Brexit: Alarm bells sound and markets slump


After months of sloganeering, scaremongering and vigorous debate, a referendum on the UK’s potential exit from the European Union is now just days away and reality is biting sharp and hard.

On June 23, UK voters will decide if Britain and the EU are headed for a messy, high stakes divorce, and polls show the Brexit (shorthand for Britain and exit) vote could go either way.

If anything, polling over the last few weeks reveal momentum is on the side of the “out” camp.

Tuesday’s YouGov poll for The Times put the “Leave” camp at 46 percent, compared to 39 percent for “Remain”.

It was the fourth poll in five days to show “Leave” positioned ahead. Only one has put the Brexit camp behind.

Despite the unthinkable polls, UK’s razor sharp bookmakers, ever the shrewd crystal ball gazers, are widely predicting only a 36% chance of “Leave” camp winning the referendum.

Social psychologists believe that when it comes to the crunch, many people who have voted to leave will fear the risk and choose the safer option to stay.

Uncertainty is the theme, and stock markets have continued a global sell-off as traders appear increasingly nervous about the prospect of Britain voting to leave. The pound has also been sent tumbling.

The impact on financial markets underlines one of the key arguments of the “Remain” camp – that leaving the EU would create a decade of uncertainty for global markets and investment in the UK.

On Tuesday European Council president Donald Tusk sent a shrill warning to UK voters that a tick to leave the EU could threaten “Western political civilisation”.


the sky is falling..the sky is falling..

ever wonder why the uk never gave up the pound?

i cant wait to see the shills if they will be popcorn time..


~ by seeker401 on June 16, 2016.

2 Responses to “Brexit: Alarm bells sound and markets slump”

  1. I’ve only noticed a few percentage points of “sell-off” in daily amounts that are not at all unusual.
    And I think the pro-EU crowd are betting on the government cheating when it comes to the vote. The larger the percentage of “undecided,” the more room for governmental fraud in the results, and the percentage of those not committed at this point is questionably large.
    I cannot imagine anyone wanting to stay in a conglomerate of nations that short-circuits any power that the citizens may have had over their personal destinies and the destiny of their individual nation.
    But if Europe wants to be an undifferentiated mish-mash of foreign cultures, with no control over the continuity of their own unique ethnic distinctiveness, then who am I to stand in the way of cultural suicide?
    Enjoy being a continent full of nobody-in-particular.

  2. Could BREXIT be the smoke-screen for the cabal to sell down.. or trigger some major moves in the fin. mkts?

    Those lithium boys/plays ‘d better be wary of their stock investment..
    Seek ya got any?

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