Erdogan backs return of death penalty


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told a huge rally in Istanbul that he would approve the return of the death penalty if it was backed by parliament and the public.

He was speaking to hundreds of thousands of flag-waving supporters who had gathered in Turkey’s biggest city.

The rally followed last month’s failed coup.

Mr Erdogan also said the state would be cleansed of all supporters of the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.

The cleric is blamed by the Turkish government for the attempted uprising. He denies any involvement.

Religious figures and leaders of two of Turkey’s three opposition parties attended the rally. The Kurdish party was not invited.

More than 270 people died in events surrounding the 15 July coup attempt, which triggered a government crackdown.

Thousands of alleged supporters of Mr Gulen have been detained or dismissed from government jobs.

Western nations have been critical of the government’s response to the coup. The European Union – which Turkey has applied to join – refuses to accept capital punishment in member states.

Mr Erdogan told the rally: “It is the Turkish parliament that will decide on the death penalty… I declare it in advance, I will approve the decision made by the parliament.

“They say there is no death penalty in the EU… Well, the US has it; Japan has it; China has it; most of the world has it. So they are allowed to have it. We used to have it until 1984. Sovereignty belongs to the people, so if the people make this decision I am sure the political parties will comply.”


turkey is out of control..erdogan can do whatever he wants basically..

killing off opposition leaders would be high on that list..

“Mr Erdogan also said the state would be cleansed of all supporters of the US-based cleric Fethullah Gulen.”



~ by seeker401 on August 9, 2016.

24 Responses to “Erdogan backs return of death penalty”

  1. Ergenekon Has Recaptured Control of the Turkish Military and Is Pushing Turkey Away from NATO and into Israel and Russia’s Arms

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    The Doenmeh are consolidating their power in Turkey. They have always led the Turkish military and used it to control the State. The Turkish People have long looked to the military to safeguard a secular society.

    The crypto-Jew Mustafa Kemal Ataturk directly contradicted the aims of the Turkish Empire and asserted Turkish nationalism and secularism in opposition to Turkish imperialism and the caliphate. He helped the jews take Palestine and the bolsheviks, Armenia.

    The Ergenekon are again in league with the bolsheviks. And the bolsheviks are again preparing to redraw the map. The failed and phony coup they staged and blamed on the Gulenists allowed them to purge not only the military, but Turkish society as a whole of any opposition to the moves they are about to make.

    The jews want to take Turkey out of NATO and make it a bolshevik republic of a revived and expanded Soviet Union. The jews want to cut Western Civilization off from its supplies of energy, and place all of Islam behind an iron curtain of soviet oppression. Erdogan and Ergenekon are uniting Turkey and the AKP behind marxism and Russia.

    The wars in Syria, the struggles of and with the Kurds, and the tensions in Armenia are being exploited to create an opportunity to restructure the region in ways which will destroy Western influence in Islamic nations, and handicap NATO and its ability to defend Europe and America from communist Russia and China. At the same time, many with close ties to communist Russia are trying to drive NATO into a war with Islam and away from its mission to defend Europe and America. Losing Turkey to the Soviet Union will make this proposed war infinitely more difficult. The communists are calling for the USA to withdraw its nuclear weapons from Turkey, in the name of securing them from our NATO ally.

    Many moves are being made to drive a wedge in the alliance and hand Turkey over to Russia. Syria is at the point of this wedge, and the communists in Turkey are acting as go betweens from Turkey to Russia and Syria, so there can be no doubt that the results which ensue from these talks will benefit the communists and provide them with the intelligence they need to subvert NATO.

