South Korea to seek free trade agreement with UK after Brexit


The government will review pushing for a free trade agreement with the U.K. following Britain’s decision to leave the European Union.

The decision was made during a meeting of overseas economy-related ministers chaired by Finance Minister Yoo Il-ho on Friday.

The government will also maintain a stable level of foreign exchange reserves to prepare against financial jitters and make preparations to issue foreign exchange equalization bonds depending on the market situation.

Officials assessed that financial market uncertainties emerged in the wake of the Brexit vote but the situation has now eased thanks to response measures taken by major economies.

But the government believes market repercussions could escalate depending on future developments as economic conditions deteriorate in the U.K.


brexit is not the armageddon they said it would goes on..


~ by seeker401 on July 15, 2016.

One Response to “South Korea to seek free trade agreement with UK after Brexit”

  1. “Free” trade is not helpful or desirable just because it has the word “free” in its title.
    What Britain needs is BALANCED trade…it is what ALL the nations on Earth need to strive for.
    Imbalanced trade benefits the wealthy for the short term, and in the long term it makes the middle class destitute & collapses markets.
    But avarice & greed has always been short-sighted & not interested in national loyalty nor the welfare of citizens.

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