Juncker: “Borders are the worst invention ever”



Under-fire EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker risked widening divisions with European leaders today by saying borders were the ‘worst invention ever’.

He called for all borders across Europe to be opened, despite the chaos caused over the last year from the flood in refugees fleeing Syria and the wave of terror attacks hitting various continent’s cities.

The remarkable comments will further undermine Mr Juncker’s precarious position as European Commission President.

He has faced repeated calls to quit after his failure to keep Britain in the EU and the refugee and Greek debt crises.

Today he accepted the Commission ‘deserves criticism’ but insisted national government’s ‘have to share the blame’.

Speaking at the Alpbach Media Academy this morning, Mr Juncker said: ‘Borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.’

The contentious remarks from the Brussels chief are the polar opposite of moves by elected leaders of EU member states who have tighten their borders over recent months after more than a million entered the bloc from Syria in less than a year.

Mr Juncker also said a stronger EU was the best way of beating the rising trend of nationalism cross Europe.

In another extraordinary remark, he appeared to warn of war on the continent if the EU disintegrates as he echoed the warning from the former French president Francois Mitterrand, who said nationalism added to nationalism would end in war.

‘This is still true so we have to fight against nationalism,’ Mr Juncker said.


this guy is a classic globalist shill..

“He called for all borders across Europe to be opened, despite the chaos caused over the last year from the flood in refugees fleeing Syria and the wave of terror attacks hitting various continent’s cities.”

he hates all countries..

“This is still true so we have to fight against nationalism,’ Mr Juncker said.”


~ by seeker401 on August 29, 2016.

9 Responses to “Juncker: “Borders are the worst invention ever””

  1. Without borders, you have no homelands. Without homelands, people have no control over national governments, as there will be no nations. And I guarantee that any “one world government” will be through the UN, unelected, and puppets of the oligarchs…a return to feudalism, and this time on a global scale.
    This is the real goal of globalism & this “NWO”…to strip the masses of any power they may have to control their laws & lives, and place them under the boots of an oligarchy, that will have absolute control over them.
    I hope everyone realizes that whatever takes the place of national sovereignty, the common man will NOT be voting for or against it, you will have no say at all.

    • I hope everyone realizes that whatever takes the place of national sovereignty, the common man will NOT be voting for or against it, you will have no say at all.

  2. Yes, I agree, “borders are the worst inventions ever”. Who invented them? All the so called “countries” are corporations, working for profit. All the lines on the map are created by a tini elite, who’s head quarters is in the State of the City of London. One square mile, in the middle of London, which is not part of Great Britain and only few know about. The whole game started in 1694, when the Bank of England was created. From that time on the Crown Corporation in collusion with the B.A.R. Association created a diabolic plan to take over the Earth. “Divide and Rule” is the main philosophy of this people. How is it possible that very few are talking about this satanic sect of magistrates and advocates who have brainwashed the whole world that legality is reality. Noting further than that. The legal world needs our participation and our authority. We give our power to them the moment we use a legal name or show ID. Here is the solution: RESEARCH LEGAL NAME FRAUD!

    • If you agree with his statement, then I guess you have no problem with the borders of Palestine being wiped out by Jewgle…er, “Google”…and being presented as simply Israeli territory?

      • There is nothing like Israel and Palestine in Reality. This are all Legal Fictions created to divide living beings. Legality has been invented to make killing, stealing raping and so on legal…. When we speak about borders I talk about the imaginary lines on a map, which has all to do with commerce and War is a good business.

  3. Obama Admits 10,000 Syrian Refugees: This Is Where They Are Headed

    Today, I am pleased to announce that we will meet this goal more than a month ahead of schedule. Our 10,000th Syrian refugee will arrive this afternoon. On behalf of the President and his Administration, I extend the warmest of welcomes to each and every one of our Syrian arrivals, as well as the many other refugees resettled this year from all over the world. We will admit at least 85,000 refugees in total this year, including vulnerable individuals and families from Burma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, El Salvador, Iraq, Somalia, Ukraine, and many other countries….

    However, as Breitbart noted overnight, there is a possibility that thousands of the Syrian refugees may end up doing something else entirely: noting that in a previously little-noticed video from February at the Clinton Global Initiative, former President Bill Clinton suggested that the U.S. use Syrian refugees to rebuild Detroit. Since the decision what to do with the Syrian refugees will ultimately be made by America’s next president, who may well be Hillary Clinton, this is significant.

    “The truth is that the big loser in this over the long run is going to be Syria. This is an enormous opportunity for Americans,” Bill Clinton said about the Syrian migrant crisis.

    Detroit has 10,000 empty, structurally sound houses—10,000. And lot of jobs to be had repairing those houses. Detroit just came out of bankruptcy and the mayor’s trying to do an innovative sort of urban homesteading program there. But it just gives you an example of what could be done. And I think any of us who have ever had any personal experience with either Syrian Americans or Syrian refugees think it’s a pretty good deal.

    As Julia Hahn notes, it is unclear from the video why Clinton seems to think it would be better to fill these Detroit jobs with imported foreign migrants rather than unemployed Americans already living there, who could perhaps benefit from good-paying jobs.

    We may soon find out: Hillary Clinton has called for a 550 percent expansion to the importation of Syrian refugees. Based on the minimum figures she has put forth thus far, a President Hillary Clinton could potentially import a population of refugees (620,000) that nearly equals the population of Detroit (677,116).

    Here a quick note: in the US, 91.4% of recent refugees from the Middle East are on food stamps, and 68.3% are on cash welfare, according to data from the Office of Refugee Resettlement in the Department of Health and Human Services.


  4. In 2004 Metro Detroit had one of the largest settlements of Middle Eastern people, including Arabs and Assyrians/Chaldeans, in the United States.
    As of 2007 about 300,000 people in Southeastern Michigan traced their descent from the Middle East.

    Dearborn’s sizeable Arab community consists largely of Lebanese and many Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac who immigrated for jobs in the auto industry in the 1920s, and of more recent Yemenis and Iraqis.In 2010 four Metro Detroit counties had at least 200,000 people of Middle Eastern origin. Bobby Ghosh of TIME said that some estimates gave much larger numbers.

    From 1990 to 2000 the percentage of people speaking Arabic in the home increased by 90% in the Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties region, with a 106% increase in Wayne County, a 99.5% increase in Macomb County, and a 41% increase in Oakland County.

    From 1990 to 2000 Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties had an increase of 16,632 people who were born in Iraq. The publication “Arab, Chaldean, and Middle Eastern Children and Families in the Tri-County Area” of the From a Child’s Perspective: Detroit Metropolitan Census 2000 Fact Sheets Series states that “Arab and Chaldean representation cannot be determined” in that figure. During the same period there was an increase of 7,229 people born in Lebanon. The Iraqi community in Metro Detroit supported the 2003 invasion of Iraq


    So it seems to be by design…..so who profits? Michigan has big water problems currently, so are these Middle Eastern people experts in the design of water filtration, pipe laying etc? Obviously they will work for far less than Western people who are continuously picking up the tab for these jackasses who think they are ‘elite’.

    Considering the Syrian location so close to Israel, who ‘claims’ to be experts at Water Technology, although I hardly believe it was the zionist jews who made the desert bloom, I think perhaps the working class people of Syria, Lebanon and other countries nearby, are the real experts and WORKERS who made that desert bloom.

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