    Russia is again acting against the best interests of Western Civilization and the White Race, and is manufacturing enemies against us. All this is done at the behest of the jews and Israel. It is no coincidence that Erdogan extended an olive branch to Israel and Russia at the same time, because both are our enemies and want NATO to fail as it consumes itself fighting Islam for the benefit of the jews in a never ending self consuming war that benefits only zionism and communism. It is no coincidence that Putin’s ISIS staged a terrorist attack at Istanbul’s airport which benefitted Erdogan and then Ergenekon staged a coup to consolidate his power and provide a pretext for eliminating competitive voices and powers. It is no coincidence that the marxists world wide are blaming America for these acts and trying desperately to drive Turkey against the West and out of NATO into Russia and Israel’s arms.

    Lesser known are the agitations taking place in Armenia and those among the Kurds. Promises are being made that if war breaks out, the maps will be redrawn. These agitations are going to drive out foreign investment from Turkey and Armenia and strengthen Russia’s control over Armenia and Turkey. Russia is strangling Armenia economically and is deliberately making them dependant upon Russia for foreign trade and economic activity, which has been a disaster for the nation. Russia has helped to strengthen Erdogan and is driving Turkey into Israel’s arms.

    I wonder where those Syrian refugees in Turkey will ultimately go, as Israel and the jews expand into Greater Israel. This is what this map redesign is engineered to accomplish, not the expansion of Armenia, the destruction of Turkey or the creation of Kurdistan. Those are the false promises being handed out as invitations to war.

    The jews want the soviets to redraw the maps of Islam. They want them to include an iron curtain which safeguards Greater Israel and creates a boundary across which the jews can expel the Muslims. The bolsheviks moved mass populations out of their indigenous territories, slaughtering all those who most benefitted society, and will do so to the Syrians, Lebanese, Jordanians, Kurds, Iraqis and Egyptians. The desert gulags will be immense and many will perish in them.

    Turkey is being rapidly boshevized. The press is censored. The military and police have been purged. The relations with NATO are being strained. The difference in this latest Turkish coup is that it is meant to entrench the ruling party and empower its bolshevik agenda, rather than overthrow it. Those are the reasons why. Turkey is being converted into a Soviet Socialist Republic with Azerbaijan, Cyprus and Greece soon to follow.

    Then, the West will be severed from the Middle East and Israel will rule the region by proxy from Moscow and use the iron fist of bolshevism to oppress and genocide the Muslims and Middle Eastern Christians.

  2. British Agent Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Admits He Is An Ethnic Jew

  3. […] via Erdogan backs return of death penalty — Follow The Money […]

  4. TURKEY: A Regional Flashpoint and Global Trigger Point

    Inevitably, Turkey will serve as a global flashpoint for the frustration now being experienced by the Zio-Anglo-American criminal cabal. These incorrigible war criminals have only one way out of their predicament — more war. With Turkey leaving the reservation and going over to the BRICS alliance, it is Putin’s Russia that has pulled off the real coup.

    What has just occurred in Turkey is perhaps the most paradigm-busting gambit of the millennium on the ever-changing global geopolitical chessboard. However, it is not without great consequence. The outcomes, which will surely precipitate on the whole Mideast battleground, have the very real potential to transform the entire region into an Armageddon.

    The Prophetic Intersection of Russia, Turkey and Greece During the End Times

    Truly, it does not get any bigger in than the play for Turkey. The land that stretches from Istanbul to Anadağ has always functioned as a bridge from Europe to Asia, from the Balkans to the Middle East, from the West to the East. For these and many other reasons the upcoming conflict is likely to be fast and furious. The geopolitical chessboard is about to become extremely dynamic this month of August.

  5. the real reason for the coup (it was real and not staged):

  6. All the stars are coming into alignment for the Greater Israel/End times plan .. Vilna Gaon’s ‘prediction’ on Crimea and Constantinople .. Netanyahu direct descendent .. Putin .. Erdogan ..

