Chinese embassy bombed in Kyrgyzstan blast


A van driven by a suicide bomber exploded after ramming through a gate at the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday, injuring three people, authorities said.

“As a result of the explosion, only the suicide bomber terrorist died. Security guards were injured,” Kyrgyzstan’s deputy prime minister Jenish Razakov told journalists at the scene.

Razakov said the three wounded were all Kyrgyz employees of the embassy and that they have been hospitalized. Local medics said their injuries were not serious.

Impoverished majority-Muslim Kyrgyzstan — which borders western China — has a history of political instability and battling Islamist extremism.

Authorities say the country faces the threat of attacks from Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) jihadists after some 500 Kyrgyz left to fight for the group in Iraq and Syria.

Chinese officials have previously been targeted in attacks linked to radicals from China’s mainly Muslim Uighur minority, which lives just across the border in the restive western Xinjiang province.

Law enforcement sources told AFP that a Mitsubishi Delica van smashed through a gate at the embassy on Tuesday morning before exploding in the center of the compound close to the ambassador’s residence.

A police source confirmed to AFP that the vehicle was driven by a suicide bomber and described the incident as a “terrorist attack”.

China’s foreign ministry condemned the attack as an “extreme and violent act” but refused to classify it as terrorism.

“We asked the Kyrgyz side to get to the bottom of this incident and hold whoever is behind this accountable,” spokeswoman Hua Chunying told journalists.


keep an eye on this one..small things grow into big things..note they selected the chinese embassy..connections to xinjiang?


~ by seeker401 on September 1, 2016.

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  2. gosh, who would ever do such a thing!!?!

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