Duterte should be investigated for murder over killing claim UN says



The UN’s human rights chief has asked Philippines authorities to investigate President Rodrigo Duterte for murder after he claimed to have killed people while he was a regional mayor.

Philippine judicial authorities “must demonstrate their commitment to upholding the rule of law and their independence from the executive by launching a murder investigation”, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, said.

Prince Zeid’s call, made in a statement issued in Geneva, was sparked by Mr Duterte’s remarks in recent speeches that as a town mayor in southern Davao city in 1988, he killed three suspected kidnappers in a firefight where he was backed up by three police officers.

He later clarified he was unsure whether the bullets from his M16 rifle killed the suspects.

The UN human rights chief said that it was “unthinkable for any functioning judicial system not to launch investigative and judicial proceedings when someone has openly admitted being a killer”.

Prince Zeid added that he had asked authorities to also examine the “appalling epidemic of extra-judicial killings” committed during Mr Duterte’s anti-drug crackdown.

Since taking office in June, Mr Duterte has obsessively overseen the crackdown on illegal drugs that has left more than 6,000 people dead.

Mr Duterte’s acts “directly contravene the rights” enshrined in the Philippine constitution and the killings recalled by the President “also violate international law”, Mr Zeid said.

The UN official also said the President’s encouragement of others may constitute incitement to violence and expressed concern about Mr Duterte’s assurances that police officers who commit human rights violations would be immune from prosecution.

Mr Duterte previously threatened to withdraw the Philippines from the United Nations for its criticism of his drug crackdown, describing the world body as inutile in the face of genocidal killings in other places.


they really dont like rodrigo..

he encompasses everything they detest in a leader..not beholden to the UN and wont play the global governance game..i think hes got 12 months left..either a coup and replaced or taken out..


~ by seeker401 on December 23, 2016.

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  1. rodrigo returns serve with an ace..

    Duterte of Philippines Calls U.N. Human Rights Chief an ‘Idiot’

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