Blair: UK should keep Brexit options open..what about democracy??


Former prime minister Tony Blair has said “we should keep our options open” on the UK leaving the European Union.

He told the BBC the 48% who had voted to Remain felt “disenfranchised” and it was not clear “what we are moving to”.

He said that “if the will of the people shifts” as details of what Brexit means for the country begin to emerge, then, “Why shouldn’t we recognise that?”

Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn have both ruled out a second EU referendum.

When asked on Radio 4’s The World This Weekend whether “keeping our options open” meant a second EU referendum, Mr Blair replied: “It means whatever we decide it should mean as we see how this debate develops.”

But he said the case for leaving the EU had “crumbled”.

He said the government should engage now with other European Union countries to see what room there was for manoeuvre, stressing the continuing importance of David Cameron’s role in this, rather than waiting for the outcome of the Tory leadership race.

He said the referendum had been an event of “seismic importance” but warned the focus in the wake of Mr Cameron’s resignation as prime minister would be on the Conservative leadership contest rather than the country’s national interest.

He said that once the practical effects of the UK’s decision to leave the EU became clearer, then there should be a role for Parliament.

“Right now it’s clear. We’re leaving,” he added.

“But we don’t know what we’re going to. If what happens as we develop this negotiation with the rest of Europe, it does become clear – and let’s suppose for example we find we’re shut out of the single market, we have to rely on the World Trade Organisation as the route back in to different trade deals….

“My point is this. We are sovereign. Let’s just keep our options open.”

The former prime minister said Britain had “diminished” its place in the world and would have to “fight to get it back”.


“He told the BBC the 48% who had voted to Remain felt “disenfranchised” and it was not clear “what we are moving to”

they all talk about democracy but when it turns against the way they want it to go they claim some moral imperative to overrule it..

suck it up princess..

“But he said the case for leaving the EU had “crumbled”

really..because you lost?..please..


~ by seeker401 on July 8, 2016.

5 Responses to “Blair: UK should keep Brexit options open..what about democracy??”

  1. Hello Seeker.

    I’ve noticed that a lot of commentary articles on the British EU vote, for example, the ones linked to by Judith Curry recently, take the line that voting to leave was simply stupid, and that people voting that way were simply stupid. The word “stupid” appeared to be often repeated.

    It’s an interesting way to disenfranchise a population.

    A friend of mine, who returned from the UK just after the vote, said that this “stupid” theme was a noticable constant in UK media.

    So I suspect that this is simply one strand in the establishment’s argument that will be used to abrogate the vote, i.e. , that it was ill-informed and therefore can’t be acted on.

    In effect they are saying that the voter’s choice was either —

    1. Yes, stay in the EU,

    — or —

    2. I’m stupid.

    In any event, it’s possible that the UK parliament may decide to take the vote only as “advice”, and not binding. Meaning that they can choose to ignore it. But my understanding of this last point may be a bit fuzzy.

    Thanks as always.

    Andrew Farquharson.

    • thats definitely the meme andrew..and it was global media saturation within 12-24 hours..”everyone who voted leave wanted to change their vote”

      util they invoke a specific article, i forget the name, the uk wont be leaving anywhere..Cameron is out of there so he doesnt have to do it..

  2. He’s in another world – black is white and white is black . What about the disenfranchised 52% as they see themselves being dragged back in .
    What about the millions disenfranchised for his “democracy ” in the middle east .
    He still wants the job as the EU dictator oops president .

  3. not usually into PJW or AJ, but this one is good…

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