Soros begins his color revolution in America as MoveOn “activists” march against Trump



cw8lxsnukaaybpx is a George Soros NGO…and George Soros NGOs have nothing to do with charity or justice, and everything to do with political leverage, and in extreme cases government insurrection.

We have seen Soros begin destructive movements to remove those he deems unsuitable to govern in a variety of countries, most recently in Ukraine, with the Soros sponsored Maidan coup.

Now it looks like Soros may be setting his sights on sabotaging the forthcoming Trump presidency.

We do know, thanks to Wikileaks, that George Soros was a huge supporter of Hillary Clinton, as Hillary Clinton was always looking out of George Soros’ best interests.

We are certain Trump’s victory is a bitter pill for globalist Soros to swallow. Between Putin and Trump, Soros may finally be starting to feel his power on the world stage falter.

We will see if’s call to protest has legs, or if it will gradually fizzle and fade, in much the same way we can only hope Soros will eventually do.

NBC’s Katy Tur said…

“It’s surreal in NYC. People are walking around like zombies with thousand yard stares.”

Zerohedge reports

Seemingly unwilling to accept the results of the democratic selection of the nation’s leader for the next four years, hundreds of grieving Hillary Clinton supporters – egged on by George Soros’ – are laying siege to Trump Tower in New York City. Screaming “Fuck Donald Trump”, yelling “Not My President”, chanting “Pussy Grabs Back”, and burning the American flag, it appears these young millennials are just the kind of deplorables this country should be proud of… released this press release on Wednesday, calling on people to take to the streets:

Americans to Come Together in Hundreds Peaceful Gatherings of Solidarity, Resistance, and Resolve Following Election Results

Hundreds of Americans, dozens of organizations to gather peacefully outside the White House and in cities and towns nationwide to take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.

Tonight, thousands of Americans will come together at hundreds of peaceful gatherings in cities and towns across the nation, including outside the White House, following the results of Tuesday’s presidential election.

The gatherings – organized by and allies – will affirm a continued rejection of Donald Trump’s bigotry, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and misogyny and demonstrate our resolve to fight together for the America we still believe is possible.

Within two hours of the call-to-action, MoveOn members had created more than 200 gatherings nationwide, with the number continuing to grow on Wednesday afternoon.

WHAT: Hundreds of peaceful gatherings of solidarity, resistance, and resolve nationwide

WHEN / WHERE: Find local gatherings here. Major gatherings include in New York City’s Columbus Circle and outside the White House in Washington, DC.

RSVP: Please email to confirm attendance.

“This is a disaster. We fought our hearts out to avert this reality. But now it’s here,” staff wrote to members on Wednesday. “The new president-elect and many of his most prominent supporters have targeted, demeaned, and threatened millions of us—and millions of our friends, family, and loved ones. Both chambers of Congress remain in Republican hands. We are entering an era of profound and unprecedented challenge, a time of danger for our communities and our country. In this moment, we have to take care of ourselves, our families, and our friends—especially those of us who are on the front lines facing hate, including Latinos, women, immigrants, refugees, Black people, Muslims, LGBT Americans, and so many others. And we need to make it clear that we will continue to stand together.”


h/t joelH


the video above is going viral..its brilliant..please watch..

soros is behind the protests..thats factually documented above..democracy is cool until you lose..then its a barrier to “fairness”..


~ by seeker401 on November 12, 2016.

36 Responses to “Soros begins his color revolution in America as MoveOn “activists” march against Trump”

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    btw purple on paragraph for page 186

    this is what TEY are trying we post it bfore onBlog … &
    thx God PresidentTrumpThePeoplesPresident2016 -24 is saying are paid protestor the AGITATORS

  2. CherryHave a good 1 post but second about radio 😦
    we never know was AU

  3. part owner drum-roll theGuy have a lot to lose b/c no-tradeDeals BezosScrollDown
    btw SlimNYT lose billions on nov9

  4. Meanwhile looks like all the president’s men appear to be main-stream & not left-field.. hmm even Jamie Dimon is rumoured as a contender for a top job.

    If he doesn’t prosecute Billary.. and if he doesn’t close down the criminal (clinton) foundation – then you know he is part of the establishment.

  5. a great analysis

  6. *chuckle*
    Soros has enlisted an army of dupes, consisting of limp-wristed feminist-studies majors that have never been in a real fist-fight, much less had a gun-butt slammed into their teeth.
    The people in the U.S. that support Trump are mostly workers, mostly armed, and mostly mad as hell. And the military & police are all Trump supporters.
    The U.S. isn’t Europe. You burn down the cities here and you burn down hives of libtards and welfare rats. Anyone worth a pinch moved out, long ago, and the very few that might remain are smart enough to leave just as soon as they are economically able. So go ahead, burn them down, we don’t care.
    Right now, most of the country is either completely disgusted with the childish antics of these “special little snowflake protestors” or just laughing at them for being sandy little vaginas.
    These morons claim they won the popular vote, but even with all the cheating Hildabots did (especially in Philadelphia, where they cheat every single major election, to the point where the rest of our state expects it), the very most they can claim is a .2% (point two percent) margin, which is well within the margin of error, and certainly well within Hillary’s margin of voter & election fraud.
    If Soros thinks he can turn the U.S. into another Ukraine, then he’s going senile.


  8. Reblogged this on World Peace Forum.

  9. remember the flying toaster screen saver? if it wasn’t for the popularity of those cartoon toasters, there might not be a moveon.

    wes boyd and his wife started a berkeley software company that was meant to produce software for handicapped people. but they made their fortune selling a screensaver program called after dark in the late 80s.

    when clinton was president in the 90s, they formed moveon to advocate that the republicans ‘move on’ from investigating clinton for getting blowjobs in the white house (and, you know, a few other things *cough*whitewater*cough*mena*coughcough*).

    isn’t it ironic how low people will go when they think they have right-ness on their side? they think nothing of riots and violence against trump supporters, and support the killers of libya and syria (not to mention half a million dead children under clinton).

    these people started out as good people who wanted to help handicapped people use computers. (yes, i met wes around life #19) but money, a feeling of certainty about being righteous, and a desire to control others turned them into monsters who work for soros.

    so altruist of him, isn’t? 😉

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