Images 17/7/16


singer melanie martinez was first discovered on the voice..she does the one eye well..

Singer Melanie Martinez was first discovered on The Voice and is now signed with Atlantic Records

more melanie..


and some more..nice doughnut..


bieber..strange kid..


the great bob dylan..shading one eye for mojo..

Lena Fujii

lena fujii..dont know what she does..


#brexit doom averted..


inconvenient truth..they wont show this graph at school..

1467126454016690 much going on in this mock up for marvel..nice crotch shot justin..


never use a 6 pointed star for anti-semites!


absolutely true..


the classic flip flop..a 30 year senator isnt a 30 year senator because he actually rocks the boat..


~ by seeker401 on July 18, 2016.

18 Responses to “Images 17/7/16”

  1. Bob dylan = Robert Allen Zimmerman

  2. What if ..

    Hillary picks Obama ???

  3. The WW2 planes on greenland were buried under 250 feet of ice in 50 years which shows the ice cores ages are wildly out.
    They were treating each layer as a year or season but they the layers can build up on a daily basis with snowfalls and temp change.

    So at the current depth of greenland ice there is only about 4000 years.
    The P38’s and B17 bombers kind of blew apart ice core dating.
    It was proven the did not sink or dive – they were still on the same layer they landed on.
    Sinking can only happen when ice is melting .

  4. Tefillin

    “I have so far isolated 4 CSE emanators beneficial for humans: beehoneycombs, a grid of joined hands (more about it in the nextchapter), a sieve, a phylactery otherwise known as tefelin.What is it? An old device: a tightly sown leather cube attached to aleather platform with two bands. Inside the cube there are four stripsof parchment-tightly rolled, bleached, soft kidskin with Talmudicinscriptions. A worshippers attached the device to his forehead, withthe axes of parchment rolls perpendicular to the forehead and theirouter ends facing East.

    It turns out, the inscriptions were unimportant;what matters is the material, shape, and dimensions.Made of different materials, the device only causes unpleasantsensations, while a leather tefelin produces a beneficial physiologicaleffect-besides the shape and other factors, the microstructure of thematerial must have a part in it too.”

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