Priests, martyrs and a mystic nun proclaimed new Catholic saints


Pope Francis declared two martyrs, four priests and a mystic nun saints of the Catholic church on Sunday, saying they all had a “generous and steadfast heart”.

Tapestry portraits of the seven saints, hung from the facade of St Peter’s Basilica, rippled in the breeze above the main square at the Vatican where Francis led the ceremony.

Assembled pilgrims applauded as he read out the names of the new saints, defined by the church as having been so holy in life they are now in Heaven and can intercede with God to perform miracles – two of which are needed to declare sainthood.

President Mauricio Macri of the pope’s native Argentina attended the ceremony, during which Francis elevated Argentine pastoral priest Jose Gabriel del Rosario Brochero.

Brochero, who rode a mule around a vast region of Cordoba province, preaching and building schools, churches and streets, “smelt of sheep”, the Vatican said, referring to Francis’s call for priests to behave like shepherds.

He contracted leprosy while visiting the sick, and the disease eventually killed him in 1914.

Two martyrs were also added to the Church’s more than 10,000-strong roster of saints. Jose Sanchez del Rio was tortured and shot dead in 1928, at the age of 14, while opposing the anti-Catholic regime in his native Mexico.

The second, Salomone Leclerq, belonged to a religious order in France, where he was killed during the revolution in 1792.

French mystic nun Elizabeth Catez, known as Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity, died in 1906 at the age of 26 from a rare adrenal gland disorder for which there was then no cure.

Spanish bishop Manuel Gonzalez Garcia, who became known as the “Bishop of the Tabernacle” after a mystical experience in a church near Seville, was also elevated, along with Italians Father Lodovico Pavoni and Alfonso Maria Fusco, who founded religious congregations and worked with the poor in the 19th century.


francis is the man eh?

“French mystic nun Elizabeth Catez, known as Sister Elizabeth of the Trinity, died in 1906 at the age of 26 from a rare adrenal gland disorder for which there was then no cure.”

so what did she do to be sainted?


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  2. The Frank Rabbi of Athlone and his Daughter Anne

    In 1760 over 60,000 religious Jews converted en masse to the Catholic Faith under the influence of their Tzadik or Moranu Jacob Leib Frank. After Jacob Frank’s arrest and imprisonment later in 1760 many of his relatives and followers moved to other countries and a large group moved into the British Isles and Ireland. They took Anglicised or Irishified names and blended with the local communities. They often connected with older crypto-Jewish families and introduced them to the Frankist teachings. Outwardly they observed Catholicism or Anglicanism with their neighbours while meeting in secret and keeping in secret many aspects of their mystical Jewish traditions.

    The first generations of Frankists were encouraged to become farmers, soldiers, priests and religious nuns or monks. Those who married were encouraged to marry other Frankists or crypto Jews if possible. Some of the men were trained in secret as crypto-Jewish or Frankist Rabbis. Some of these men were sent as teenagers to Amsterdam and others places where they rejoined the Jewish community in order to study as a Rabbi and then to return to their communities to marry and continue their crypto-Jewish ministry. These crypto Rabbis usually had another profession such as a tailor, shoemaker, farmer or publican in order to support themselves and as a cover for their ministry.

  3. The Seven Daughters of Jacob Frank
    Update on the seven daughters of Jacob Frank

    Theodore’s daughter Katherine Scott Forbes was reared from the age of 8 by her uncle Alexander and aunt Annabella Forbes at Boyndlie. She was an ancestress of Princess Diana.

  4. Sabbatean Frankist Edomites ..

    Frankists and the Catholic Church

    The Frankist Archbishop Daniel Murray (Murzynski) of Dublin

    The Frankist Archbishop Daniel Murphy (Morpurgo) of Hobart

  5. Saints?

    Contrary to what you’ve been intentionally & fraudulently lead to believe, the Crown does not represent the government of Canada, nor the illegitimate German (Saxe-Cobourg & Gotha) Catholic (married Roman Catholic Hitler Youth schooled Philip Battenberg) Queen of England, Canada and the Commonwealth.. The Crown represents the “corporate entity” of the Pope; self-proclaimed king of kings. For all intents and purposes, the Crown represents the Vatican Mafia and its “criminal” activities in Canada, the UK and the illegally established 1871 Crown Corporation UNITED STATES (10 square miles District of Columbia)…

    The exact date on which the Catholic Church Pope assumed control of Canada, the USA and the UK was Jan 1, 1855. That is the day Pope Pius IX unlawfully seized control of Bank of England by converting the Bank of England into a Vatican Mafia Crown Corporation called the “City of London Corporation”. Before Jan 1, 1855 the reigning Anglo-Saxon “Protestant” monarchy owned and controlled the Bank of England.
    From Jan 1, 1855 to present day the Catholic Church Pope has unlawfully taken over and assumed control over the “Protestant” UK monarchy, the UK, Canada and the United States of America through the illicit monetary theft and taxation via the Pope’s Crown Corporation (Vatican Mafia) City of London Corporation.
    “He who controls the money supply of a nation controls the nation.” – James A. Garfield
    Since Jan 1, 1855, the Catholic Church Pope (the Crown) has unlawfully assumed control the UK, Canada and the United States of America governments and judiciary system (all judges, persecution and defense lawyers, RCMP in Canada) by controlling the Bank of England (Crown Corporation “City of London Corporation”) under false pretense, false representation and color of law/right.Short URL:

    • RCC inc..the “one”..the rest are paupers next to this behemoth..and they hide it oh so very well..


      #BlackPope now the #WhitePope as well..

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    2017 – the magi’s Big Event??

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