“We need to talk about President Trump”


thanks to xxx for the link..

listen to her words..those who dont learn from their mistakes are bound to repeat them..

she absolutely nails it..

hypocrisy 101..


~ by seeker401 on November 19, 2016.

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  1. to XXX soFlynn is in 🙂 what is your nxt Pics hey we just Pray for it 🙂

    • just gotta keep an eye on where he puts neocons and dominionists. kellyanne conway is dominionist so hopefully she gets something less important like press secretary.

      • thx XXX also for the vid 🙂
        glad we ask b/c we are pushing KellyA forSOS who you recommended forSOS ?
        forTreasyry =MariaBartiromo? guess JoeyRamone maybe was right & is looking over 🙂
        forEPA =Cynthia McKinney we like Her 🙂 is the real-Green
        & for PressSec =LauraIngram ?
        is a petition for RP for Treasury 🙂
        the 3 nominee tday only we knowFlynn the other2 no idea
        we put the bar so low pls noNEOCONSS

  2. from PresidentTrump thePLpPresident survey
    was great to see those words in print “ends regime change & nation-building”
    17 Set the standard for an “America First” foreign policy that ends regime-change, nation-building, and instead focuses on a motto of peace through strength.

    Highly important
    Somewhat important
    Not important
    No opinion

  3. all of carey welder’s videos, or at least the ones i’ve seen are really good. she was once associated with adam kokesh which is a bit of a negative, but it seems they are no longer associated.

  4. I believe this stage of grief is called “bargaining”…

    The 7 stages of grief…

    1) Shock — initial paralysis at hearing Trump won (even though I assured you he would)

    2) Denial — Frantically screaming that the election was rigged and Hildabeast won the popular vote, anyway (she didn’t, by the way)

    3) Anger — rioting, burning things in the street, breaking shop windows, throwing temper tantrums, etc.

    4) Bargaining — signing petitions, trying to block the policies of the God-Emperor, rationalizing your defeat, etc.

    5) Depression — crying like a little pussy, threatening suicide (as if anybody cares) wearing diaper pins, attending “safe spaces” at your college where you can curl up into a fetal position with crayon books, play-dough, connect-the-dot books, etc.

    6) Testing — Admitting you like SOME of the God-Emperor’s policies…

    7) Acceptance — seeing your life get better then claiming you loved the God-Emperor all along, fully supporting the new Reich, trying to annex Trump as “actually being a liberal,” & other spew

    Seriously, though…she’s about 25% right. As she grows older and sees more of the way the world actually works, she’ll probably shed a lot of the narratives she was duped into believing all her life.

    • i don’t think you actually watched or heard the video. she’s not expressing grief. she’s expressing schadenfreude – pleasure from the grief of US liberals, something i’ve been enjoying myself ever since trump’s selection.

      btw, the nazis/fascists and the communists have lots of hilarious things in common.

      both were created by banksters to appeal to mass numbers of certain goyim in order to control them and eventually destroy their societies – or at least neutralize them as a threat to the chosen ones.

      both have weird sex issues – commies with their ‘anti-sex’ and nazis with their obsession with homosexuality (intellectual gays were persecuted on the one hand, while the obergruppenfuehreren were almost entirely gay).

      both require ‘god-emperors’ … even ones who turn out to be british agents like mussolini. mao is hailed throughout china even today.

      a big difference too though: the nazis were set up to fail, while the commies were set up as an ideal system for the banksters.

      however both of them lost.

      you may dream of your new reich, but you still work your whole life to support fucking jews. and that’s what donny boy has done. and that’s what he’s doing right now, too. you will forever be the enemy of the true PTB for your strong identification with your melanin deficiency, just like i am for being melanin enhanced. all that is cared about is the tribe, and everything you see is showbiz.

      • And I don’t believe you were listening when she said the problem was liberals didn’t get a liberal agenda when they elected Obama. She is a self-professed liberal, not expressing any joy at the current liberal angst, but blaming their failures on a liberal president they voted for that didn’t deliver.
        As for your historical claims…be careful what you read in “history” books, as they’ve been messed with.
        The publishers and editors of these books are owned by the same 6 corporations that own 90% of ALL media, so 6 CEO’s are deciding what propaganda to put out on television, radio, newspapers, magazines…and in “history” books.

        The important thing to understand is, that almost all that you’ve been told, almost all that you think you know…is wrong.

        • “She is a self-professed liberal…”

          you didn’t watch the video. you just made something up in your mind based on appearances. yes, as a younger-and-dumber person she supported obama in ’08, and then embraced libertarianism as she grew up. if you look at her other videos, she doesn’t support clinton, sanders, or trump.

          which brings us to another bit of hilarity: the split between the libertarians and the alt-right. your comments show us what the alt-right thinks of the libertarians… apparently they’re just liberals! the neocons, globalists, and dominionists are laughing their asses off at this split.

          “As for your historical claims…be careful what you read in “history” books, as they’ve been messed with.”

          nothing i said is repeated in your mainstream history books. you just didnt like what i said because it paints nazis (i.e. you, please don’t bother denying it if you’re throwing around words like ‘reich’) as dumb goyim who got fooled by much smarter jews. like most americans, you probably lack enough education to be able to factually question *any* historical narrative – so much easier to just dismiss what someone has said than to present counter-facts.

          “The important thing to understand is, that almost all that you’ve been told, almost all that you think you know…is wrong.”

          if you think trump is a ‘god-emperor’ who is going to restore your ‘reich’ … take a long hard look in the mirror. you’re getting played as a dumb goyim… again.

