Taliban storm into southern Afghan city



The Taliban stormed into Tarin Kot Thursday, triggering heavy fighting around government buildings as panicked residents scrambled to flee the capital of southern Uruzgan province, the latest city to be targeted by insurgents.

Hundreds of militants battled to overrun the local prison, police headquarters and the governor’s compound after breaching the city, but hours later Afghan forces bolstered by reinforcements and air support repelled them from Tarin Kot, officials said.

The attack highlights the once rural insurgency’s aggressive push to capture big cities, from Kunduz in the north to Lashkar Gah in the south, leaving Afghan forces fighting without full NATO support thinly stretched across multiple fronts.

The Taliban onslaught in Tarin Kot prompted senior officials to retreat to the airport, home to a military base on the outer fringes of the city, which has been besieged by the Taliban for months.

Tarin Kot’s normally bustling streets were deserted and shops closed as civilians sought to escape from the city.

Sabir Menawal, a Tarin Kot resident, said Taliban fighters entered his house near the police headquarters and took up positions inside to fire at government buildings.

“The Taliban instructed us to leave the area immediately,” Menawal told AFP. “I fled with my family to a safer area of Tarin Kot, but we fear fighting could spread to this area too.”

In a sobering admission, Uruzgan’s police chief Wais Samim said many of the city’s outer defences had fallen to the Taliban without a fight.

“Some policemen made deals with the Taliban and retreated from their posts. Some people here deliberately want the enemy to succeed,” he told AFP. “We will address this issue once we push back the enemy.”


they are fighting an enemy who speaks in decades not years..who have the patience of job..they wait and wait till its time and then they go in..

“In a sobering admission, Uruzgan’s police chief Wais Samim said many of the city’s outer defences had fallen to the Taliban without a fight.”


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