Bastille day attack



AT LEAST 60 people have been killed in France after a truck ploughed into a crowd during Bastille Day celebrations in the southern city of Nice.

The city’s mayor said dozens had been killed in the apparent attack while local media is reporting up to 75 unconfirmed fatalities and more than 100 people injured.

A spokesman for France’s Interior Ministry said “it’s going to be a very high toll”.

The incident interrupted a fireworks display for the national celebration when the huge truck rammed into the crowd celebrating on the French Riviera.

Mown down bodies remain strewn on the streets and the scene has been described as “apocalyptic” and “carnage on the road”.

A man who witnessed the attack told CNN he saw the driver accelerate and aim for people as the vehicle slammed the crowd.

The driver then emerged from the truck and opened fire on the crowd, another eyewitness said. French media is now reporting the gunman got back in the driver’s seat and travelled to another populated area before starting to shoot again.

Images of streets strewn with bodies are flooding social media as authorities warn locals and tourists to stay indoors.

“The driver of a van appears to have killed dozens. Stay in your homes for now. More info to follow,” mayor Christian Estrosi wrote on Twitter.

Local authorities from the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture also urged people to remain indoors following what appeared to be a deliberate attack on crowds who had been watching the annual fireworks display from the famed Promenade des Anglais.

Witnesses also described hearing gunfire, but this was not immediately confirmed by the authorities.

There is speculation the fatal attack was an act of terrorism. Authorities are yet to comment on the situation and emergency crews remain on the scene.

Panic has broken out in Paris where a fire has broken out by the Eiffel Tower following the Nice attack.

The fire is not believed to be terror-related and is not being treated as an attack.


73 dead at latest count..incredible loss of life via death by truck and then the follow up gunfire..anything can be a deadly weapon if you have evil genius as part of your dna..

the fear will be strong in france..again..


~ by seeker401 on July 15, 2016.

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  2. Bastille Day / the beginning of the French Revolution

    “In the latter part of the 18th century, the freemasons had mapped out a plot for a revolution in France. A freemason concocted a story that while the people of France were suffering from poverty, Queen Marie Antoinette had purchased a diamond necklace costing about $1.5 million. The Duke of Orleans then bought up a huge quantity of bread and grain in France to create artificial famine. This was followed by the Siege of Bastille on July 14, 1789. In November 1793, priests all over France were massacred as the Feasts of Reason were celebrated in churches in Paris.

    It came to a point that entire France was in chaos. The freemasons felt it was time to have a “man on a white horse” to reign again over the country and eventually spread his power over the rest of Europe towards the creation of a Universal Republic. Napoleon Bonaparte was thus initiated thrice into Masonic French lodges.

    After the Napoleonic Wars, freemasons in France assumed Europe would be ready for peace, so they set up the Congress of Vienna in an attempt to create the first League of Nations. However, Czar Nicolas Romanov of Russia went against this. Freemasons determined to eliminate him, and they did, when the czar and his entire family were executed at the height of the Bolshevik revolution in their country in 1917. It will be interesting to note that the Bolsheviks or Russian revolutionaries called themselves Spartacusts, which was the illuminati pseudonym of Weishaupt.”

    Are they repeating history?

  3. After such a horrible and senseless tragedy all I can say is we grieve with you France.

    Prayers and Condolences to the families who have lost such loved ones.

    • blah blah blah… bet you never spend a millisecond grieving for the MILLIONS murdered by the US and allied militaries, or the victims of christian terrorism.

      • +1

      • +2

      • All acts of violence, hate, death, are tragic.

        Humanity has to much tribalism as it is.

        We can’t even speak condolences without anger flaring between each other and this is true about conversations on a host of matters.

        No matter religion, ideology, or paradigms we should be able to speak to each other as neighbors.

        Prayers and condolences to all people suffering in life and at this time to those families who have lost brothers, sisters, children, mothers and fathers.

        I think we can all feel empathy for their incredible pain at this point.

        • please show us a link where you commented “we grieve with you Iraq” or “we grieve with you Libya” or “we grieve with you Syria” or “we grieve with you Afghanistan” or “we grieve with you Yugoslavia” or “we grieve with you Gaza.”

