Images 4/12/16


you could talk about this cover for a week..the economist, what it means and why..must be some sort of satire?




are you seeing it yet!


whats in his pocket?


rogue mag is churning it out..




a horrifying image i hadnt seen before from 9/11..


this wwe group is/was called the ascension..lots of symbolism in the wwe..





you cant make this stuff up..nobody would believe you..


~ by seeker401 on December 4, 2016.

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  1. cheese crunchies in his pockets? glued together?

  2. Seek comment on LEO hahaha

  3. The Tarot Cards On The Economist Cover About The World For 2017

    The respectable English liberal magazine “The Economist” expresses world oligarchs financial and political views. It is owned 50% by the English branch of the Rothschild family and the Agnelli Family. The remaining 50% are owned by private investors, editors and staff members. Each year, the Economist publishes a special issue about the year to come –illustrated by its cryptic cover– that is always revealing of Rothschild world views. The issue about 2017 is no exception and is surprising as its cover is showing eight modified tarot cards, making hidden messages more accessible.

    Interestingly there are like 27 trump cards in tarot

  4. Well, the Economist got the Judgement card right. It IS time to pass judgement, on may things & many people.
    As for the “one eye” trend…well, it’s probably just a way for globalists & their willing bootlickers to let each other know who they are.
    It also tells US who they are…and it’s always good to know who your enemies are.

    • It is interesting that this is the One Eyed God Apollo. This is the same angel of the pit described in The Book of Revelations. This is also the god that the Freemasons worship and always reenact the “RISING” ceremony practicing for the day that their Antichrist savior is incarnated and becomes the Beast. As you will see in verse 11 below that the Angel of the Pit is named Apollyon, this is another name for Apollo.

    • The Judgment card is all about jumping to conclusions. It’s also about awakening. In this version of the card, Trump is pictured as a crown-less (unless you count his glorious golden hair as a crown of course!) king of the world, sitting on a throne made from the US flag.

      What does this mean?

      Despite seeing positive patriotism warping into negative nationalism and seeing Trump as the cause of this, is this illustration asking us to give him a chance? Perhaps it’s showing us that he’s a deluded narcissist… Or is it suggesting that Trump is about to wake up the world big-time?

      • JUDGMENT

        TW2017_Cover_FINALS.inddWe see an image of Donald Trump sitting atop the world holding a scepter and orb, similar to the crown jewels of the United Kingdom, symbols of the Monarchy. This is odd ornamentation for an American president (related: American Presidential Bloodlines & Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton Revealed to Be Distant Cousins).

        Indeed, if we did not know this was The Judgment card, we might assume this were The Emperor card. What does this suggest about Donald Trump – that he will rule like a monarch? That he will make himself emperor of the world? This is the liberal, media-driven fear often associated with Trump’s inflated ego.

        Many people in the alternative community believe that Trump will reign/rain down Judgment upon the elite and expose the lies and deceptions of the shadow government. The Judgment card is all about exposing the shadows and waking up the dead. However the Thoth Tarot deck renames the Judgment card as the Aeon card.

        The Aeon is the symbol for the Rise of Phoenix, it stands for a time of insight, the true understanding of the circle of life, of growing and fading. The card tells us that we should leave our ‘frog perspective’ and watch the things from a higher level, that the time has come to face the new, that we need a good overview to build our ‘Utopia’.
        The phrases, Rise of Phoenix, and build our ‘Utopia’ (in quotes) are loaded with New World Order subtext. This description calls for a higher level understanding of events, rather than the ‘frog perspective’ which sits in a pot of increasingly boiling water. Does this perhaps refer to a high level understanding of some greater occult game at play?

        In older decks the Aeon is called ‘Judgment’, dealing with resurrection and redemption.

        The Thoth deck veers away from the Christian overtones and instead we see the goddess Nuit, a primal sky goddess from the beginning of creation.
        The Thoth Aeon card tells the story of Horus, the son of Osiris, who defeats his evil uncle Set, and takes back the rightful throne of Egypt. Thus Horus is seen as a god of redemption. This story was of particular significance to Crowley, who saw the New Age of Aquarius as the coming Age of Horus. Does Trump represent a Horus figure, reenacting the defeat of the ‘dark side’ occult elites (aka the Khazarian mafia) much like the defeat of the Nazis after World War II? Time will tell if this card represents a true Judgment of satanic (Set) elites, or a New Aeon for occult elites.

      • Sananda
        The World In 2017 According To Rothschild’s ‘The Economist’, November 21st
        Sananda November 22, 2016
        Disclosure – Political (not channeled)
        The World In 2017 According To Rothschild’s ‘The Economist’ – Analysis by Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, with Commentary from AscensionWithEarth.Com

        November 21, 2016

        The Economist magazine, owned and operated by the Rothschild clan, is known for putting out hidden messages in its cover art work and other media publications. Just in case you missed the past few years, here are the cover art for “THE WORLD IN XXXX” series, 2016 source link , 2015 source link, 2014 source link, 2013 source link. You may also want take a look at the analysis of a dark and sinister media publication from The Economist Instagram feed, titled “The Economist Magazine Puts Another Cryptic Message “666 & Illuminati Owl“.

