The last 3 times this happened the world was gripped by financial crisis


If the S&P 500 ends the day lower today, it will mark seven straight days of declines. This ‘event’ has only occurred three other times in the last 20 years… and each coincided with a major financial crisis…

“It’s different this time”

As Bloomberg reports, the index’s longest-ever run of losses was eight days, matched at the height of the financial crisis in October 2008. The S&P 500 started falling on Monday September 29 and saw lower closes at the end of every trading day until October 10, in what was its worst week in history.

The next was a seven-day losing streak that went from July 25 2011 through to August 2, at the height of the European debt crisis and just before S&P downgraded its rating on U.S. sovereign debt.

The index next seven-day run of losses owed to spillover from the crisis in Europe, as the cost of insuring European government debt surged to a record. Stocks began their slide on November 16 2011 and didn’t move higher until November 28.

The latest tumble has been blamed on uncertainty surrounding the presidential election in the U.S. that is less than a week away.

So all eyes will be glued to 2,111.72 at today’s close to see if the trend holds. Expect a herculean VIX crush to ensure this does not happen.


keep an eye on the critical support levels on the dow and sp..they are right on or even below the target now..

history does leaves clues for us..

“So all eyes will be glued to 2,111.72 at today’s close to see if the trend holds.”

closed at 2088..


~ by seeker401 on November 4, 2016.

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  2. Stocks Almost Always Rise Before an Election. Not This Year

    • CGI and CF are a new enron..see if r~ agrees? 😉

      • I believe they are the monetary vehicle.

        But YES, they have Always been on top the radar.

      • The funny thing is most people are so focused on the emails, they have no idea that the Clinton Global Initiative and the Clinton Foundation were under investigation as well.

        If you notice, the mainstream media never talks about the GLOBAL INITIATIVE, which is in bed with the Michael Milikins of the world. Outsourcing of jobs, training, healthcare/building hospitals in foreign nations, schools, infrastructure etc. in order to make them the NEW slaves of the world.

        The treason that took place with the emails, murders, pay to play are everyday ‘governing’ it seems with MOST of the world ‘leaders/traitors’, probably because the majority of them all work for the Jesuit Vatican, INC. and their International Bankers.

    • Still might be a trap though….everything ‘they’ tell us is usually opposite. Take it for what it is I guess.. 🙂

  3. the last word from the fed was that they were considering a december rate hike.

    if hillary wins (still the most likely outcome), no rate hike.

    if trump wins, rate hike. (also, i will win about $40 from bets i’ve made in the office as the one and only person willing to bet on trump.)

    prechter says vote for the person you want least, because this president will be burdened with *the* financial crisis. the problem is that we all know hillary will try to solve problems with war.

    • this election has been like no other i have seen..the next 5 days will no doubt throw up some more unreal might collect on those bets xxx..

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  5. Lots of good comments here.
    Just thought I’d point out that all the markets, internationally, have been slowly sliding recently, and it has traditionally been the November during U.S. presidential elections that they’ve allowed corrections to occur.
    Maybe not this time, though. Not because I think the central banks have any great love for either candidate, but because I think their scared out of their minds at how deep and dark this correction would have to be to balance world credit systems with reality.
    They’ve been staving off this major correction for many years, with cheap credit & commodity manipulations, but how long can they keep it up? The entire world is in massive debt, both public & private, and the banks have oversold derivatives to the tune of about 5 times the world’s GDP. If it all lets go, no bank on the losing end of the derivatives market will be able to pay off, which means all banks & investors on the winning side won’t get paid, and the money they used all this time to pay for those derivatives will be money dumped down a rat-hole.
    Everybody loses, and loses big.

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