The Turkish witch-hunt begins..Erdogan arresting government critics

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Having arrested those who were supposedly directly involved in the attempted coup, which at last count this morning amounted to over 6,000 individuals of which 3,000 members of the army (or less than 1% of Turkey’s 315,000-strong forces) and the Turkish legal system, including judges and prosecutors. That Erdogan was so quick in assembling a list of enemies in the judicial branch, whose arrests started early on Saturday even before the coup was fully doused, is the clearest indication that Erdogan was not only prepared for the “coup”, but its inevitable outcome.

The video below released by the government Anadolu Agency, shows Turkish police interrogate senior army officers allegedly involved in the failed coup.

However, it was the next step that was the critical one: the one where Erdogan – having cracked down on his immediate military and legal opponents – took his crusade against everyone else, including the press and the educational system.

The first inkling of the upcoming “witch hunt” took place earlier today, when the Turkish police asked “citizens” to report those who support terrorism and crime. In other words, McCarthyism reborn, only this time the bogeyman is not communism.

And then, just hours later, we found out that the first casualty of this expanded witch hunt was none other than a person who had absolutely no involvement in the coup: a former university record, whose only crime was being a government critic, who moments ago tweeted that he was being arrested.

What happens next: an acceleration of the counter-putsch of course, with many more arrested, whose only crime is being guilty of criticizing the government.


a lot can happen in 24 erdogan has the power to lock up and eventually execute anybody who opposes him..


~ by seeker401 on July 18, 2016.

11 Responses to “The Turkish witch-hunt begins..Erdogan arresting government critics”

  1. Turkey coup attempt: Government says 6,000 detained as control restored after failed takeover,000-detained-in-turkey-as-control-restored-after-failed-coup/7636582

  2. The coup was probably staged in order that he could do this or the plotters were set up patsies – Erdogan learns from Hitler

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    • “I bet a fly on the wall at last week’s meeting between John Kerry and Vladimir Putin could shed some light on the situation. Perhaps the Queen of Color Revolution herself, Mrs. Victoria “Fuck the E.U.” Kagan-Nuland, could be on standby for color commentary, as her timely visit to nearby Cyprus discussing the future of Turkey in NATO mere days before the Turkish coup took place is interesting timing, indeed.”



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