PNG police shoot protesting university students in Port Moresby


Four people were killed when police shot at protesting university students in Papua New Guinea’s capital Port Moresby, the country’s Parliament has been told.

At least 13 students are being treated for injuries received when police fired upon the crowd, and rioting and looting have since been reported across the capital.

The students were trying to march to the national Parliament to continue their long-running protest against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

But police stopped their march and began shooting into the crowd, according to students at the scene.

Witnesses said officers then began attacking protesters, punching and kicking them.

There are reports up to five students were killed, but as yet none of the deaths have been confirmed.

Police also reportedly fired tear gas to disperse an angry mob gathered at Port Moresby General Hospital.

There are other reports of fighting and looting in parts of the city as well as a building at the university being set on fire.

Police are yet to issue a statement about the incident.

Port Moresby General Hospital said 10 students had been admitted. A hospital official said after the injured were brought in, clashes erupted between police and members of the public outside.

“Now there is a very big clash with the public and with the police just outside the Port Moresby General Hospital,” the hospital official told Reuters by telephone, adding: “There is also shooting going on, open gunfire.”

Student leader Christopher Kipalan, the chairman of the UPNG Forum, said police were still chasing and shooting at protesting students in the suburbs of Port Moresby.

“Police are trying to shoot the civilians plus the students,” he said.

“So many casualties. I can not confirm [how many] because I am on the run, can you understand that? I am seeing civil unrest.”

Another student, Gerald Peni, said police “fired shots directly at the crowd … and many of the students fell, they got injured”.


this came out late yesterday and was advising of at least 4 they say no what happened to the dead guys?

“Police are trying to shoot the civilians plus the students,” he said.”

i believe this isnt over by a long way yet..


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  2. RIP Victims

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