Trump reveals who is on his economic advisory team


Donald Trump Reveals Who Is On His Economic Advisory Team

Donald Trump revealed his 13-member economic advisory team on Friday, along with an announcement that he will unveil his policy agenda “for revitalizing the American economy” at the Detroit Economic Club on Monday at noon.

“Mr. Trump’s speech will focus on empowering Americans by freeing up the necessary tools for everyone to gain economically,” the statement reads. “It will stand in stark contrast to Clinton’s same, stale big government policy prescriptions that have choked economic growth in America and led to over 40 years of wage stagnation.”

The all-male team draws heavily from Wall Street, featuring hedge fund executives like John Paulson,who made his fortune betting against the subprime market last decade, and Stephen Feinberg, co-founder of asset management firm Cerberus Capital Management.

Trump also draws heavily from the world of real estate, while also including figures like Dan DiMicco, Executive Chairman of the steel manufacturer NucorCorporation, a move which emphasizes Trump’s campaign theme of revitalizing American manufacturing. Other members include:

  • Thomas Barrack, Founder and Executive Chairman of Colony Capital,
  • Andy Beal, Founder and Chairman of Beal Bank and Beal Bank USA
  • Stephen M. Calk, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Federal Savings Bank,
  • Dan Kowalski, Deputy Staff Director of the Republican staff of the Senate Budget Committee
  • Howard M. Lorber, President and CEO of Vector Group Ltd
  • David Malpass, former Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary under President Reagan, and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.
  • Steven Mnuchin, Chairman and CEO of Dune Capital Management LP
  • Stephen Moore, economist and founder of Club for Growth
  • Peter Navarro, economist, Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine
  • Steven Roth, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Vornado Realty Trust

Despite the fact that Donald Trump has been falling in the polls this week, most surveys still show voters trusting his handling of the economy more than Hillary Clinton’s. Monday’s policy announcement therefore may prove to be the real estate magnate’s first big chance to stem Clinton’s momentum and stage a comeback in the polls.


this was before the election so things will change but i think this guy will get his predicted job:





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28 Responses to “Trump reveals who is on his economic advisory team”

  1. i am waiting to see these few things
    (that he professes he would do)

    1) banning moslems from entry
    2) build a wall on the mexican border
    3) repeal Climate-change ala Tony Abbott
    4) scale back on military ‘adventures’

    • he’s already removed #1 from his website. #2 was always ridiculous – hillary is on video being pro-wall and net migration from mexico to the US is negative.

      #3 not sure what he’s going to do. even his buddy newt gingrich is a climate hoaxer.

      #4 – keep your eyes on general flynn. if he leaves (or is forced out) from the administration, the neocons have (once again) won.

      i don’t think i’ve ever seen nathanyahu happier… even if he’s having a herpes outbreak…

  2. This guy has a good take on the ritual of casting your ballot..
    (if u want to cut the crap just move to 12:00)

  3. Trump Goes To The White House At 11am To Begin Transition Process

    (Eleven a.m. ..)


  5. Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:
    Find a comfortable ‘pace’ to cope during these end times, and remember that corporations can only afford to buy politicians and write their own laws, until a critical mass of people ‘withdraw consent’ [devotion, money, attention].

  6. a good one

  7. kek

    I got banned for reposting the Fox “news” article here on 8Chan /pol/.
    The mods must have been getting antsy about the election at the time.
    Still, this flies in the face of what they’re supposed to be all about, so it surprised me.
    The article might be a Fox source, but it specifically states their sources were undisclosed sources, so only time will tell if he really intends to stick Mnuchin in to head the Fed.
    Frankly, I wouldn’t want anyone near any government position that had anything to do with Goldman Sachs…I was hoping he’d tap Ron Paul to head the Fed…

  8. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  9. So Newt doesn’t want Sec. State..he gets to be the gatekeeper?

  10. i will just leave this one here..he who laughs last laughs longest..

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