The complete designer baby..brave new world?





~ by seeker401 on July 11, 2016.

9 Responses to “The complete designer baby..brave new world?”


  2. Cuts out the middleman or middlewoman – ” your baby is now ready madam – you can collect or have it delivered “

  3. Hmmm…designer wives? You’d have to wait for her to turn 18 to marry her, but you could raise her to be whatever you wanted.
    The west would be outraged, but there are many other cultures that would have no problem with this.
    Everyone harps on the benefits misandrous women could gain from this tech, but nobody considers how this might benefit men who are looking for a servant-wife.
    And I love the way the video producers bow to PC concerns when they state tha child could be genetically engineered for desirable traits, only then showing non-white babies. Which brings up the question…as this will originally be a rich man’s game, will it not follow that only the very rich will be able to have super-offspring? Look for a massive attempt to make this procedure illegal, along with the necessary loopholes for rich folk to do it anyway.
    And if a group were to get together with the intention of producing the supermen that Adolph Hitler did not have time to breed, will there be anyone that can legally stop them? Have we just opened the door for a “genetic cold war,” with backers from every genetic type all trying to create the most uber offspring? With everyone trying to outdo the others when it comes to improving their own versions of supermen, taller, stronger, smarter, faster, most disease-resistant, longer-lived…more evolved?
    Frankly, I think this tech will fail for as-yet-unforeseen complications, I have no specific reasons to think this, but humans tend to screw up almost everything they think they can do better than nature, and I’m betting on nature being more functional and far-sighted than humans.

  4. that’s a farm…who is the farmer?

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