How renewable energy is blowing Climate Change efforts off course


Is the global effort to combat climate change, painstakingly agreed to in Paris seven months ago, already going off the rails?

Germany, Europe’s champion for renewable energy, seems to be having second thoughts about its ambitious push to ramp up its use of renewable fuels for power generation.

Hoping to slow the burst of new renewable energy on its grid, the country eliminated an open-ended subsidy for solar and wind power and put a ceiling on additional renewable capacity.

Germany may also drop a timetable to end coal-fired generation, which still accounts for over 40 percent of its electricity, according to a report leaked from the country’s environment ministry. Instead, the government will pay billions to keep coal generators in reserve, to provide emergency power at times when the wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine.

Renewables have hit a snag beyond Germany, too. Renewable sources are producing temporary power gluts from Australia to California, driving out other energy sources that are still necessary to maintain a stable supply of power.

In Southern Australia, where wind supplies more than a quarter of the region’s power, the spiking prices of electricity when the wind wasn’t blowing full-bore pushed the state government to ask the power company Engie to switch back on a gas-fired plant that had been shut down.

But in what may be the most worrisome development in the combat against climate change, renewables are helping to push nuclear power, the main source of zero-carbon electricity in the United States, into bankruptcy.

The United States, and indeed the world, would do well to reconsider the promise and the limitations of its infatuation with renewable energy.

“The issue is, how do we decarbonize the electricity sector, while keeping the lights on, keeping costs low and avoiding unintended consequences that could make emissions increase?” said Jan Mazurek, who runs the clean power campaign at the environmental advocacy group ClimateWorks.

Addressing those challenges will require a more subtle approach than just attaching more renewables to the grid.

An analysis by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, narrowly distributed two weeks ago, estimated that nuclear reactors that produce 56 percent of the country’s nuclear power would be unprofitable over the next three years. If those were to go under and be replaced with gas-fired generators, an additional 200 million tons of carbon dioxide would be spewed into the atmosphere every year.

The economics of nuclear energy are mostly to blame. It just cannot compete with cheap natural gas. Most reactors in the country are losing between $5 and $15 per megawatt-hour, according to the analysis.

Nuclear energy’s fate is not being dictated solely by markets, though. Policy makers focused on pushing renewable sources of energy above all else — heavily subsidizing solar and wind projects, and setting legal targets for power generation from renewables — are contributing actively to shut the industry down. Facing intense popular aversion, nuclear energy is being left to wither.

As Will Boisvert wrote in an analysis for Environmental Progress, an environmental organization that advocates nuclear energy, the industry’s woes “could be remedied by subsidies substantially smaller than those routinely given to renewables.” The federal production tax credit for wind farms, for instance, is worth $23 per megawatt-hour, which is more than the amount that nuclear generators would need to break even.

Nuclear generators’ troubles highlight the unintended consequences of brute force policies to push more and more renewable energy onto the grid. These policies do more than endanger the nuclear industry. They could set back the entire effort against climate change.

California, where generators are expected to get half of their electricity from renewables by 2030, offers a pretty good illustration of the problem. It’s called the “duck curve.” It shows what adding renewables to the electric grid does to the demand for other sources of power, and it does look like a duck.

As more and more solar capacity is fed onto the grid, it will displace alternatives. An extra watt from the sun costs nothing. But the sun doesn’t shine equally at all times. Around noon, when it is blazing, there will be little need for energy from nuclear reactors, or even from gas or coal. At 7 p.m., when people get home from work and turn on their appliances, the sun will no longer be so hot. Ramping up alternative sources then will be indispensable.

The problem is that nuclear reactors, and even gas- and coal-fired generators, can’t switch themselves on and off on a dime. So what happens is that around the middle of the day those generators have to pay the grid to take their power. Unsurprisingly, this erodes nukes’ profitability. It might even nudge them out of the system altogether.

How does a renewables strategy play out in the future? Getting more power from renewables at 7 p.m. will mean building excess capacity at noon. Indeed, getting all power from renewables will require building capacity equal to several times the demand during the middle of the day and keeping it turned off much of the time.