          “Prayers and condolences to all people suffering in life and at this time” …. lol ‘at this time’ uh-huh… only after someone has pointed it out to you.

          “All acts of violence, hate, death, are tragic.”

          nope. violent self defense is not tragic. hating corruption is not tragic. the death of scumbags is not tragic.

          • I’m not really sure where you can find those but you can look through my comments if you like or are able. You will find comments with Muslim blogs, Iraq victims of war, etc.

            I’m sorry you feel so angry I know living in that space is not fun. That’s not a judgement just I know the world has a lot of painful elements and some people carry those elements more painfully than others.

            Peace be with you.

          • If Franti is a phoney, tell me tomorrow, lol

            • lol, i used to know michael, back in the days when he was in a group called ‘the disposable heroes of hiphopracy’ and before that ‘the beatnigs’ …

              my take? he’s a good guy with a good heart, but he is also a good performer. the northern california lib/left scene is heavy with phonies. so if you’re going to be ‘successful’ in that scene… well it’s a road with lots of potholes.

              in the later 2000s i ended up seeing him in concert three times in the span of a few days. there was a part of the concert where he would slow the tempo down, strum the guitar, look down with a sullen expression, and in a voice almost break with tears he said “i just got back from iraq…”

              the thing is, that part of the concert was exactly the same each time. the first time you see it is seems like a genuine emotion, but it’s really a performance. it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have real emotions, it’s just that… it’s a performance, on a stage.

              good music though! one of the classics from back in the day…

      • +3


        • my two cents on Franti’s world vision

          from wiki re: Franti

          “From his trip to the Middle East, Franti argued that it was poverty more than religion that created tensions in the Gaza region. “The poverty was so severe,” says Franti. “This really helped me to understand the frustration the Palestinian youth have. Ultimately, my belief is that it is poverty more than religion that creates tensions and frustrations. If you are struggling to feed your family, living on less than US$2 (Dh7.34) a day, as most Gaza residents are, and can see that past the checkpoint in Israel people live like in Los Angeles, then that really is going to cause mounting tensions.”

          THAT is the Tavistock TRAP right there, destroying their culture by the temptations of all the crap the West thinks is important, while creating a living hell for the Gaza residents intentionally to create future slaves and consumers so they stay rich and in control. There is no reason in the world these people should be without water, electricity and real homes except that the kings of the world keep destroying and rebuilding so their bloodline lives in splendor thru eternity. That is why they NEED a continuous cycle of poverty and hate somewhere in the world at all times.

          Religion rules the world, it is BECAUSE of their Lust for Power and Control and their Greed that the world is in the state it is. Poverty is the result of the Greed of these evil, psychopathic bloodline families who rule the world using RELIGION and FEAR.

          Franti sounds genuine, I like his music, but I am skeptical because he has been influenced by the Jesuit soldiers who work for the Masonic Vatican. They are the creators of war, genocide, starvation, political subversion and economic slavery and their pope claims to be God’s Representative on earth! How can Franti not see that their perverted religion is THE PROBLEM?

          Franti who received a JESUIT education had this to say in an interview as well

          “Rex: While you were at the University of San Francisco, how did the Jesuits influence you, especially concerning social issues?

          MF: The Jesuits are really vocal about social injustice, and especially about the rights of people who are impoverished. Although they are very much a part of the Catholic Church, they would be the first to say, “Don’t believe everything that your church has to say. If you feel like it’s wrong, then you should speak up and stand up against it. I didn’t grow up in a Catholic household, but having that education and being around a lot of priests who were rebels and who were writers and scholars was impactful.”

          NO, the Jesuits could care less about the rights of the people who are impoverished, these are the people they USE and ABUSE for their own agenda and the wealth of their church. Social Justice to the ‘church’ is nothing more than leading people into beLIEving that communism aka ‘the common good’ is a good thing, while they live like Kings.


