Gates says Trump has the opportunity to be like JFK


President-elect Donald Trump has an opportunity to establish “American leadership through innovation,” Bill Gates told CNBC on Tuesday.

“A lot of his message has been about … where he sees things not as good as he’d like,” the billionaire Microsoft co-founder said on “Squawk Box.”

“But in the same way President Kennedy talked about the space mission and got the country behind that,” Gates continued, “I think whether it’s education or stopping epidemics … [or] in this energy space, there can be a very upbeat message that [Trump’s] administration [is] going to organize things, get rid of regulatory barriers, and have American leadership through innovation.”

Gates said he recently spoke on the phone with Trump, and discussed the power of innovation. “Of course, my whole career has been along those lines. And he was interested in listening to that. And I’m sure there will be further conversation.”

Gates said it was the first time he had spoken with Trump, though he said they have mutual friends.


“Gates said he recently spoke on the phone with Trump, and discussed the power of innovation.”

facetime? 😉

interesting comment wasnt it?

is he projecting something here?

think about it..


~ by seeker401 on December 16, 2016.

46 Responses to “Gates says Trump has the opportunity to be like JFK”

  1. […] via Gates says Trump has the opportunity to be like JFK — Follow The Money […]

  2. Trump no longer wants to drain the swamp..or even the sink

    • will he pop a pimple though?

      looks like the deplorables may be getting owned..

    • He was never going to do it. Of course he is a liar. I find it more amazing that somebody close to him wanted to ‘let the cat out of the bag’. He could have dragged it on and kept deceiving and giving people false hope. I think there is an agenda in there somewhere.

  3. Comparing him to a man who is most famous for being assassinated is rather odd, I thought. He also said Trump is sophisticated. Sophisticated? Gates is talking through his other pie hole.

    • hes projecting and talking in double speak..

      • Gate’s is a con man who believes he is the master of the universe. Look at his face, the man is insane.

        “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.

        I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends and I think I’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.

        That’s what’s insane about it.”

        John Lennon

    • yeah, makes one wonder, ‘How he could be like JFK?’ One should not say that kind of thing without qualification. It is dishonoring and threatening.

      • adirondack on December 22, 2016
        yeah, makes one wonder, ‘How he could be like JFK?’

        Uh, I know…Trump must be a young, irish, catholic, democrat who has spent his entire adult life fighting for the down trodden or at least projecting that and oh yea and anti secret society.

        Maybe Gates is alluding to trumps pide piper role when he said the way jfk got everyone behind the space program….

        I dunno, but we need to keep our eye on their end game and stay sober. Adirondack you are a man of prayer and that is a powerful weapon. We need an entire web of prayer warriors and those who can’t bring themselves to pray, open your mouths and declare and decree to the atmosphere, peace on earth, goodwill towards ALL men, now and forever more 🙂

    • That’s it..

      • The Chosen Trojan ..

        Federal Reserve Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To White House

        Imagine that the Fed’s rate hike frenzy sparks an open feud between the central bank and Trump? Some people might say “Good! Shut the bastards down!” However, this is exactly what the elites want. With the Fed “at odds” with the president of the U.S., faith in the U.S. dollar will plummet. Its world reserve status will be destroyed. And instead of being blamed on central banks, the majority of people around the world will claim it was the fault of Trump.

        With a historically sufficient excuse for the end of dollar dominance in hand, the elites can move forward with their great global reset, which includes the replacement of the dollar with the IMF’s special drawing rights as the go-to reserve currency mechanism. The SDR basket is an essential bridge in the formation of a single global monetary authority and a true single global currency.

        I believe that the Fed will not only continue hiking interest rates throughout 2017, but that some of these rate hikes may be LARGER than many people expect (50 basis points or more). I believe this will be designed to foster extreme tensions between the executive branch and the central bank.

