Abby Martin exposes John Podesta



exposed..for all to see..and all because he was computer n00b who used a shitty password..and got caught phishing..



~ by seeker401 on December 20, 2016.

33 Responses to “Abby Martin exposes John Podesta”

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  2. seek&others, is this tape real???

  3. lol

    —- ???



  6. …are they humans? I start thinking they are an alien race colonising planet Earth…

  7. a big happy family:

    Lockheed Martin,NED, (Don & Brian) Podesta:

    “a connection to Brian Podesta, Senior Analyst at National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, John Podesta, and even Bill Clinton…believe John Podesta has special access to children via his possible ‘relative’ Brian Podesta, Senior Analyst at NCMEC with TS/SCI Government Security Clearance and whose parents are LONG TIME Washington Post Editors. Now John Podesta is working at the Washington Post”

  8. THE CORBETT REPORT: Political Pedophilia An open source investigation – 2017

  9. please go who can!

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