    “How people can still believe in these inanely-scripted “terror attacks” is well beyond my comprehension…”

  5. Religion of peace…
    The peace of unburied dead.

    • i’m not islamophobic. i’m straight up anti-islam (and anti-jewish and anti-christian and anti-dharma).

      with that said, something else must be said.

      there is no such thing as “islamic terrorism.” there is only american, british, and israeli terrorism – sometimes overt like in the case of military action, but often covert and in the form of flase flag operations.

      there are also a lot of fucking sick people out there on really insane pharma drugs. this guy was a pork eating, drug and alcohol using, mentally ill person who was likely on such drugs. just like the 9/11 “hijackers” he does not fit the description of someone acting for religion.

      i’m curious. do you think dylan roof was a hero for killing 70 year olds who he thought were “raping our women?”

      • Actually, my only real question is, why don’t these organizations do us REAL favor & attack the Bilderberg meetings, or Hyannisport, or Wall Street, or any of the myriad central banks across the globe, or any of the get together’s of those that are members and employees of the NWO mafia?
        They attack people that have nothing to do with the constant bombing in the mideast or the enslavement of nations, or the imbalanced trade that is making Main Street destitute & creating wage slaves out of desperately poor people.
        Don’t these people know who their REAL enemies are? If France is bombing the mideast, then how does killing a bunch of civilians that don’t make these decisions, and may even be on your side, end any of that?
        I wouldn’t care about Islam if it would stay in it’s own countries…why?…because its basic philosophies are incompatible with western philosophies, and if you try to mix the two, you get the same sort of criminality, violence, and friction we are ALREADY seeing all over Europe & in pockets within the U.S. and all over the world. Where Islam seeks to insert itself, you have violence & death, and that cannot be denied.

        • Why not attack Israel? They seem to go around it.

        • Perhaps figure out who “they” really is will get the answer closer.

        • “why don’t these organizations do us REAL favor & attack the Bilderberg meetings, or Hyannisport, or Wall Street, or any of the myriad central banks across the globe”

          because they aren’t islamic terrorists. they are anglo-zionist terrorists. they are white people. deal with it.

          “They attack people that have nothing to do with the constant bombing in the mideast or the enslavement of nations”

          not true. most of those scumbags voted for pro-war parties and candidates. then they scream “we’re a democracy” as the bombs rain down on innocents. this isn’t actually inconsistent with the forces at play. israel will happily kill you after you have fought their wars for them, especially if your leaders call for a palestinian state.

          and when you tell them who is really responsible, they call you names and insist it’s the fault of the m00slims. no tears for fucking europeans.

          “Don’t these people know who their REAL enemies are?”

          you should be asking yourself this question.
          you should be asking yourself this question.
          you should be asking yourself this question.

          “I wouldn’t care about Islam if it would stay in it’s own countries… its basic philosophies are incompatible with western philosophies”

          what’s good for the goose is good for he gander. all europeans OUT of the americas, australia/new zealand, and south africa. back to europe, all of you.

          ‘i wouldn’t care about white people if they would just stay in europe. their culture of perpetual warfare is incompatible with actual humanity.’

          “Where Islam seeks to insert itself, you have violence & death, and that cannot be denied.”

          And wherever white people have gone… violence and death. This cannot be denied.

          I ask again: Do you think Dylan Roof was a hero?

    what are Kerry & Nulland + Putin up to?
    4º meeting in a year…
    does this meeting has anything to do with the coup (some say auto inflicted to clean the raws) to Erdogan?

    (great twitter to follow the situation in Turkey:

  7. 9 hours or more followCoup from the start still going at 8:32 AM Ankara time
    reading for booth-sides & from Turks &Kurds &Syrians & more
    still to many Questions ??
    like this Girl said This is what is happening in #Turkey. So so scary.

    was rumors thatErdo ask for asylum in Germany & Germany said no but that article now is different why?
    nxt was asking to London ?
    & just after that was at the airport Istanbul
    the Coup still going on Fox-news that is strange too
    Coup still going in Ankara &AkinciBase
    RIP victims
    this morning was God speed to the Coup still better thanErdo but probably he created THEY coup
    this article post it bfore in blog, Seek do at post about the Son too

    • A strange day in turkey from all accounts.

    • We’re in the age of technology isabel, lol…..history is changed much faster these days. 🙂

      • sad for the dead & the people are going to suffer & many don’t know why? that is were we living
        thx God here we know at little because the way THEY play” is no honor among thieves” & yday the proof was there watching how change was wow but that is how it is
        & saddly most PLP want blinders on

  8. IMFwas paid buttttt maybe?
    & this one wow
    Thats the point.Military coup was just a game to weaken Turkish military before they announce the islamic state” ?