          • Your history books are cr@p, they ignore reality in favor of presenting young, impressionable minds with a narrative. If YOU were educated, you’d already know this.
            And the young lady in question WAS a “liberal” (entirely misused word, by the way) and voted for Obama. And YES, I did listen to her ranting, and I noted her entirely useless gesture of burning her Obama shirt.
            As for Libertarians, they are spot on when it comes to individual rights, but are completely idiotic when it comes to open borders and “free” trade. They are closer to neocons than true conservatives, with the their one saving difference being that they don’t believe the U.S. military should be sent all over the world to promote corporate agendas or to “police” anything.
            We had a far more Libertarian government at one time in the U.S., and it led to wage slavery, company scrip, company stores, and eventually to Pinkerton thugs beating & murdering dissenting workers and raping their wives and daughters…open warfare between workers and company owners was the eventual result.
            You CANNOT run an organized and functional nation without regulatory limits and protections. We tried all this before, and it failed miserably.
            Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it, hence the constant misrepresentation of history in our schools and universities by those that would use people to their own ends.
            Stop being a dupe.

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  6. + a great article here: http://wariscrime.com/new/subliminal-messaging-predictive-programming-work-people-immune/ + video + https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/They_Live

  7. Will Donald Trump keep his promises?

    What David Rockefeller would now tell The Donald, if David were being honest.


  8. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cw1lieAXAAEqMa3.jpg:large

  9. the Liberty movement still going & will go till we have Humans with Hearts & Brains anyway that is the reason We ask for Your Help pls Seek &everybody Here let’s make happen this time thx All 🙂

  10. https://www.change.org/p/donald-trump-make-ron-paul-trump-s-secretary-of-state-treasury

  11. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-netanyahu-discuss-islamic-state-iran-palestinians-meeting-173832914.html

    I think that made him win the elections…that could be rigged either ways 😉

  12. antiestablishment? ha!

  13. “Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prayer_of_Saint_Francis
    forSOS=@TulsiPress= Peace &Humanitarian

  14. http://anotherdayintheempire.com/trump-picks-surveillance-state-advocate-cia-boss/
    “In January, he wrote:

    Congress should pass a law re-establishing collection of all metadata, and combining it with publicly available financial and lifestyle information into a comprehensive, searchable database. Legal and bureaucratic impediments to surveillance should be removed. That includes Presidential Policy Directive-28, which bestows privacy rights on foreigners and imposes burdensome requirements to justify data collection.”

  15. Republicans vs Democrats: Two Neoliberal War Parties With the same Economic and Foreign Policies

  16. http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/donald-trump-americas-first-jewish-president/

    • These are some reasons why American Jews chose Donald Trump as Grand Marshall of the annual Israel Day Parade in New York. Mr. Trump’s policies, his staunch pro-Israel advisors and his personal ties to the Jewish people are why they will choose him as the next President of the United States.

  17. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/activists-urge-clinton-campaign-to-challenge-election-results-in-3-swing-states/ar-AAkD4w7?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spar

    I thought Jill Stein endorsed Trump at the end…

  18. “The Dangerous Deception Called The Trump Presidency”


    “Donald Trump is yet another project of the same boring old patriarchs who try again and again to create a one world order that they control absolutely, a New World Order that one close Trump backer once referred to as universal fascism. “

  19. new Trump’s NS advisor appointee, K.T. McFarland – CFR&Kissinger:

    advocating for Iran regime-change:

  20. great photo album of those pledged loyalty to Trump since 11-11-16:

  21. Wilbur Ross, Trump’s Commerce pick:

  22. St. Mnuchin, Trump’s Treasury Secretary:

    Who Is Steven Mnuchin? Donald Trump’s Finance Chair Made Billions Off The 2008 Financial Crash

    Mnuchin, a former partner at Goldman Sachs, heads up Dune Capital. The investment firm put together a holding company in 2008 — attracting investors like J.C. Flowers, a George Soros investment fund and Paulson & Co. — that then bought up $32 billion worth of IndyMac bank assets for the cut-rate price of $13.9 billion. Renaming the bank OneWest, Mnuchin’s consortium invested $1.3 billion and got the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to assume responsibility for the majority of future losses. The FDIC lost an estimated $8.5 billion to $9.4 billion in the deal — while the holding company made money with the taxpayer-subsidized set-up.

    Goldman-Sachs alumnus, naturally…

  23. https://fitzinfo.wordpress.com/2016/10/29/trump-controlled-by-mossad/

    the highlight:

  24. Trump on 9-11, interviewed on 9-11:

    • seen that before..very interesting..

    • Wow, I never saw this before. I am both stunned and sickened. I had three family members that were firefighters from one of the burroughs called in. By the time they arrived it was gone and so were 3000 plus.

      • Do you believe the official story or false flag inside job?

        • Unquestionably, it was an inside job. I would bet my life on it and have. In fact, I lost my fire fighter husband on 911 figuratively speaking,that is. He was never the same and we divorced not long after. Three firefighter family, one has lung damage from cleanup, one a drunk, and mine just flipped his lid.

    • very interesting.. i think we haven’t seen it maybe because trump was a relative minnow back in 2001

    • why is his interview with the german reporter less succint?

      • because it was issued 2 days after the first one, on the 9-13…the first one was not a prepared one, while this one is and he now speaks according to the script: the WTC collapsed because “there were kamikazes willing to die and the airline gasoline is too much a building can bear”.
        thanks, Joel.
        the litmus test.

  25. i know some people don’t like naturalnews’ Mike Adams but it is what it is..

    • Truth be told, I am a closet reader of Natural News and I find myself wanting to give Adams a little more slack lately. I fall for the i am an American Indian and care deeply for mother earth, yadiya thingy 🙂 will have a listen, so trump is to blame for our mess, great:-)

    • mike does great news but he needs a headline a day..

  26. Looks who’s going to the inauguration..


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