Steven Seagal visits the Belarusian president

During a visit to Belarus by Steven Seagal, President Alexander Lukashenko gave the Hollywood action hero a carrot and two watermelons as a welcoming gift, among a few other items.

Seagal was invited to Lukashenko’s country home in Ozerny, north of Minsk, on Thursday and obviously feeling a little peckish, made short work of a freshly peeled carrot Lukashenko handed to him.

“Here you are: eat it for your health, it’s very good for you,” said Lukashenko.

Seagal also raised a few chuckles after being gifted with two watermelons, which he proceeded to hold in front of his chest.

This was the first time Seagal met Lukashenko, but according to presidential spokeswoman Natalya Eismont, Seagal “had long wanted to meet Lukashenko.”

Following the exchanging of gifts, Seagal attended a meal with his new presidential confidant.

Lukashenko, who won his fifth term as president in October 2015, may have been thankful the visit went so smoothly and he didn’t find himself “Under Siege” from Seagal’s famous martial arts moves.
It is understood Seagal was visiting Belarus to meet with Wargaming, the developers behind the popular World of Tanks video game.


ho ho ho..but its possibly more than that..why would he want to go and see lukashenko..why would rodman go and visit the north korean leader?..are these actors/media stars actually being used as postal envoys for other information?


~ by seeker401 on August 29, 2016.

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