  9. Why is Israel treating wounded ISIS soldiers in MASH units along the Syrian border, as well as in hospitals back in Israel?
    Why was the U.S. so upset when Russia started bombing the hell out of ISIS positions?
    The gas that was accidentally discharged by Syrian “rebels” (terrorists) and that Obama tried to pass off as a Syrian gas attack, was on it’s way to the Al Qaeda associates of the Syrian rebels, and it came from Turkey & was paid for with Saudi money.
    Put the pieces together and stop believing the official narratives.

    • “Put the pieces together and stop believing the official narratives”

      you should take your own advice.

      isis is a creation of the US, UK, and israel.

  10. tday many Victims RIP
    THEY &ERDO narrative is “& then all of a suddenErdogan was no longer aDictator in the media. LikeMagic he’s aLegitimate and Democratically electedPresident” AH

    RussiaLikely biggest winner fromTurkeyCoupAttempt asTurkey likely to move further away fromNATO.
    false-flag -COUP stagedAKP to justify final-push to consolidate-power (conspy)

    bye bye Base bye byeNato ??
    hi-SCO ?
    btw great-translator
    someSolutions maybe we can help
    a crowdfunding for legal-fees
    Famous Turkish-descendants like DrOZ

    ( don’t know manyTurks & Metal-bands after 2014 no many either 😦
    theYoungTurks was in no show y-day vacation ? timing ?
    here is a list,%20Turkey
    & can’t reach St.Paul online just Praying
    of course petitions toAI
    is nothing about yday well was friday too or

  11. Turkish delegation arrives in Gaza Strip to boost development

    With the ink barely dry on the June 27 Turkish-Israeli agreement to reestablish relations, Ankara is busy aiding development in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

    A senior Turkish official, who did not want to be named, told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday regarding the technical study group’s visit, “We are pleased that solid progress is being made to assist the Palestinian people by addressing the energy crisis in Gaza.”

    The technical study group from Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources is visiting the Gaza Strip to assess the coastal enclave’s energy needs.
    Last week, a Turkish ship delivered 11,000 tons of cargo, including clothing, toys and medicines to Ashdod port. Under the supervision of the Turkish Red Crescent Society, more than 500 trucks transferred the aid to the Gaza Strip through Israel’s Kerem Shalom crossing. The shipment was the first aid to arrive from Turkey since Israel and Turkey ended the six-year rupture in their ties.

    Reuters and

    Turkey to Pay for Gaza Building Projects

  12. nice fervent jihadist, eh?

  13. While soldiers in #Turkey are being decapitated and their wives raped… Turkish Muslims in Pennsylvania celebrate

    maybeTavistock ? again again
    he have a house around there
    this one don’t have the fact we are madddddd when saw it just bfore the Coup change dramatic was the singer from call me maybe on stage probably in Chicago saying was for thePLP-&Erdo doing power-sign
    so ignore don’t click cos we though is no sense

    yday we look a bite for that not luck no fav cup of tea that Music or Mentality still maybe the reason what she do that was ( her name is CarleyRae J) family in Canada isTurkish nope


  15. is really bad &sad &we can help everything is shut-off
    thxObama&Merkel for all the help HA! Syria all over well Tariq sguare all over
    TianamenSquare all over but no THEY HelpPinochet &Suharto &Peron &more
    Seems after the Judges, isErdogan is about to start rounding up and arresting journalists and editors. Stay tuned.
    thxSeek for this one WayneMa “Erdo met at airport by a crowd waving new Turkish flags with folds visible.This is always a sign of #Soros’ involvement”.pass itOn

  16. I read a post from a member of Black Lives Matter and it seems Soros funds have also eventuated there also…

  17. yup THEY talking heads start talking about theBoots
    big mistake
    sameBoots we prove it long ago
    said bfore just we need to find who make THEYISIS OrangeJumpsuits
    Seek post this wonderBono was having some MunchenBeer too
    Ok can someone tell me the odds of one reporter being in the exact location of 2 terrorist attacks in 9 days?

