A story about ducks



keep the vids coming..a fantastic expose..completely ignored by the mainstream..

anyone in the usa seen one of these ducks?


~ by seeker401 on October 25, 2016.

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  2. great video here..watson owns them..

    • Rigging the Election or Rigging the alternate media ??

      ” Don’t repeat this to anybody” ..

      Project Veritas
      In its tax filings, Project Veritas states that its mission “is to train, educate, and inform others to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society.”[3] Some of the primary methods used by O’Keefe and other Project Veritas operatives, however, are disguise and deceptive editing.

      On March 16, 2016 James O’Keefe contacted the offices of Open Society Foundations — a nonprofit that promotes democratic rights internationally — under the name “Victor Kesh” and left a voicemail in which he expressed interest in collaborating for the promotion of “European values.”[4] O’Keefe botched the sting attempt when he failed to hang up the phone, discussed the sting with someone else while still recording the voicemail, and revealed his identity to Open Society Foundations by accessing his target’s Linkedin page while logged on to his own profile. O’Keefe admitted defeat several months after the sting attempt, stating in an interview with Breitbart that he was “forced to abandon an ambitious undercover investigation into billionaire left-wing financier George Soros.”

      $100,000 Paid to Settle Lawsuit over Secret Recording (2013)
      In March 2013, O’Keefe agreed to pay $100,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by Juan Carlos Vera, a former employee of ACORN. The lawsuit alleged that O’Keefe and his associate filmed Vera in the San Diego ACORN offices without his consent, a violation of California law, and portrayed him untruthfully. The video was later heavily edited and published on conservative mega-blog Breitbart.com, making it appear that Vera had conspired with O’Keefe to smuggle underage girls across the Mexican border, when in fact Vera had immediately contacted the police after O’Keefe left his office.[14]


      Sting of Myself
      Amateurish spies like James O’Keefe III attempt to sway the 2016 campaign.


      • but they never discuss what is in the tape, just who is releasing it..if it was painting the gop in a bad light the new yorker would be all over it like a fly to shit..same for the email leaks..

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  4. i wish he is the REAL DEAL.. but history suggest otherwise.
    a ‘real deal’ is a dead deal just like JFK

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  6. Newton’s Third Law …

  7. Newton’s Third Law

  8. Computer seized in Weiner probe prompts FBI to take new steps in Clinton email inquiry


  9. The release of emails are a planned distraction and part of Clinton’s predetermined loss ..

    US Dollar Depreciation will begin after a Trump Win

    When will the dollar begin its inevitable depreciation? This is the question everyone has wanted answered.
    The benefits to the American economy of dollar depreciation have been thoroughly covered here, even though the mechanism which would cause such depreciation has not been fully considered or reviewed.
    The assumption has always been made that the growing demand for an alternative to the dollar, which is now being realized with the internationalization of the Chinese renminbi and the SDR, would create enough momentum to begin shifting currency valuations between China and the United States.  But given the international status of the dollar, and the need to have that depreciation look like a reaction as opposed to a purposeful strategy, a more visible mechanism would be required.

    The number one indicator of valuation is confidence. US monetary authorities would not want to be labeled as currency manipulator, which is a slur that Donald Trump has been hurling at China throughout the presidential campaign.  The only way to avoid such a situation would be to cause a global reaction which would cause a drop in dollar confidence.  This would give the US the dollar depreciation it requires without the direct blame.


  10. Jason Chaffetz
    Verified account
    FBI Dir just informed me, “The FBI has learned of the existence of emails that appear to be pertinent to the investigation.” Case reopened

    9:57 AM – 28 Oct 2016

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