    West On Edge As Erdogan Meets With Putin: “Turkey’s Relations With The US Are The Worst In 50 Years”

    • on the same wave simultaneously, Rev. 🙂 cheers! 🙂

    • “Vilna Gaon’s ‘prediction’ on Crimea and Constantinople .. Netanyahu direct descendent ”
      I’ve missed that…could you point me the reference, pls?

      some clairvoyances have stated that the Great WWIII would start once Syria falls…

      • Vilna Gaon: The Russian invasion of Crimea is a sign of impending redemption

        On Purim (Monday March 17th), Rabbi Moshe Shternbuch, Head of the Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem, allowed a secret to slip out. He peeled back the curtain and offered a peek into a tradition handed down from his grandfather, the Vilna Gaon, a prominent 18th-century Kabbalist:
        “Even though I am careful not to share the mysteries, I feel that this is something I am permitted to reveal..This was something Rabbi Isaac had received directly from those who heard it from the mouth of the Vilna Gaon, who said, shortly before his passing:
        “’When you hear that the Russians have invaded Crimea, you will know that the bells of Redemption have begun to ring. When you hear that the Russians have reached Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey, as it is called today), you can already don Sabbath clothes and await the appearance of Moshiach.’

        Milikowsky Family

        1. Nathan Milikowsky Netanyahu was born to Zvi in Krevo ( Vilna area)
        in 1875. a descendant of the Gaon from Vilna. He studied at the
        Volozhin Yeshiva for 8 years and then became an orator preaching about
        Zionism. He migrated (with his children who were born in Warsaw) to
        Palestine in 1920 and served as headmaster of various Hebrew high
        schools in several towns before settling in Jerusalem as an official
        of the World Zionist Organization. On his arrival in Palestine,
        Milikovsky changed the family name to Netanyahu (“Lord has given”). He
        was from the beginning a supporter of right-wing views in the Zionist
        movement, a tendency which deepened in the next generations of his
        closely knit family. He passed away in 1935.
        Benjamin Netanyahu
        Prime Minister of Israel. Born 1949 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Grandson of
        Nathan MILEIKOWSKY/ Milikowsky from Krevo, who changed his name to
        Netanyahu when he arrived in Tel Aviv in 1930.

      • Cheers Maria .. This article makes clear the significance of the Vilna Gaon according to the ‘prophetic’ script …

        Israel-Turkey Reconciliation Based in Bible, Carries Messianic Message

        Israel recently signed a controversial reconciliation deal with Turkey after six years of disharmony between the nations. While the recent deal can be attributed to a number of modern political considerations, an alliance between Israel and Turkey can clearly be understood to be bolstered by its Biblical roots. More importantly, it has prophetic implications that will help bring the Messiah.

        The agreement, signed in June, will ally Turkey in Israel’s fight against mutual terrorist enemies, such as the Islamic State (ISIS). Additionally, Turkey will stop blocking Israeli interests in international organizations such as NATO and the UN.

        Israel, on the other hand, will permit Turkey to transfer humanitarian and material aid to the Gaza Strip, ruled by Hamas, through Israel’s Ashdod harbor. Israel will also transfer $21 million to a Turkish fund as restitution payment to the families of ten Turkish nationals killed in the 2009 Turkish flotilla to Gaza led by the MV Mava Marmara, a decision that has been much vilified in the political arena.

        Though the modern Republic of Turkey, established in 1923, is not mentioned in the Bible, that area of the Middle East is integrally connected to the very roots of Judaism. Mount Ararat in Turkey is the site where the Bible records Noah’s ark came to rest.

        And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat. Genesis 8:4

        Turkey is the source of the Jewish people. Though Abraham’s birthplace is a matter of some controversy, with several locations claimed as the actual site, the Turkish city of Sanliurfa is accepted as the Biblical city of Haran where Abraham lived until his father Terah died.

        And Terah took Avram his son, and Lot the son of Haran, his son’s son, and Sarai his daughter-in-law, his son Avram’s wife; and they went forth with them from Ur of the Chaldees, to go into the land of Canaan; and they came unto Haran, and dwelt there. Genesis 11:31

        After leaving Haran and arriving in Israel, the connection remained strong via the matriarchs, who all came from Haran. The forefathers had a complicated love-hate relationship with their relatives in Haran. Abraham orders his servant to bring back a bride from Haran, but admonishes him that under no circumstances should Isaac go there.

