Angelina Jolie and elite rituals


watch this video..its come to light after the break up of “brangelina”..she is dumping on him via the this part of brads dump on her?

looks to be legitimate..



~ by seeker401 on September 29, 2016.

4 Responses to “Angelina Jolie and elite rituals”

  1. no doubt, as much of holly wood (look that up- witchcraft ritual wood!) is under the power of the devil as evidenced in their movies and mockery of Jesus (the ONLy true God) and exaltation of every wicked evil thing imaginable! I dont have a TV…its a cess pool.

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  3. It’s from a video that was posted back in 2011, and was filmed in 1999. She was young back then, and was regularly getting high on drugs.

    She’s high on something here and is mumbling a lot of gibberish. Maybe she’s involved in black magick – probably. But I can’t take anything she says here seriously because she is tripping serious balls.

    Remember her in the Beowulf movie? Actually a pretty good movie, aside from the parts where they deviated from the legend to expand Jolie’s role. In the legend, Beowulf triumphs over the witch. But in the movie, Jolie’s witch triumphs. Why the change?

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