Trump says US will withdraw from TPP on “day one”

US President-elect Donald Trump has released a video laying out actions he will take on his first day in office on Jan. 20, including withdrawing the United States from a Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Trump also said he would issue a rule cutting government regulations, direct the Labor Department to investigate abuses of visa programs, and cancel some restrictions on energy production, including shale oil and gas and coal.


death to the TPP..i can applaud that..the alt-left should applaud it as well..this was part of bernies wont stop bilateral deals so in the end its a kick in the nuts to the globalists but the deals will still be done but by other means and ways..


~ by seeker401 on November 23, 2016.

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  2. this is a vicious angry man .. Billionaire ??? .. The only guys I want counting my money are short guys who wear yarmulkes every day

    • “The only guys I want counting my money are short guys who wear yarmulkes every day”
      Those are exactly the people you don’t want anywhere near your money.

  3. Looks like he ain’t gonna charge Billary, Pizzagate Nor the Clintoon Foundation..

    I told ya guys:
    1. ain’t gonna prosecute PIZZAGATE & Billary nor the CLINTOON foundation
    2. ain’t gonna build the mexican wall
    3. ain’t gonna do much about the lobbyists on capitol hill & Wall St
    4. WILL hire at least 75% of the neocons and lobbyists

  4. Our analysis of Trump is second to none..on all issues.
    We @Seek should be billionaires!

    Paris climate deal: Trump says he now has an Open Mind about accord

    Asked by the New York Times whether he would pull the US out of the Paris climate accord, the president-elect wavered on his previously stated position


    Donald Trump in the lobby of the New York Times building on Tuesday. Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

    Donald Trump has said he has an “open mind” over US involvement in the Paris agreement to combat climate change, after previously pledging to withdraw from the effort.

    Asked by the New York Times whether he would pull the US out of the Paris climate accord, which has been signed by 196 nations, Trump said: “I’m looking at it very closely. I have an open mind to it.”
    The president-elect also wavered on his previously stated position that climate change is a “hoax” and just a “very, very expensive form of tax”

  5. I love the accusations from the radical left that Trump will go back on his stated policies…they cannot even wait until he’s in office to accuse him, they have to nitpick his statements and jump to conclusions before he’s even behind the presidential podium & has had any chance to do anything.

    Perhaps it’s because they know that their speculations will be the only chance they get to call him a liar?
    Yes, I think so.

    • shouldnt the left support his killing of the tpp??

      • [rant]The left has other agendas, and while the Bernie supporters no doubt DO want the TPP killed, they also wanted that “free college” pretty badly (free for them, at least…well, until they started paying taxes, anyway). Trump has already said he favors 0% loans for college, but the left jumped on that like it was a terrible thing.
        Another goal of the left is the “normalization” of perversions and decadent activities by judicial decree & policing force…Trump’s future Supreme Court picks will be constitution-guided judiciaries, not activist, therefore this is unlikely.
        They also want to disarm the rural & suburban population (the only gun owners that they would hold out any hope of following their laws), and Trump’s Judicial appointments make this unlikely, as well…not to mention his plan to issue a federal concealed carry permit, which has the left seething and in a state of panic (once a freedom is granted to the populace, it takes many years, even generations, to successfully take it away again).
        You’re right, the Bernie left likes the TPP being shot down, but the left in general utterly hates what Trump stands for, Nationalism & individual rights, the elimination of harassment regulations on business, American exceptionalism (that gets in the way of globalist “equality”), and he does not share in their own personal goals of demonizing the white race, which is akin to blaming all your personal failures on mommy & daddy’s terrible parenting (I include self-hating whites in this).
        Trump is not PC, and he scorns PC…this infuriates them more than anything else. Disagreeing with a “liberal” (incorrect usage of the word, by the way) will never fail to bring their frothing-at-the-mouth wrath down upon you.
        You see, they have started believing their own press releases that liberals are, “well, golly…just SMARTER than you & everyone else!”
        The liberal mind is a chaotic and confusing place, jam-packed with cognitive dissonance & angst.[/rant]

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  7. Why did Japan ratify a dead deal?

  8. backflip

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