Is Donald Trump Jewish?

UNITED STATES - MAY 23: Grand Marshal Donald Trump marches in the Salute to Israel Parade on Fifth Ave. (Photo by Ron Antonelli/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)

Grand Marshal Donald Trump marches in the Salute to Israel Parade on Fifth Ave.

As usual, this is just my opinion, based on private research Readers have been begging me to do Trump, but I don’t think this is what they expected or wanted. Many have been fooled by him. I really don’t have much to say about this bozo actor, except to say that he has been one more test of the gullibility of the American public—a test they have failed. Even those who don’t like him have been fooled into thinking he is real person. He is about as real as Dudley Do-Right or Rocky the Flying Squirrel.

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Sherlock Holmes: “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

i think he is..the author doesnt like him but brings up numerous pieces of evidence to back the claim..


~ by seeker401 on August 2, 2016.

36 Responses to “Is Donald Trump Jewish?”

  1. What The Media Is Not Telling You About The Muslim Who Attacked Donald Trump: He Is A Muslim Brotherhood Agent Who Wants To Advance Sharia Law And Bring Muslims Into The United States

    The Muslim who attacked Donald Trump, Khizr Muazzam Khan, is a Muslim Brotherhood agent, working to bring Muslims into the United States. After reading what we discovered so far, it becomes obvious that Khan wanted to ‘trump’ Trump’s Muslim immigration policy of limiting Muslim immigration into the U.S.

    Khizr Muazzam Khan graduated in Punjab University Law College, as the New York Times confirms. He specialized in International Trade Law in Saudi Arabia. An interest lawyer for Islamic oil companies Khan wrote a paper, called In Defense of OPEC to defend the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), an intergovernmental oil company consisting of mainly Islamic countries.

    But more than this, Khan is a promoter of Islamic Sharia Law in the U.S. He was a co-founder of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law (Islamic Sharia). Khan’s fascination with Islamic Sharia stems from his life in Saudi Arabia. During the eighties Khan wrote a paper titled Juristic Classification of Islamic [Sharia] Law. In it he elucidated on the system of Sharia law expressing his reverence for “The Sunnah [the works of Muhammad] — authentic tradition of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).”

  2. “According to my research so far, these people and most other famous people were culled from the richest families—a majority of them Jewish—and then trained mainly as actors. If they had some
    talent, great, but as the century wore on that became pretty much superfluous. They only had to pretend to be musicians or artists or scientists or whatever.
    Intel found that almost no one could tell the difference. The bios of most of these people are completely manufactured, and they are nothing
    but actors. They haven’t done most of what you are told they have and if they have money they didn’t get it by earning it. ”

    THAT is a fact, as are many of these ‘appointed’ political actors and CEO’s or as I like to call them, ‘made men and women’ who have totally FAKE and Created ‘backgrounds’ by the mob they work for.

    • powerful pdf that one..i know camer was surprised by it..

      • Yes, Mathis has some very good research. My question is, which group of ‘jews’ are backing the Donald who ‘appears’ to be more secular than religious? The Orthodox or the Zionists? It ‘appears’ those he has hired for the majority of his legal business deals are Orthodox Jewish Men.

        It also ‘appears’ that many of the Zio Jews as well as the Roman Vatican connected Jews / and Jesuit / Opus Dei Catholics are against him, or as in the case of Newt Gingrich, pretending to be for him.

        This new Reformation seems to include ALL the Abrahamic Religions this time around. 🙂

        • the game isn’t played unless both sides are already owned.

          at one point we were told he had admiral fallon as a military advisor. now he’s nowhere to be seen and all of his military advisors are neocons.

          at one point trump went after cruz’s wife because she worked for goldman sachs. now he appoints an ex-goldman guy as his chief financial advisor.

          let’s face it, if trump wins, the cabal will throw a bunch of false flags on him until he attacks whoever they aim him at. he is too stupid and unknowledgeable about how the world of power truly works. i don’t think he even knows what a neocon is.

          if americans want change they will have to ban anyone and everyone who has ever been associated with either of the two major parties from holding any office. are nazis allowed to run in germany? nope.

          • “if americans want change they will have to ban anyone and everyone who has ever been associated with either of the two major parties from holding any office. are nazis allowed to run in germany? nope.”

