The hypocrisy of Leo


Leonardo DiCaprio has been called a hypocrite for flying a string of A-list stars to St Tropez for his speech on global warming.

Kate Hudson, Scarlett Johansson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz, Cate Blanchett and Robert De Niro are some of the celebrities set to attend the event on the French Rivera.

Instead of holding the event in LA, where most of his guests are based, he’s been criticised for his carbon emission. The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Annual Gala To Fund Climate and Biodiversity Projects will be held at the Bertaid Belieu Vineyards in France on July 20.

Robert Rapier, an environmental analyst, told the Daily Mail, “DiCaprio demonstrates why our consumption of fossil fuels continues to grow. It’s because everyone loves the combination of cost and convenience they offer.”

“He believes that no sacrifice is necessary; just Government policies that can provide him with a solar-powered yacht or jet, or that give individuals low-cost renewable energy on a broad scale.”

Leo, 41, has known been accused of failing to practice what he preaches and in May flew by private jet from New York to the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes to pick up an award, before flying back the next day.

“DiCaprio took at least 20 trips across the nation and around the world this year alone – including numerous flights from New York to Los Angeles and back, a ski vacation to the French Alps, another vacation to the French Riviera, flights to London and Tokyo to promote his film Wolf of Wall Street, two trips to Miami and trip to Brazil to watch the World Cup,” a source told the Daily Mail in 2014.

The actor has an extensive use of private jets and in 2014 he famously rented the world’s fifth largest yacht, owned by a UAE oil tycoon, to watch the World Cup in Brazil.


do as we say..not as we do..

“because we are rich and famous we dont have to live by the punitive, petty laws and morals now foisted onto the western world by the green governance architects..but we sure as well will lecture to you about them and demand complete obedience and to be you slaves eh?!”


~ by seeker401 on July 7, 2016.

2 Responses to “The hypocrisy of Leo”

  1. Only the little people are not allowed to make CO2 – we need their share all to ourselves – hah hah . This is Demonic Narcissism .

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