        The Economist magazine once again has released another cryptic message on its cover using classic occult symbology by means of a tarot card deck. Tarot cards are used as a divination tool and are used gain insight into the past, present, and future. There are many types of tarot decks but common occult tarot decks consist of 78 cards divided into two parts, with 22 cards associated with the Major Arcana and remaining 56 cards relates to the Minor Arcana part of the deck. The Economist uses their own artistic interpretation of the Major Arcana cards. Looking at the front cover of ‘THE WORLD IN 2017‘, you will notice that they have selected 8 cards from the Major Arcana tarot deck and laid them out on top of an image depicting the cosmic space of the Universe. Many say that Space exploration is the “Final Frontier” for human kind, but I suggest that the “Final Frontier” is actually understanding and knowing who you truly are. Knowing YOURSELF is the final frontier, but I digress.

        I am not a Tarot card expert in any sense and do not know if the position of the cards play a role in the interpretation and meanings of the cards. With that said they are positioned starting with THE TOWER card, JUDGEMENT card is next, followed by THE WORLD, THE HERMIT, DEATH, THE MAGICIAN, WHEEL OF FORTUNE, THE STAR. I have taken screen shots of each card from The Economist tarot deck and included interpretations from multiple sources including Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Tarot expert James Rioux, and a website called I have also included a few personal observation notes for your consideration.

        The Tower Card

        Benjamin Fulford: “The first card, called “the tower,” shows the Catholic Church being split between its communist and traditional Christian factions.” Source Link

        David Wilcock: “First, the Tower card is the Tower of Destruction, and symbolizes the fall of corrupt kings and queens. The Vatican is the spiritual center of the Cabal. This therefore refers to the destruction of the Cabal itself.” Source Link

        James Rioux: (General Meaning) “When a building is old and decrepit, it must be demolished so that a new structure may stand in its place. The same is true of the symbolic Tower. When old attitudes and beliefs are outdated, you will have to let go of them, whether you like it or not.” Source Link (General Meaning) “When you see the Tower in a reading, you may feel afraid, shaken and insecure. It is a time of great turmoil and destruction as you seek to understand how you could have been so wrong, so naive, or so blind about a particularly situation. And now, what will you do and how will you manage in the face of this shocking truth? It is often descriptive of a major upheaval, disruption, emergency or crisis, and is likely to bring chaos in the aftermath of such an event. The most important aspect of the Tower is that with any destruction there comes creation. Thus, the Tower card represents an awakening and is about inspiration, freedom, reality and the release from bondage. It is a truth and honesty card that comes as a bolt of lightning to you through a shocking and impactful life event. ” Source Link

        AscensionWithEarth: The first card placed on this magazine cover should send the most vivid and powerful message. Seeing imagery of the Vatican Church crumbling to the ground does bring into question as to what is about to be disclosed to the public. One would think that the global Satanic Pedophilia network linked to the Vatican church is about to be come to an end. Remember back in 2014 when the Pope delivered a shocking message to the world stating that 2% of Catholic Priests are pedophiles? I’m am sure that number is much higher than claimed but at least that was a significant acknowledgement to the satanic powers that permeate throughout the Vatican network.

        The Judgment Card

        Benjamin Fulford: The second, called “Judgement” shows Donald Trump holding the symbols of power, meaning most likely they expect a Nuremberg type tribunal to be convened when he assumes office. Source Link

        David Wilcock: Secondly, the image of Trump on the Judgment card is a very clear homage to classic art of Christ sitting on the planet. This therefore is a mockery of elements of the public seeing Trump not only as their leader, but as a savior figure. Source Link

        James Rioux: (General Meaning) Judgement is also a card of cleansing, representing a time where your slate is wiped clean and you can start over, with all your debts taken care of and with nothing to worry about. This may seem too good to be true, and for a lot of people it is, because they ruin their new chance with thoughts of the mistakes they made in the past. Source Link (General Meaning) The Judgement card suggests that you have had a recent epiphany or an ‘awakening’ where you have come to a realization that you need to live your life in a different way and you need to be true to yourself and your needs.

        AscensionWithEarth: Note that the JUDGEMENT card is tilted to the left and actually touches three other tarot cards. JUDGEMENT is touching the THE TOWER, THE WORLD, THE MAGICIAN. Is there a deeper meaning to this insignificant detail? The JUDGEMENT card along with the STAR card are the only two cards that are tilted. All other cards are perfectly centered.

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  6. i had to bear throught a movie with dicaprio lastnight
    by the second hour i was already sleeping

  7. This site is for students of the Tarot to have something more substantial to rely upon than “white booklet” meanings, until they discover their own personal interpretations through work and experience.

    • Interesting, so they are sort of like newspaper astrology columns. I will tell you this Doreen I took a quick look at the site you recommended. I bumped into the devil card….saw myself….shaking the shackles 🙂

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  9. a year later and they now release this footage:

    do you see any sexual assaults? nope.
    do you see any assaults at all – aside from police assaults? nope.
    do you see white german people yelling at the cops? yup.
    do you see video from anyone’s phone, or just cop video? just cop video.

    it’s fake.
    it’s fake now, and it always was fake.


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