        The precedent for a pact with Turkey was set by Jacob and Laban. Jacob fled to Padan Aram, a region now identified as the border between Syria and Turkey. When he and Laban parted ways, they made a covenant ensuring they remain allies, while at the same time requiring firm borders between them.

        Hashem watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another…I will not pass over this heap to thee, and that thou shalt not pass over this heap and this pillar unto me, for harm. Genesis 31:49-52

        This Biblical connection between the two nations continued in the prophets. Japheth, the son of Noah, was the father of Meshech (Genesis 10:2), a nation Josephus identified as occupying an area identified now as modern Turkey. Meshech is named in Ezekiel as one of the principalities of Gog.

        Thus saith the Lord GOD: Behold I am against thee O Gog chief prince of Meshech and Tubal; Ezekiel 38:3

        Assyria plays a large role in the Bible and Assyrians still live in Turkey today as a Christian minority. Isaiah’s messianic prophecy predicts a blessed alliance between Israel, Egypt, and Assyria.

        In that day shall Yisrael be the third with Mitzrayim and with Ashur, a blessing in the midst of the earth. Isaiah 19:24

        Breaking Israel News spoke to Dr. Efrat Aviv, a specialist in Turkey for the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. When asked if it was relevant to consider the Biblical basis when relating to Turkey in modern diplomacy, surprisingly, she affirmed that it was.

        “In the Bible, in the days of King David and Solomon, we read about Israel conquering areas that are now Turkey. When I visit Turkey, it amazes me that the average Turkish citizen still suspects Israel wants to retake this Biblical territory.”

        Though Turkey may not be the nation of Gog that initiates the war that ushers in the Messianic era, there are sources that identify it as playing an important role in that process. In December, Rabbi Moshe Sternbuch, the Vice-President of the Rabbinical Court, related the arrival of the Messiah to the conflict between Turkey and Russia.

        “We have received a direct teaching, passed down from one to another, from the Gaon of Vilna, (the foremost Torah scholar of the 18th century) that when Russia goes and conquers Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, it is time to quickly put on your Shabbat clothes and expect the Messiah,” the rabbi said.

        The Kloisenberger Rebbe, a 20th century Hasidic rabbi, also predicted the role of Turkey’s conflict with Russia as part of the Messianic process. He wrote, “When you see the Russian horse in Constantinople, a city in Turkey, you should know Moshiach (Messiah) is about to arrive.”

        Dr. Aviv accepted the prophecy. “There may very well be basis for this prophecy. The situation we have today, where a total war can break out at any moment between Russia and Turkey, no one could have anticipated this. As an academic, I am very interested in the situation the prophecy describes. As a religious Jew, this reinforces my belief in prophecy.”


        • thanks, Rev, very interesting.
          It must be pointed out, however, that when this Vilna Gaon lived that conflicts between Russia and the Ottoman empire were very common and a major war between the 2 countries was in the air by the time he died (1797)…so the context he lived could have inspired him to make the prophecy you cited…just saying…

          then, there is something that strikes me about that rabbi:
          it seems that he was against the Hassidic movement (the one from which the Chabad sect proceeds, among others) just springing out by the time he was active

          he was for secular hebrew education
          while at the same time he was being painted like this:

          my question is: what’s the real value/function of that cube on the forefront??

          • I agree with you Maria, it is not really prophecy but history .. just as all biblical prophecy regarding the End Times is actually history reverse engineered as it unfolds in our generation .. Matt 24 is a perfect example .. the disciples asked Jesus, “Tell us, when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?” He spoke of the ‘abomination of desolation’ the appearance of the anti-Christ in the Temple and the destruction of the Temple .. but the key to understanding these prophecies is ‘this generation’ .. 34 “Truly I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place.” The anti-Christ in ‘this generation’ was Nero whose statue placed in the Temple was the ‘abomination of desolation’ the Temple was destroyed when the Romans surrounded it in 70 AD ending that ‘generation’.
            The disciples concern was for their own generation, what sense would it make to tell them about our generation?