    Stay away fromDRILLS like are aPlague difficult to Skip work or school
    best day to be sick

  18. The shooting spree prompted authorities to lock down the southern German city and launch a massive manhunt. After the search concluded, police said that the suspected gunman was an 18-year-old with dual German and Iranian citizenship who had been living in the city.

    The motive for the attack, the Munich police chief said, was “fully unclear.”

    The assault was the third act of carnage to shake Europe in eight days. It followed a July 14 attack by a Tunisian-born man who killed 84 people in the French Riviera city of Nice by plowing a truck into a crowd. On Monday, an Afghan teen-ager wielding an ax wounded five people on a train near the Bavarian city of Würzburg. In both those cases, the assailants were inspired by the Islamic State, authorities said.

    But German officials said investigators were looking into the possibility that Friday’s attack was motivated by anti-immigrant sentiments, as well as the prospect that Islamist extremism was behind it.

    The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the train attack, but German authorities have said there is no evidence of direct links between the teen and the group.

    Last month, German authorities arrested three Syrians on suspicion of planning an Islamic State attack on the city of Düsseldorf. The men had entered Germany with a wave of migrants fleeing war and mayhem in the Middle East.

    The alleged plot involved suicide bombers, firearms and explosives, German authorities said. The arrests potentially thwarted a deadly operation comparable to assaults on Brussels in March and Paris in November.

    They initially believed as many as three gunmen were involved, but later said two people who had been spotted speeding away from the crime scene were not connected to the bloodshed.

    from 3 to 2 to 1 Lone Gunman, so very ‘typical’ (sarcasm)

    Tunisian, Afghan, Syrians and a German Iranian….I guess these are the countries they are targeting for the next banker’s war whose investments need to be paid for by the people?

  19. The shootings in a Munich shopping centre come five years to the day that far-right activist Anders Breivik (pictured making a Nazi salute at his trial) murdered 77 people on an island in Norway

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    what day is tday? again

    • 7+2+2= 11 2+0+1+6= 9 9/11?

    • conspiracy!

      • looking all over yourBlog for pic-Merkel &May with hand symbol anyway around min40 EngdahlSome PLPhere don’t like him greatAnalisys ofM
        boy there are all M & names a like
        pls said bfore te;; everyone specially in THEY DESTROYERS
        Bayern-Bavaria-alsoBohemian closer by too
        THEY ILLLUMINATI birthplace-ORIGINAL land
        pls tell plp watch ot for drill-drill-baby in Music-Fest or
        Malls more M’s
        anyway the Munchen-Munich was Olympia-Mall
        Seek like Goro said watch out THEY rio -Brazil Olympics-Olympia
        thx 🙂


    “Police said witnesses described multiple suspects wielding long guns”

    “a handgun was used in the shooting, and no long gun was present”

    “In the aftermath of the shooting, police received several reports of other shootings and hostage taking scenarios during the course of evening, but none turned out to be real”


    • we start with
      day4 1Paragraph
      now We brain-Storm
      after a week anal-isis goodPlay ofWords the TurkeyCoup? or NoCoup remember # after #Oxi(this is no a cup ) eh?
      & THEY Erdo-Gulen_ (HA! wrote Gulen underscore come-up automatic weird) anyway why don’t make sense cos like the # after We thePrecariat choose Oxi 🙂 remember the # this no cup that is true too with the July 16
      7-7-7 was THEYdrill drill drill baby remember that one & pig with lipstick THEY broadcast everything bfore is like Seek said We know the Ussual-Suspects we can do the analysis
      was THEYdrill =
      to try THEY -net -Kill-Switch & how to control THEYplp &after how to control THEYplp to benefit using THEYstate-net
      Recommended to watch the last Ship series isTNT ?
      was THEY-drill
      to created a perpetual State of Emergency check everything is lost in an EmergencySState btw in theStates was declare in9-11 & never lift it
      (out of topic or no? #Trump acceptance-Speech the flags have no fringes hooray!
      so Erdo -State ofEmergency or anyTHEY even this 2–WJPfhk5mLb
      Erdo-State ofEmergency is equal at Erdo-Dictatorship
      now put this in 140 haha

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