Juncker proposes EU military headquarters



The European Union needs a military headquarters to work towards a common military force, the Commission president has told MEPs in Strasbourg.

Jean-Claude Juncker said the lack of a “permanent structure” resulted in money being wasted on missions.

Part of his annual state of the union address was devoted to the UK’s unexpected vote to leave the EU.

He insisted that the bloc was not at risk but called for Brexit negotiations to take place as quickly as possible.

Modelled on the state of the union address by the US president, the Commission president’s annual speech was introduced in 2010 to detail the state of the EU and future legislative plans.

The Brexit vote has given added impetus to plans for greater defence co-operation, because the UK has always objected to the potential conflict of interest with Nato.

But Mr Juncker said a common military force “should be in complement to Nato”. “More defence in Europe doesn’t mean less transatlantic solidarity.”

A European Defence Fund would stimulate military research and development, he said.

All EU members have military forces; most are also members of Nato; and several have extensive experience of operations abroad, from peace-keeping to war-fighting.

The real question is how to organise these component parts to get greater security. Mr Juncker insists that the EU must have a role here.

He wants to improve EU command and control facilities and appears to be suggesting that EU civil and military aspects of a given mission should be run out of the same headquarters.

He also insists that whatever the EU does it should not detract from Nato. But defence resources are finite. His critics will say nothing should be done that duplicates existing Nato activities, as that sends a signal of disarray in Western ranks to Moscow.


really dangerous individual juncker..this is his latest thought bubble..

“He wants to improve EU command and control facilities and appears to be suggesting that EU civil and military aspects of a given mission should be run out of the same headquarters.”


~ by seeker401 on September 20, 2016.

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  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2681298/Cognac-breakfast-Daves-EU-nemesis-FAR-worse-skeletons-closet-including-Nazi-father-law-rumours-love-child.html

    • Chinese style:

      “Luxembourg’s renovated international airport, which came in millions over budget — not least because the Juncker administration decided it needed a new train terminal. The one hitch? The terminal is utterly useless because it still hasn’t been connected to the main rail network, years after the rest of the work was completed.

      “…creating his grand vision: a futuristic new city. Today, almost a decade after work began, many of the shops, offices and flats remain empty, new roads and bridges lead nowhere, and completion is still a distant dream.

      “Tracing the rise of this arch-federalist, who passionately believes in the expansion of the EU and the transfer of powers away from national governments, one must at least admire the way he has shinned up the greasiest pole in politics.”

      Thankfully there is justice for Juncker, for he does not know either (1) he pays for his sin eternally punished, or (2) trusts Christ took the eternal punishment for sin and guilt. Without trusting Christ and His accomplished work of redemption, then Juncker, and others like him who do not believe in Christ, will eternally bear the punishment for their sin. God is holy and righteous, and believers are comforted by His just judgement upon the unrighteous, Praise Him!

      • God Bless you Wildy
        btw is many sites here too that are complete build with yoga studios-Cali-brickOven-Rest- & all that always near a body of -Fresh -water
        some with empty rails empty mansions are here for long time
        wonder same with-Ghost-China-cities ( we remember comment this on blog bfore) & now LUX https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luxembourg_Airport nice-cargo-HUBS eh?

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