Daily fluctuations are not the end of it. Wind power and sunlight change with the seasons, too. What’s more, climate change will probably change their power and seasonality in unforeseen ways. Considering how expensive wind and sun farms can be, it might make sense to reconsider a strategy that dashes a zero-carbon energy source that could stay on all the time.

A report published last month by the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers suggests there is space for more renewable energy on the grid. New technologies — to store power when the sun is hot or to share it across wider areas — might allow for a bigger renewable footprint.

But there are limits. “There is a very real integration cost from renewables,” said Kenneth Gillingham, an economist at Yale who wrote the report. “So far that cost is small.”

In Germany, where renewables have mostly replaced nuclear power, carbon emissions are rising, even as Germans pay the most expensive electricity rates in Europe. In South Australia, the all-wind strategy is taking its toll. And in California, the costs of renewables are also apparent.

Nuclear energy’s fate is not quite sealed. In New York, fears that the impending shutdown of three upstate reactors would imperil climate change mitigation persuaded Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office to extend subsidies comparable to those given to renewables, to keep them afloat. Even in California, where nuclear energy has no friends, Diablo Canyon, the last remaining nuclear plant, is expected to stay open for almost another decade.

Still, both New York and California expect to eventually phase out nuclear power entirely. An analysis by Bloomberg puts the cost of replacing Diablo Canyon’s zero-carbon power with solar energy at $15 billion. This sum might be better spent replacing coal.

Displacing nuclear energy clearly makes the battle against climate change more difficult. But that is not what is most worrying. What if the world eventually discovers that renewables can’t do the job alone? “I worry about lock-in,” Ms. Mazurek said. “If it doesn’t work, the climate doesn’t have time for a do-over.”


i am living this state in australia has the highest electricity in the world..think about that..we have the highest level of RE power and we pay the most..because when it the sun doesnt shine or the wind doesnt blow or the wind blows to much we have to pay the spot price for power from other states because we shuttered our base load, coal powered station..well done dickheads!

“In Germany, where renewables have mostly replaced nuclear power, carbon emissions are rising, even as Germans pay the most expensive electricity rates in Europe. In South Australia, the all-wind strategy is taking its toll. And in California, the costs of renewables are also apparent.”


~ by seeker401 on July 28, 2016.

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  1. ALL WIND.. winning 🙂 (if no wind?)

  2. Hello Seeker.

    Those wind turbines.

    Lots of money spent on them. Very polluting to manufacture their magnets. Don’t provide what they’re supposed to. Essentially they are useless and expensive — and yet they have been put up with an almost feverish compulsion.

    This reminds me of a quote from the author Ellis Peters, which has another context, but it applies here and elsewhere —

    “Everything that is not what it seems, and not what it reasonably should be, must have significance.”

    So, what is the significance? What’s it all about?

    Our masters don’t do this kind of thing out of sheer perversity and just for the fun of it.

    All the best.

    Andrew Farquharson.

    • they are very symbolic i would ferris wheels..they are a symbol of supposed “cleanness”..they are so unreliable though and the co2 released to create them and then the power used to run them makes them a living oxymoron..and when they die..what happens to them?

  3. Hello Seeker.

    Much deeper than that, the 3-bladed shape is an ancient symbol of Satan or whatever other name you’d use for the thing that the “people” behind the so called environmental movement are trying to invoke.

    The so-called environmental movements are (among other things) an attempt to put humanity into a state of arrested development. Much of the other stuff that can be found out about the green movements are simply window dressing to divert the inquisitive.

    Remember that the colour green is the Talmudic colour for victory.

    Best wishes to all, as always.

    Andrew Farquharson.

    • i bow down to your greater wisdom andrew..i remember noting something i read a few years ago that whenever you see green mentioned its a reference to a satanic like purpose..i dismissed it at the time but it stayed in my mind..especially as the “green” movement became bigger and bigger..the talmudic point you made would be the genesis for that thought process i reckon..thankyou!

  4. Using a special pill made by Monsanto which could force us to hibernate when the sun does not shine and the wind does not blow – then wake up and live when the elements are suitable – from my personal C02 think tank.

  5. But in what may be the most worrisome development in the combat against climate change, renewables are helping to push nuclear power, the main source of zero-carbon electricity in the United States, into bankruptcy.
    Jct: What wonderful news and he finds shutting down nuclear with renewables “worrisome?”

