Images 7/8/16




get out of the echo chamber..


sexpress with an eye..subliminal..


no prizes for seeing whats going on here..


found this being used as an image on a trump story..


bill showing where his true colours lie..look at the pin..


real history..


haw haw haw..


~ by seeker401 on August 8, 2016.

11 Responses to “Images 7/8/16”


  2. goes to the “prana/chi thread” (if there is one): – the ancient knew…


      …search for the word “symbol”..

      • The main sources of Prana are the Sun , the Earth and the Cosmos and the prana they give is known as Sun prana, Earth prana and Cosmic prana.

        Other sources of Prana are the air we breathe, the food we eat, water we drink, trees, holy persons, holy places, crystals, certain geometric structures, objects like holy books , certain symbols etc.

        There are many types of Prana exercises which have been practised since ancient times in different countries to generate and increase the flow of prana in the body to stay healthy like Yoga in India, ChiKung and TaiChi in China and Akido in Japan.

        Pranayama a part of Indian Yoga in which various types of breathing is done to manage the flow of prana into the body in order that the person can enjoy a long healthy life.

        When we breathe in, it is not only the oxygen that we inhale, we also take in silver coloured very fine particles of energy present in the atmosphere. Each of this particle is the air prana.

        Most of us are unconsciously obtaining prana from all above sources but in a manner where it is just a part of our existence and habit. We are doing it without awareness and there is no measure of the quantity of this prana and it’s effect on our aura.

    • somebody who knows more about this, pls, comment:

      “Prana is held by ojas, which is its conductor. If we increase prana without ojas, adding energy without being able to ground it, we may disturb, if not derange, the mind and nervous system.

      [“Ojas” refers to the subtle energy of water as the stored-up vital reserve, the basis for physical and mental endurance… On an inner level, it is responsible for nourishing and grounding the development of all higer faculties.]

      Control of sexual energy (Brahmacharya) means reducing the discharge odf reproductive fluid. This is crucial for developing additional ojas.

      Control of the Senses
      Control of the senses requires reducing the amount of energy lost through sensory indulgence, which includes avoiding most forms of entertainment, particularly through the mass media. Much energy is lost through the eyes and ears.”

      (seek, a prana thread, pls! )


  4. the 6-year-olds already follow the videos of this kid: – min. 1:30


    roblox is fool with the eye symbol…

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