Bill Clinton compares himself and The Clinton Foundation to Robin Hood..*pukes


While speaking at campaign rally for Hillary Clinton in Cincinnati, Ohio Monday, the former president said he thought attacks from conservatives on the Clinton Foundation were “funny.”

“They even went after my foundation last week,” Clinton told the crowd at the AFL-CIO picnic. “Now that was really funny. I was sort of Robin Hood, except I didn’t rob anybody.”

“I just asked people with money to give it to people who didn’t have money.”

Jason Miller —  Donald Trump’s senior communications adviser — told The Hill there was “nothing funny about the growing evidence of corruption and conflicts of interest between the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.”

“The fact that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be compromised by tens of millions of dollars in foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation is no laughing matter either – it is downright terrifying,” Miller said.

A new batch of emails, released last month by Judicial Watch, revealed that Hillary Clinton had a cozy relationship with head executives at the Clinton Foundation while she was secretary of state.

Chelsea Clinton will reportedly stay on board at the Clinton Foundation if her mother becomes president, but Bill Clinton has said he will resign from the board if she wins, along with stopping foreign or corporate donations.


oh bill..your really losing it eh?

“I just asked people with money to give it to people who didn’t have money.”

hahahahahahaha..haha..ahhh.. *sigh


~ by seeker401 on September 9, 2016.

10 Responses to “Bill Clinton compares himself and The Clinton Foundation to Robin Hood..*pukes”

  1. Well, he got the robbin’ part right, and they ARE all a bunch of hoods…

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  3. Bill Clinton: It’s ‘natural’ for foundation donors to seek favors


  4. I find Alex Jones flummoxing nevertheless this expose he did on this young man that since the age of eight was told Bill Clinton was his father the most shattering allegation that has surfaced or resurfaced fom the ken starr investigation.

    This totally depicts the true nature of his alleged father and deadbeat dad, Bill Clinton. The voidness of clintons soul, the heartlessness, to abandon his flesh and blood leaving him ln dire poverty is so telling. Even IF
    It was untrue any decent man would have reached out somehow to even say ” son, you are mistaken” with no pun intended. Instead they/he chose to reject him outright fsar well knowing it may be true.

    Never mind a last trimester abortion these monsters aborted this eight year old child. The resemblance is star to me in photographs however live this young mans beautiful heart and sincere face blurs their similarities.

      • awkward!

      • DNA-test….

        “Roger Altman, who in 1999 OWNED The Star Tabloid, – the media that published that the supposed DNA-test was negative – has been friends with Bill Clinton since his college days at Georgetown.

        Altman was later in the Clinton Administration and he is a $250,000 donor in 2015 to Priorities USA, a pro Hillary Clinton PAC. The Star article was a complete Clinton fabrication placed in the tabloid of a Clinton BFF (best friend forever). Idiots like Howard Kurtz of the Wash Post took this garbage at face value and then TIME magazine also reprinted the disinformation. Then AIM put up this absolutely disagraceful article about a phony DNA story planted by the Clintons. The reason the story was planted in the first place was because NewsMax in late 1998 had run several articles about Bill Clinton being the father of Danney Williams, so in early 1999 The Star responded with the disinfo article.

        Chris Ruddy, the owner of NewsMax, is in 2016 a close friend of the Clintons and a closet Hillary Clinton supporter. He scrubbed his web site of all those 1998 NewsMax stories on Danney Williams and Bill Clinton.” , the comments section

        • Unbelievable, may they all roast in hell. I pray Oliver Stone makes a movie with the above script Maria has posted. That criminal enterprise conspired to defraud and to deceive not only the public with such propoganda but Danny Williams. He has been dauntless in search of bis birth rite.

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