  6. Hello Seeker.

    “i bow down to your greater wisdom andrew”

    Oh come on Seeker. That’s a bit rich, although I’m not sure what tone you meant that to be taken in. There’s no great wisdom in seeing that there’s always two levels for so-called reality presenting itself to us.

    There’s the literal “what you see is what it’s all about level”, then there’s the symbolic and esoteric level. The problem is that the esoteric level may be difficult to grasp in any way since our culture has relentlessly removed all understanding of the importance of stuff like symbolism and metaphysics.

    Of course our self-appointed elites retained that knowledge. That’s why the Bilderbergers have never (I’m quite sure of this, but please disagree if you have the information) held a get-together when Mercury is retrograde.

    It’s why the passengers (at least some of them) on MH370 who were detained at Deigo Garcia were used in blood-draining ritual murder ceremonies (recall those decomposing bodies from the “passengers” of the Malaysian airliner shot down over the Ukraine, and the mention that the blood had been drained from at least some of them?).

    It’s why real shamans (not the fake / ignorant type proliferating nowadays) routinely see and interact with real entities “out there”.

    All that stuff works. This here “reality” is just the frosting on the cake, the skin on the surface. You’d better believe it that wind turbine have nothing to do with electrical generation.

    “Everything that is not what it seems, and not what it reasonably should be, must have significance.”

    Anyway, enough from me.

    Thank you, as always, for all the work and effort you put into things for us all.

    Andrew Farquharson.

    • “i bow down to your greater wisdom andrew”

      it was meant with much respect mate..i know you have enormous knowledge of esoteric/symbolism/history than i..and thats why i loved the explanation..i am a novice in these fields but always hungry to learn..

      did you note HRC using white pants/suit today to symbolize hope..over the blue yesterday with obama and the red the day before via satellite at the dnc?

      It’s why the passengers (at least some of them) on MH370 who were detained at Deigo Garcia were used in blood-draining ritual murder ceremonies (recall those decomposing bodies from the “passengers” of the Malaysian airliner shot down over the Ukraine, and the mention that the blood had been drained from at least some of them?).

      interesting 60 minutes this the pilot of mh370 just flew away with the plane..didnt crash it..and that of course plays into exactly what you are talking about..

      You’d better believe it that wind turbine have nothing to do with electrical generation.


      • Hello Seeker.

        I’m not surprised at Hillary doing the clothing colour change thing. Like QE II, she’s sure to get regular advice on what the esoteric colour of the day is.

        And I’m a bit surprised that 60 minutes mentioned MH370. I’d presume that the media Lords (and Ladies — mustn’t be sexist) would simply let it drop off the radar. The well-conditioned public has the most amazing facility to forget just about anything.

        MH370 still astonishes me in some ways, mostly in the public’s reaction to it. The idea that an airliner full of people can just “somehow” fly off and be “lost” in our surveillance-saturated world is simply beyond any definition of absurd.

        And yet people (generally) just accept it, and somehow MH370 actually being seen and reported actually and obviously flying at low altitude towards Deigo Garcia is, well…um…you know, like…COOL MAN!! Just look at this Pokemon GO thingy!!

        Anyway…just an aside, but I’m sure you would know what little psychotic Middle Eastern nation has a significant presence at Deigo Garcia.

        Thanks, as always.

        Andrew Farquharson.

        • The fact that they seemed to do that just to get bodies for other plane “crashes” is demonic narcissism – not even an iota of human emotion for the lives and families and future mental torture of the random victim”s living relatives .

  7. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  8. Esoteric design of the wind ‘energy’ turbine and the Green Man) ( Pagans / Talmudics / Satan (Rome / Christians) Green Man said to be the god of life and death / underworld. The Swiss ritual of the Gotthard Base tunnel was definitely a pagan ritual of death and rebirth. I associate these kinds of rituals deriving a needed energy or power to guarantee their ‘new world they’ve been creating’ with the end of an ‘age’ or another revolution / as in industrial or technological revolution, and not a revolution of civil action.