            All the End Time prophecies have been reverse engineered by the Scofield Study Bible scripted by the Sabbateans and I would not be surprised if Vilna Gaon was a descendent of Sabbatai Zevi along with Milikowsky.

          • “what’s the real value/function of that cube on the forefront??”

            None .. its nothing more than a ritual for jews who love the outward appearance of doing right, the little box contains a scroll the head and arms are bound symbolizing not merely thinking about God’s commandments but actually practicing them, which of course they don’t.

  7. meeting with Putin today:

    “Erdogan “understands that the West is dependent on him, and it cannot fight back. America needs NATO bases in Turkey and its membership in the alliance,” she wrote in a commentary on her Facebook page. “Europe is even more dependent, for it is Erdogan who has built a wall that will save the Europeans from millions of refugees.”

    “If he wants to open the border, then what will Europe do?”

  8. The Facts Behind the
    Overthrow of the Ottoman Sultaanate

    Ancient & Modern


    How the East was lost
    From Sir Gerard Lowther to Sir Charles Harding
    (Private and Confidential)
    May 29, 1910

    “Dear Charles,

    Gorst’s telegram of the 23rd April about the rumored appointment of Mohamed Farid as delegate in Egypt of the Constantinople Freemasons, “said to be intimately connected with the committee of Union and Progress”, prompts me to write to you at some length on the strain of continental Freemasonry running through the Young Turk movement.

    I do so privately and confidentially, as this new Freemasonry in Turkey, unlike that of England and America, is in great part secret and political, and information on the subject is only available in strict confidence, while those who betray its political secrets seem to stand in fear of the hand of the Mafia. Some days ago a local Mason who divulged the signs of the craft was actually threatened with being sent before a court-martial, sitting in virtue of our state of siege.

    As you are aware, the Young Turkey movement in Paris was quite separate from and in great part in ignorance of the inner workings of that in Salonica. The latter has a population of about 140,000, of whom 80,000 are Spanish Jews, and 20,000 of the sect of Sabetai Levi (zevi) or Crypto-Jews, who externally profess Islamism. Many of the former have in the past acquired Italian Nationality and are Freemasons affiliated to Italian Lodges. Nathan, the Jewish Lord Mayor of Rome, is high up in Masonry, and the Jewish Premiers Luzzati and Sonnino, and other Jewish senators and deputies, are also, it appears, Masons. They claim to have been founded from and to follow the ritual of the “Ancient Scottish.”

    …The inspiration of the movement in Salonica would seem to have been mainly Jewish [Atatürk also came from Salonica], while the words “Liberté,” “Equalité”, and “Fraternité”, the motto of the young Turks, are also the device of Italian Freemasons… Shortly after the revolution in July 1908, when the Committee established itself in Constantinople, it soon became known that many of its leading members were Freemasons… it was noticed that Jews of all colours, native and foreign, were enthusiastic supporters of the new dispensation, till, as a Turk expressed it, every Hebrew became a potential spy of the occult (Balkan) Committee, and people began to remark that the movement was rather a Jewish than Turkish Revolution…” …… continue at link ..

    The above extracts, are from official documents, one from Sir Gerard Lowther of the British Embassy in Constantinople, the other, from an official Masonic publication. Both confirm that the City of Constantinople fell to an army of between 70,000 and 80,000 occult Masonic Jews and 20,000 crypto-Muslim Jews, without a shot being fired.

    Furthermore these events were clearly foretold by the Prophet Muhammad 1300 years beforehand, who also warned of The Great War within 6 years of its occurence, with the emergence of the Anti- Christ one year later.