        A few months ago I would have said that Trump may or “may not” be aware of this dynamic and the potential that he is a scapegoat. Now that I have seen Trump’s cabinet picks which include neo-con and Goldman Sachs alumni, I have little doubt that he is fully cognizant of the plan.  I will be writing more on the issue of Trump as a “Trojan horse” in my next article.  In the meantime I would point out that all of the elements of psychological support for stock markets will also disappear in the face of a Trump verses establishment narrative.

        • I believe that the Fed will not only continue hiking interest rates throughout 2017, but that some of these rate hikes may be LARGER than many people expect (50 basis points or more). I believe this will be designed to foster extreme tensions between the executive branch and the central bank.

          i agree..

          • great..we have had many successful calls here on seek401.. let’s see if the Chosen-Trojan will play out, besides the fact/fiction that the trumpet will be flushed into the swamp

        • there’s one thing larger than both trump and the fed – the market.

          the fed’s interest rates follow – not lead – the market’s interest rates.

          and the market is pushing rates higher.

          rock, meet hard place.

          • Has not the fed supported the market by lending to banks at zero interest and they then invest in the market .. has not that game has just come to an end ??

            • possibly. there are signs (e.g. the war on cash) that we aren’t quite done with NIRP. however, rising US interest rates will mean more inflow into dollars (to get higher yields) whih raises the value of the dollar, which is still deflationary.

              that’s the thing about a deflationary spiral. almost anything you do, even something that seems inflationary like raising rates, comes back as deflation. that’s because until the pit that was dug in 2008 is filled, deflationary forces will reign. (all imho of course.)

      • The Great Crusade of Our Time

        • The Great Crusade of Our Time

          It is neither speculation or madness as POM supposes but his masonic background and its apostate church revealed plan unfolding for real before his and our eyes.

          ISIS is THEM for g..od or whate ver these zionists call him sake. If trump and putin were not one and the same we would be stopping all aid to the place named israel, set the palestines free and allow the middle east to scourge their corner of the world and allow us to live quietly on a planet with enough for everyone! There, I said it. Hmmm suddenly it has gotten very quiet and the man in the tv is sending an ambulance for me.

      • Trump has been well warned, he is in on it. I was thinking about that wacky death threat that went down around the time of Brexit when Trump suddenly went golfing in scotland. No mention on fake news, then he and Christie appeared a few days later, Christie stood frozen by his side, totally traumatized. If only Trump was for real, OMG, but he is as fake as a three dollar bill, he is a demagogue and masterful at projecting and this double speak like you point out 401.

        “Demagogue: one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” -H.L. Mencken

        See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda.” George W. Bush – 43rd US President
        “The propaganda system allows the U.S. Leadership to commit crimes without limit and with no suggestion of misbehavior or criminality; in fact, major war criminals like Henry Kissinger appear regularly on TV to comment on the crimes of the derivative butchers.” Edward S. Herman, political economist and author
        “When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” Dresden James.

        I guess that be us 😦

    • ….thats their end game for all of us who are not in their little club…

  4. Mr Cohn will like take the Top Dog job – Chief Economic Advisor..
    here comes a swamp of money!!

  5. Trump Is Exactly Where The Elites Want Him

    The first and worst sign that Trump is not anywhere near “anti-establishment” has been his complete reversal of his original “drain the swamp” rhetoric. Trump is not only NOT draining the swamp that is the Washington D.C. and corporate elitist revolving door, he is adding even more creatures of varying ghoulishness.  As Newt Gingrich, who describes himself as an outside adviser to Trump, recently stated:
    “I’m told he now just disclaims that…” [Draining the swamp] “He now says it was cute, but he doesn’t want to use it anymore…”
    There is a good reason why Trump no longer wants to use that particular slogan — his cabinet is now filled with the exact same elitists he used to slam along with the Washington establishment.
    Trump first placed former Goldman Sachs partner Steven Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary. Goldman Sachs has a long history of insinuating its alumni into vital positions within government bodies dealing directly with the economy.  Mnuchin is particularly troubling because of his ties to George Soros; Mnuchin used to work directly for George Soros at Soros Fund Management up until 2004.
    Then, for those people that thought maybe Mnuchin was just an anomaly, Trump added Gary Cohn, president of Goldman Sachs, as the director of the National Economic Council.
    Trump’s chief strategist and Breitbart executive Steve Bannon is also a former Goldman Sachs investment banker.
    It is interesting to note that over a quarter of the gains in the delusional Dow Jones spike after Trump’s election was tied to a rise in Goldman Sachs stock value.  Imagine that…
    Trump is also now “advised” on economic matters by the likes of JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon. Are we starting to get the picture here?
    If that is not enough, then how about the fact that Trump is being closely advised by long time globalist Henry Kissinger (just as Vladimir Putin is advised by Kissinger)?  I’m not sure why so many people are surprised by this arrangement; Trump was meeting with Kissinger months before the election. No matter the administration, there is ALWAYS a high level globalist behind the curtain.  Barack Obama had Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Trump and Putin have Kissinger.