    Kinda like the song…Revolution / Evolution / Ball of Confusion, that’s what the world is today…and the beat goes on. The lyrics in that song is exactly what is happening AGAIN today, in this era as it was in 1970.

    Considering that all the religions have been manipulated through the ages by the little god men of power and different cultures it’s no wonder the people are confused and are today, as in the past under a great deception.

    The 3 blade wind turbine could resemble an image of the Christ Crucifixion, going round and round…..?

    Shield of the Trinity? Christ Pantocrator? You could also form a pyramid / triangle by drawing/connecting the appropriate lines and angles.

    Sevenfold Symmetric Perfection: From the Seven Days of Creation to the Seven Seals of Revelation, Scripture presents the Number Seven as the numerical symbol of fullness, completion, and perfection.

    “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

    Constantine’s Halo / Sun Worship

    The icon used as the basis of the image above is from the Church of Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom). It was produced around 1260 AD. Its title “Christ Pantocrator” is from Revelation 1.8, where the word Pantocrator is translated as Almighty:

    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty [Pantocrator].

    Also resembles the Catherine Wheel Firework, lol…just realized today how they also use ‘Roman Candles’ to celebrate their independence day!

    another idea perhaps is Occult Ether Physics – Tesla’s Hidden Space Propulsion System?

    This wind turbine seems to have a bit of dna strand going on

  9. Hello Intrugedbyr.

    Thanks for your comment. Interesting.

    That Pantokrator mosaic in Aya Sofia is one of my favourites when it come to Byzantine religious art. I think that it’s more likely now to be dated at the 1190s AD, but whatever. I hope you’ve been able to see Aya Sofia in the flesh, since it’d be a bit tricky nowadays.

    My favourite piece of Byzantine religious art is the Anastasis fresco in the church of Chora in Istanbul, which was done in the 1300s. It’s really something, especially the vivid blue of the background, which would have been done with paint coloured with crushed lapis lazuli, which would have made it amazingly expensive in its day.

    Very few photos do justice to its colours, and I couldn’t locate any on the web that do.

    This is a bit of an overview of that fresco:

    A closer view of its central part is worth looking at:

    Interestlingly, the fresco’s theme of Christ breaking down the gates of Hell and raising up Adam and Eve and all that is non-biblical, and it’s a common church decoration theme in Orthodox art.

    All the best,

    Andrew Farquharson

  10. Hello Intriguedbyr and Maria.

    Yes, that fresco really has to be seen in the flesh to be appreciated. I regard it as one of the greatest under-appreciated works of Christian art in the world. But Istanbul is a bit unsafe right now.

    Just to indulge my taste for Byzantine art a bit more, another favourite is at the monastery at Daphni on the outskirts of Athens. This pantokrator dates from about the mid 1100s AD:,isz:l&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwivw5ej65zOAhXFJZQKHYssAY4Q2A4IHigE#imgrc=g-CMFRv-l-qC4M%3A

    Again, the blue has to be seen to be appreciated, and again it’s made from ground up lapis lazuli. This is Christ as judge, hence the forbidding expression.

    Another one is from Cefalu in Sicily, and is also from about the mid 1100s AD:,_Cathedral_of_Cefal%C3%B9,_Sicily.jpg.

    This one hasn’t been photographed quite correctly, as the face is just a bit distorted due to the camera being slightly off-centre.

    Farewell for the moment.

    Andrew Farquharson.

  11. Very interesting. Notice the reptilian “gods” in ghost like form standing behind them and even more interesting that the carpet christ is standing on is an extension directly from the reptile gods “dress” or maybe “essence” is a better word. This has given me another avenue to search. I was aware of pictures and reference to reptilians, flying gods etc in other religious history and art but had not yet come across any depicted in Christian art and I assumed that if there might have been it would have been hidden or changed to demons or devils. Here I go again, now on the trail of Christian religious art…it never ends, does it?!
    Thank you for this information.

  12. Wow, on first glance I thought the person being pulled up on the right was actually a big fish until I saw the face of a human and then the rest of him naturally became a body in my mind. Even then I failed to notice that the person has a “Bird” or similar jumping out of his stomach, I presume wanting to dive back into the pit. It always amazes me how easy it is for our eyes/brains to deceive us and not notice what is right in front of them.


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