massacre civilians during his attempts to end the insurgency.

Mr Kuczynski is supported by the main opposition forces, including prominent figures such as left-wing former candidate Veronika Mendoza and the Nobel Prize winning novelist Mario Vargas Llosa.

But he has faced scrutiny over his close relationship to the Peru’s business elite.

If he wins, he will become the oldest ever president of Peru at the time of taking office.

Some 23 million Peruvians were eligible to vote voted on Sunday’s election to replace outgoing leftist President Ollanta Humala.

Kuczynski worked in the United States before entering Peruvian politics. He held positions at both the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund before being designated as general manager of Peru’s Central Reserve Bank.

Kuczynski was born in Iquitos, Peru, the son of Madeleine Godard, who was of Swiss-French descent, and Polish-Jewish immigrant Maxime Hans Kuczynski.

His father, Maxime Hans Kuczynski, born in Poznań, Poland, was a renowned pathologist and tropical disease specialist, in particular expert on Verruga peruana or Carrion’s disease. He trained at the Universities of Rostock and Berlin, where he was professor of pathology. An officer in the German army on the Eastern and Turkish fronts in the First World War, he travelled widely in Russia, China, West Africa, and Brazil. Leaving Germany in 1933 because of his Jewish roots, he was invited to Peru in 1936 by President Óscar R. Benavides to set up the public health service in the interior of the country.


no winner as yet..

With more than 92% of the vote counted Monday, the two were neck and neck, according to election officials.

The center-right Kuczynski is leading 50.3% to Fujimori’s 49.6%. Kuczynski is ahead by more than 103,000 votes, but officials said they were still counting votes, including absentee ballots cast abroad.

kuczynski is quite the player..if you look at his wiki page you will see the rest of the family does alright as well..what a choice peru gets..


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