  6. What I have said previously bears repeating .. ‘I don’t care what you believe .. what is important is what they believe .. there are those in positions of power and wealth who believe the prophecies of the bible and using those prophecies as a script, they will use their positions of power and wealth to engineer the fulfillment of those prophecies’

    The Antichrist Series

    • What do you think of this Rev? That article says this:

      “Though Horn represents the Christian faith, his conclusions are relevant to all through the patterns and trends which we are discussing here.”

      I always steer clear of anybody who is seen to “represent the Christian faith”. Then this from another article in which states Horn tried to predicate a date, those “patterns and trends”. I also steer clear of people that do that. From the article:

      “Some in Christian media have been doing interviews with Thomas Horn so I decided to read a couple of his books. I recently read “Apollyon rising 2012” and I will soon read his latest book “Petrus Romanus”, which God willing, I will comment on sometime in the future. The title “Apollyon Rising 2012”, implies that Apollyon of Revelation 9:11 will be rising in 2012 but If you believe that you probably already have been hornswoggled.
      First let me say that there are quite a few errors and shoehorning of scripture as well as some hornswoggling in Tom Horn’s book.”

      Of course there may be miscommunication happening here for such a charge to take place, but I have not read the material. As I said, I steer clear of people who supposedly ‘represent Christianity’ and who’s hermeneutic tries to find patterns and dates that seem to only fit their contemporary time. In saying that, now you understand why I have not taken the time to consider in length, but thought you might be able to fill me in on your thoughts about the objections to Tom Horn. That article you linked appears to rely much on him calling him ‘representative’ and ‘relevant’ to that articles ‘discussion’.

      Since this type of material is of interest to you, I thought maybe you being more read in that particular field you could give me your understanding of the matter. I am curious to hear what you have to say.

      LORD bless

      • You should know JC .. Jared Collins the author of the article is a ‘former’ freemason and in this article is digging deep into his masonic esoteric belief. I have suspicions Tom horn is also masonic.

        • oh. So what you posted is what ‘they’ desire; therefore, not truth. Thought they may try to make their desire reality by imposition. As you said, “what is important is what they believe”. You are showing what they believe.

    • What I have said previously bears repeating .. ‘I don’t care what you believe .. what is important is what they believe .. there are those in positions of power and wealth who believe the prophecies of the bible and using those prophecies as a script, they will use their positions of power and wealth to engineer the fulfillment of those prophecies’

      totally agree..

      • I would add the prophetic blessing given to Esau interestingly inserts the word DOMINION found only in the catholic bible and the King James Version

        Genesis 27:40Jubilee Bible 2000 (JUB)
        40 and by thy sword shalt thou live and shalt serve thy brother; yet there shall be a time when thou shalt have dominion, and thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.

        Genesis 27:40Authorized (King James) Version (AKJV)
        40 and by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.

        The Septuagint precedes both translations and says ..
        Gen 27:40 And thou shalt live by thy sword, and shalt serve thy brother; and there shall be a time when thou shalt break and loosen his yoke from off thy neck.

