The siege of Raqqa is about to start



An RT Arabic crew has photographed American soldiers near the Syrian city of Raqqa, which is currently held by Islamic State terrorists. On Sunday, the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) announced the start of the operation to liberate the city.

US soldiers wearing helmets and bulletproof vests have been spotted by an RT Arabic crew near the Syrian city of Raqqa. The troopers were photographed standing near several vehicles. It is however not clear what exact units the troopers belonged to and whether they have been on any particular mission at that time.

“During my trip across northern Raqqa, to the south of the community of Ain Issa, I saw dozens of American soldiers,” RT Arabic correspondent Muhammad Hassan said.

“They have the latest weapons and vehicles, and they as well as soldiers from European countries are involved in the battles for the liberation of Raqqa together with Syrian Democratic Forces.”

Similar pictures of US troops were also made by the Reuters news agency, who said that those photographed were American military servicemen. Some were pictured on the roof of a house, with at least one seen carrying an assault rifle.

In April, US President Barack Obama announced that Washington would deploy 250 more personnel to Syria in addition to some 50 special forces personnel already in the country. The units were officially targeted with providing training and assistance to the SDF forces in their fight against IS terrorists.

Following reports of some 150 US troopers arriving in a Kurdish-controlled town of Rumeilan, a representative of the Syrian Foreign Ministry  the move “a gross violation of Syrian sovereignty” and a “blatant act of aggression.”

On November 1, the SDF announced it had launched an offensive to recapture Raqqa from Islamic State.


its on..

“US soldiers wearing helmets and bulletproof vests have been spotted by an RT Arabic crew near the Syrian city of Raqqa.”

what about the civilians?

that seems to be a problem in aleppo but wont be in raqqa?


~ by seeker401 on November 8, 2016.

7 Responses to “The siege of Raqqa is about to start”

  1. …what deal the russians stroke with the americans/erdogan?


    “More plausibly, what is going on is this: the US and the other regime-change protagonists realized that the Russian-backed anti-terror operation in Aleppo was threatening to inflict a strategic defeat.

    What the regime-changers needed to do, therefore, as a matter of urgency, was to pre-empt a successful similar offensive by the Syrian army and Russia being directed on Raqqa once Aleppo was liberated.”

  3. US not liberating Raqqa… it’s protecting jihadi proxies in Syria

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