19.5% of Russian oil giant Rosneft sold in “biggest privatization deal of 2016”



The sale of Russia’s largest oil company Rosneft’s share package to the natural resource trader Glencore International and a Qatari sovereign wealth fund for over $11 billion has become the biggest privatization deal of 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

“That is the biggest privatization deal, the biggest sale and acquisition in the world’s oil and gas sector in 2016,” the president said, referring to the Rosneft share sale during the meeting with the Rosneft CEO, Igor Sechin, a statement published on the official Kremlin website said.

Sechin informed Putin about the closing of the share package sale and said that the Russian state budget will receive more than a trillion rubles ($17.5 billion) from this deal, and the acquisition of the Russian Bashneft oil company by Rosneft in October.

Under the deal signed with Glencore and the Qatari fund, the natural resources trader and the fund acquired 19.5 percent of the oil company’s shares for €10.5 billion ($11.3 billion). The two buyers formed a joint consortium, in which both of them hold a 50 percent stake, to buy the Rosneft share package. As a result, both of them got 9.75 percent of Rosneft shares each.

Together, they hold the third largest stake of Rosneft shares as more than 50 percent still belong to the company’s largest shareholder – the state-owned oil transportation agency Rosneftegaz, while another 19.75 percent is owned by BP.

Sechin also informed Putin that Rosneft held talks with more than 30 companies, sovereign wealth funds, professional investors and financial institutions from Europe, Americas, Middle East and Asia before signing the deal.

Putin congratulated the Rosneft CEO on the successful closure of the deal and expressed hope that the attraction of new investors and managers would “improve corporate procedures, increase transparency and contribute to the capitalization growth.”



we knew this one was coming and it didnt disappoint..look who bought in though..

“Glencore International and a Qatari sovereign wealth fund”

glencore is a monster..


and a qatari wealth fund..the same qatar that is financing and supporting the terrorists in syria that russia is destroying..no real enemies eh?


~ by seeker401 on December 14, 2016.

15 Responses to “19.5% of Russian oil giant Rosneft sold in “biggest privatization deal of 2016””

  1. http://anotherdayintheempire.com/dems-will-scream-putin-russians-rex-tillerson-becomes-secretary-state/

  2. so Rosneft = 19,75% BP, 19% Glencore&Qatari Fund + 50%+ Russian state

    …so the four horsemen of big oil + chop-chopers godfathers own nearly 40% of the russian oil they fight against in Siria?…hilarious…

  3. https://rogtecmagazine.com/rosneft-interested-saudi-aramco-privatization/

    there are more ways to grab other people’s resources apart from with IMF loans, currency boards &therapy of shock…for example …a simply privatisation in a sale out after sanctions war…


    “The Rosneft privatization was scheduled for this year for two reasons: one financial and one political. Russia needed to close a budget gap created by low oil prices, and Putin has an aversion to big government debt increases, especially when debt markets aren’t particularly welcoming. But, perhaps as importantly for Putin, the deal was meant to demonstrate the inefficiency of Western sanctions against Russia.”

    Rosneft should be privatized at $100 per barrel – CEO
    Published time: 11 Feb, 2016

  4. not so very clear…:

    “Who is QHG Cayman, for example. And Intesa is still listed as the lender.

    Even so, Aleksashenko writes, if the “borrowers” (QHG Investment & QHG Holding) cannot repay the loans, then the “lender” (technically still Intesa) will own the shares.”



  5. http://www.dw.com/en/rosnefts-strategic-india-deal-in-the-bag/a-40172722

    • “The transaction is indeed seen as a strategic triumph for Russia, allowing it to move into other markets amid EU and US sanctions imposed against it over the country’s Ukraine policy.
      Additionally, Rosneft said Essar’s Vadinar refinery would allow it to process crude oil produced in Venezuela, which is especially difficult to refine.”

    • thanks maria..will repost..

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