        Brenton, Sir Lancelot C. L.. English Translation of the Greek Septuagint, Including the Apocrypha (Kindle Locations 1043-1044). E.C. Marsh. Kindle Edition.

        Dominionists are Edomites .. EDOMINIONISTS

  7. I imagine Gates is looking at this thru the eyes of the ‘globalists’ who are not only interested in controlling business throughout the world, but want to Control OUR LIVES and destroy them as well through the poisoning of our bodies with their bullshit vaccinations that only create dis-ease to keep the healthcare INDUSTRY ‘healthy’. I believe ‘they’ are creating the end of the world As We Knew It in order to bring in another ‘new age’ of technology that will further enslave us all while they continue to sit at the top of the pyramid of wealth and health.

    from the PWC site on innovation
    ( and their magic word of the century ‘ Transformation’ )

    Turning disruption into opportunity aka MASS MIGRATION to urban areas and Longer Life Expectancy, their never ending search to beat ‘death’.

    The future of businesses in every sector will depend on their ability to adjust to ‘megatrends’ and the disruptive forces they create. The megatrends range from longer life expectancy and mass migration to urban areas through to emerging-market growth, resource scarcity and technological breakthroughs such as artificial intelligence. Disruption is reshaping businesses and blurring the boundaries between industry sectors.

    The future of industries: Bringing down the walls ( Trump wants to build walls, that could be a problem eh? OR will he be like Obama, everything he says will be the exact opposite? Upside Down World…

    Unleashing the power of innovation

    From electricity to smart homes and smart cities
    From technology to healthcare and Pharma R&D
    From automotive to mobility
    From manufacturing to value add services

    The Industrial Internet of Things

    How much money laundering will go on to achieve their goals during this phony ‘cold war’ aka a build up of arms where the people’s money in the trillions is handed to the Military Industrial Complex? Wasn’t that really what Kennedy’s ‘space program’ was about?

    What will they do when the common man can no longer afford to live in THEIR world? I imagine that’s where Bill Gates ‘vaccinations’ and laboratory made ‘plagues’ come in handy.

  8. Just watching the video running at the top of the page shows us what ‘they’ envision for the new age…

  9. Either esoteric Kekism is at work..or Trump is fooling us.. whadayya reckon?

    • somehow we have all awaken.. and reaching for higher conciousness in 2016? to alter & bend reality & even pushed the cabal to yonder in the US election? … hmmmmmm

  10. The Trump and JFK connection is still being forged. Just like Obama was forged to be like Lincoln. Similar to Katie Perry and Kanye West the persona of Trump is being woven into another alter-ego, this one of the past, namely JFK. Trump’s persona is more directly being tied to the conspiracy theorists, which the JFK assassination was considered one of the conspiracy theories of all conspiracy theories in recent history.

    Conspiracy theorists are perceived to be one of the groups to be put Trump into office. Alex Jones is just one popular name that comes to mind. The whole persona of being against “them”, or the globalist, is just one part of the larger conspiracy persona.

    Yesterday from the New York Times on the release of JFK material read below the link:

    “But the documents are likely to ‘help fuel a new generation of conspiracy theories’.

    “Conspiracy theorists have long clamored for what they hope will be evidence to prove that the government covered up the truth about the assassination. This week, Roger J. Stone, a friend of Mr. Trump’s, told Alex Jones, the radio host and conspiracy theorist, that Mr. Stone had directly urged the president to release all the documents.

    “Mr. Trump is no stranger to conspiracy theories, including those involving the Kennedy assassination. During the presidential campaign, he at one point alleged that the father of Senator Ted Cruz, a Republican primary rival from Texas, had been with Oswald shortly before Kennedy was killed.

    “Mr. Trump has at times dabbled in other conspiracy theories: He once seemed to consider the possibility that Justice Antonin Scalia had been murdered. The president has more than once spread the discredited urban legend about Muslims being shot with bullets dipped in pig’s blood. And for years, he was the most vocal purveyor of the falsehood that President Barack Obama was born outside the United States.”

    Past Articles on the Trump-JFK conspiracy persona development:

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