Obama’s UN speech September 2016..International binding rules make USA more secure


just listen to the words..binding global laws make the usa more secure..huh?

like climate change treaties and tpp style agreements and god knows whatever else they sign up for..

this flies in the face of logic for a super power..his words expose the truth..


~ by seeker401 on October 26, 2016.

4 Responses to “Obama’s UN speech September 2016..International binding rules make USA more secure”

  1. “The future of democracy and freedom may be made secure on a planetary scale – or not at all.” – repost, Zygmunt Bauman, the liquid modernity & globlization sociology progressist guru.

    ““Having leaked from the society forcefully laid open by the pressure of globalizing forces, power and politics drift ever further in opposite directions. The problem, and the awesome task that will in all probability confront the current century as its paramount challenge, is the imperative to bring power and politics together again.
    The reunion of the separated partners inside the domicile of nation- state is perhaps the least promising of the possible responses to that challenge. On a negatively globalized planet, all the most fundamental problems – the meta-problems conditioning the tackling of all other problems – are global, and being global they admit of no local solutions; there are not, and cannot be, local solutions to globally originated and globally invigorated problems. The reunion of power and politics may be achieved, if at all, at the planetary level. ”
    “The future of democracy and freedom may be made secure on a planetary scale – or not at all.”

    “Those insecurity and uncertainty, in their turn, are born of the sense of impotence: we seem to be no longer in control, whether singly, severally or collectively. To make things worse yet, we lack the tools that could allow politics to be lifted to the level where power has already settled, and so enable us to recover and repossess control over the forces that shape our shared condition while setting the range of our options and the limits to our freedom to choose: control which has now slipped or has been torn out of our hands.
    The demon of fear won’t be exorcised until we find (or more precisely construct) such tools.”

    Lecture at the LSE, 2005, THE DEMONS OF AN OPEN SOCIETY


    …the desired solution to the engineered ad hoc problem…

  2. https://bythebloodofthelamb.wordpress.com/2016/10/21/trump-hillary-clinton-promote-nwo-at-jesuit-dinner-party/

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  4. lol.. .as if fucking americans follow rules in the first place….

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