            Great Point xxx, you’re right – I’ve always believed you can’t get to D.C. in a high level political position unless you’re one of the club or vulnerable to blackmail, so nothing will change until the people demand it.

  3. There is no doubt the big D is the ‘Chosen’ for the purpose of declaring war on Islam thus fulfilling Pikes prophecy calling for war between Muslims and Christians.

    The Government Of France Declares War On Islam, Shuts Down Twenty Mosques, And Promises To Close Down More

    Hillary Is Busted: Read The Real Booklet Hillary’s Man Was Carrying For Years. It Was The Muslim Shari’ah Constitution And NOT The U.S Constitution

    Why Did Khizr Khan Delete His Law Firm’s Website?

    • interesting!

      • Script ..

        Walid Shoebat (Arabic: وليد شعيبات‎‎) is a Palestinian American, born in the West Bank to an American mother, who converted to Christianity from Islam.[1][2] Shoebat has claimed that he used to be a Palestinian Liberation Organization terrorist in a CNN television interview.[2] He is a self-proclaimed expert on the “dangers” of Islam[2] and is also a strong supporter of the State of Israel.[1] Shoebat has also claimed that he firebombed the Israeli bank Bank Leumi.[2] However, after thoroughly investigating his claim, reporters and officials have found no evidence of any attack on the bank between 1977 and 1979, the period in which Shoebat claims to have carried out the attack.[3]

        Shoebat has been introduced as a terrorism expert on several television programs, including appearances on CNN and its sister network HLN in 2006 and 2007.[2]

    • In reaponse to a comment from Rev 17 “There is no doubt the big D is the ‘Chosen’ for the purpose of declaring war on Islam thus fulfilling Pikes prophecy calling for war between Muslims and Christians.”

  4. Donald Trump, CIA, Felix Sater and the Jewish Mafia

  5. Israeli Builders Behind Gaza Wall See Growth in Europe, Africa — and Trump

    THE FORWARD – The israeli company that built a fence around Gaza is building up what they call their “border business,” in Europe, the Middle East, Africa — and maybe on the border between the United States and Mexico, if Donald Trump is elected president.

  6. Trump’s New Campaign Advisor Steve Bannon Was an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs

    Donald Trump has anointed a new campaign advisor who was an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, Steve Bannon. Bannon is a leading executive at Breitbart News, which is extremely pro-Israel. Trump is evidently countering the un-American pro-Clinton media campaign against him with his own incestuous relationship with the media. I recall long ago that Trump promoted Breitbart, because it promoted him, and he has now promoted one of its bosses to a leading position in his campaign.

    Trump often talks about correctly naming the enemy, yet he never names the jews, or Israel, or the fact that it was jewry which brought us into conflict with Islam in the modern world. Trump also never correctly identifies the jewish agenda behind the EU, and is becoming increasingly anti-European, scapegoating Whites for anti-American jewish intrigues here and abroad.

    The mass media support for Clinton is obscene and is far more of a threat to us than Trump’s acquisition of two media moguls, Roger Ailes and Steve Bannon, as campaign advisors. But Trump has nonetheless taken unseemly steps towards the unification of government and media which deserve mention. Trump is brainwashing us to become increasingly slavish to Israel and jewish interests, as well as communist Russian interests, and to abandon our blood connections to Europe. I do not think Breitbart is anti-European, but Trump is. Perhaps Bannon can rein him in on this issue.

  7. Seems Donald and George have some history ..

    RICO Lawsuit Filed Against George Soros and Donald Trump

  8. and here ..

    Trump Picks Former Goldman Partner And Soros Employee As Finance Chairman


  10. “That Jews would try to co-opt, or attempt to derail, a potentially damaging movement does have many historical precedents.”

    Jews Versus the Alt Right: Lessons from History

    • if its degrading immoral and just plain bad taste..expect to see jews in the midst..the opposite from all that is what they hate..not to forgive the alt-right movement completely as well who would also have plenty of assholes within..

  11. just We hear for first time tday one more think that THEY-MuslimBrotherhood is THEY-shadow Goverment now THEY-ObomGmo Speech inCairo make much-sense
    what at days boy Sept-11’s
    we know isComonCore math but hey 9- 11-action number on double-down
    16=7 so except 21 & 33 are all THEY #

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