    In Sahih Muslim, Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet Muhammad inquired: Have you heard of a city, of which part is in the sea? Yes, they said [understanding him to mean Constantinople]. He said: “ The Last Hour shall not occur until 70,000 of the children of Isaac shall attack it. When they will come to it they will land down, but they will not fight with arms, nor shower it with arrows. They will only say: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest’, and one of its sides will fall. They will recite it for the second time: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Allah is The Greatest’, and another side of the city will fall. Afterwards they will recite for a third time: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Allah is the Greatest’, and then it will be opened to them, and they will enter it and acquire booty. While they will be dividing the spoils, a proclaimer will come to them and say: Verily Dajjal/Anti-Christ has come out. Then they will leave everything and return.”

    In Mishkat al-Masabih another Hadith is quoted with the following addition: “Within six years look to ‘The Great War’. Then after one more year the emergence of the Dajjal (or Anti-Christ) and Revolution which would enter every Arab House, followed by mutual hostility between the Arabs.”

    Within six years of the ‘Young Turk’ revolution of 1908 and the fall of Constantinople to the 70,000 Jews as prophecied, the Great War began on schedule. By November 1st 1914, Britain had declared war on Turkey – within the time frame specified by The Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him. Other significant events resulting from the fall of the Islamic Caliphate and the rise of the Jewish Caliphate are as follows:-

    On January 5th 1915 the Turkish army was defeated in the Caucasus. On August 29th Italy declared war on Turkey. On December 13th French and British troops occupied Salonika. The Arab Uprising in 1916, the Balfour declaration in 1917, and the Bolshevik revolutions in the same year, brought with them terror on a massive scale. Following the fall of Jerusalem on December 9th 1917, came the destruction of the Turkish army at Megido (Armageddon) on September 19th 1918, culminating in the ‘Peace to end all peace’- conferences on January 18th 1919, and here again we see the same well-tried conspiracies at work….. continue at link ..

  10. Seek you will like this ..

    Dajjals , Donmehs and Extra – Terrestrials

    • that is an interesting site..many good links as well..

      The warnings of prophet Muhammad link the fall of Constantinople with the coming out of Dajjal after the Great War, and it is clear that Theodor Herzl’s scheming with the Young Turks and machinations against the Sultan, culminating ultimately in the realisation of his dream, the State of Israel in the land of Palestine, is inseparably linked with those processes preparing the ground for the Antichrist. The Jews, rejecting Jesus as the Messiah, still await their Messiah, and only recently the word has gone round in Jewish communities again that his coming is near. We can be almost sure that what they are awaiting is the false Messiah we have been warned of. As they have been looking out for their ‘saviour’ for quite some time, many a lesser Dajjal caught their attention since the days of the prophet, and one of those relates closely to Salonika and Turkey. The strange story surrounding his cult which will be related in the following can also serve as a reminder how easily Islam gets embroiled and mixed up in murky waters, raising question marks over exclusively Jewish Sufi groups in Britain today, or the involvement of Sufi orientated “Muslims” in occult “geophysical” societies in East London.

      • a while back i was informed of turkey having trained zi0-bots jet fighter pilots in Istanbul. this was way before -Syria. Then I was told of PU–TIN being controlled opposition and NEVER had Ru–ssia uttered a single word towards the -Zi0-s actions in -Pale-stine-

        i dug a little deeper and found it all to be oil related with a pipeline intended for zi0-land..a race at the it was portrayed by MS-m

        recently i found an article where it showed -put-in and -erd-0-gan have found neutral ground..this all relates to the -zi0-agenda…so as we see the people of turkey enjoy selling their souls to the zi0-b0ts and -PU-tin- in amongst them i question -Pu-tins involvement and await ‘still’ his thoughts on what the zi-0-j00ws relations are with russ-ia are and whether -Put-in- is for or against the -Zi-0 agenda..for ethnic cleansing in the land of Pale-stine

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