Soros’ son builds a PAC for Jewish voters



The son of Democratic mega-donor George Soros is gearing up to play a more active role in the 2016 election with the launch of new political action committee focused on representing the views of Jewish Americans — beyond foreign policy.

Alex Soros, 29, who has steadily increased his political and philanthropic giving in recent years, has helped establish Bend the Arc PAC, the first ever national Jewish political action committee in America focused entirely on domestic issues. Bend the Arc, a non-profit, has an advocacy arm chaired by the younger Soros but has not previously had a political action committee.

Bend the Arc PAC will back progressive candidates by making direct contributions to their campaign committees. It will focus on issues such as income inequality, marriage equality, social justice and immigration reform.

“There’s an opportunity to launch something that actually speaks to what the American Jewish community cares the most about and to show the narrative of what the real American Jewish experience is,” Alex Soros said in an interview.

“The Jewish community has a lot to say based on what we, as Jews, have contributed to the country. It really reflects a lot about me personally. I’m really excited about it.”

Soros, who formed his own foundation in 2012 to promote social justice and human rights, has given $1.2 million to Democratic candidates and groups in the last three elections. Of his disclosed contributions, the biggest checks he’s cut have gone toward Friends of Democracy — a super PAC started by his half-brother Jonathan Soros, who has focused his political efforts on getting money out of politics – and to the Jewish Council for Education and Research.

Top Democratic donors are joining Soros in giving to the effort, including Marc Baum, a lawyer for Serengeti Asset Management who will chair the political action committee, Paul Egerman and Terry Winograd. Egerman serves as treasurer of the influential Democracy Alliance, a group of wealthy donors that funds liberal causes. Overall, the group hopes to raise $500,000 for the 2016 cycle but is nearly half-way to its goal in pledges even before the official launch.


bend the arc indeed..bend right over i reckon..and be prepared to be over influenced by (((2%))) of the american population..with the son of the master puppeteer in control..


~ by seeker401 on November 1, 2016.

15 Responses to “Soros’ son builds a PAC for Jewish voters”

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  2. “this machines will be humming in November”

  3. Great Post!

  4. These ‘Jews’ who beLIEve they’ve contributed so much to this country never seem to admit they’ve done it by using other people’s MONEY, IDEAS, INVENTIONS, LABOR and KNOWLEDGE.

    • Don’t worry…even as we speak, they’re in the process of altering history through the control of publishing houses, the endless stream of “docudramas,” & even video games, being coughed up by their control of the electronic media.
      Soon, your children & grandchildren will grow up believing Jews invented everything, did everything first, and are the master race…
      …but never forget how they’ve been horribly downtrodden by the evil Nazi Europeans, goy…

  5. seek. When In power Gillard gave a Hillary Clinton project $300 million dollars. A few years later, Ms Gillard is now in charge of that project.. ffs..

  6. Soros a friend of democracy ? – mob democracy , bribery democracy , voting machine democracy – lol

  7. I think I’ll start a super-PAC to promote the interests of white people…
    Just how long before I’m accused of being a “racist” or “White Supremacist” or “Nazi?”
    How many lawsuits will I have to fend off, just trying to promote the best interests of MY kind?
    How much mudslinging will I have to endure from the Jewish media machine?
    Just a few questions to ponder, questions I already know the answers to.
    None of this would matter if Whites had a country of their own…

    • starting a super PAC is extremely easy. all it takes is a 1-page form and a person with an SSN willing to be the treasurer (and thus able open a bank account for the PAC).

      if you form a European Repatriation PAC, I will contribute!!

      • If the Europeans were repatriated the Khazarians would be dancing in the streets.

      • You seem to forget…we’ve found that Europeans were in the Americas first.
        If we “repatriated” everyone in the Americas, the two continents would be entirely free of any humanity at all.

    • racistttttttt!!!!

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