Israel warned New Zealand that UN resolution was “declaration of war”


Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu personally phoned New Zealand’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Murray McCully to warn him a UN resolution co-sponsored by the country was a “declaration of war,” according to a report.

The UN Security Council resolution called for Israel to stop building settlements on occupied Palestinian land. It went as far as declaring the settlements “illegal”.

It was picked up and sponsored by New Zealand and three other countries after US President-elect Donald Trump reportedly pressured Egypt into dropping it.

It was passed on Saturday after the US abstained instead of vetoing, as they historically have done on votes concerning Israel.

In the aftermath, Israel has withdrawn its ambassador to New Zealand, barred New Zealand’s ambassador to Israel, and warned of further sanctions.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lashed out at other Security Council countries by curbing diplomatic contacts, recalling envoys, cutting off aid and summoning the American ambassador for a scolding. Netanyahu has publicly called it a “shameful anti-Israel resolution”.


the cynic in me says the kiwis need to be on the alert for “black flag waver” serious..if new zealand was in europe i would say it was a certainty..

you dont mess with these sorts of people and walk away unscathed..

“a UN resolution co-sponsored by the country was a “declaration of war,” according to a report.”


~ by seeker401 on December 29, 2016.

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  1. Haarp Earthquakes

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  3. “you dont mess with these sorts of people and walk away unscathed..”

  4. According to Wikipedia the U.S. is not historically clear on this issue of settlements:

    “The settlements have been a source of tension between Israel and the U.S. Jimmy Carter regarded the settlements as illegal and tactically unwise. Ronald Reagan stated that they were legal but an obstacle to negotiations.[276] In 1991, the U.S. delayed a subsidized loan to pressure Israel on the subject of settlement-building in the Jerusalem-Bethlehem corridor. In 2005, U.S. declared support for “the retention by Israel of major Israeli population centers as an outcome of negotiations,”[277] reflecting the statement by George W. Bush that a permanent peace treaty would have to reflect “demographic realities” in the West Bank.[278] In June 2009, Barack Obama said that the United States “does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements.”

    This lines up with the video SMC posted here:

  5. The online Times of Israel editor David Horovitz says 2334 has led to Netanyahu waging diplomatic war against the world.
    “We’ve never seen anything like it. It won’t win Israel any new friends.”

    Horovitz says the world will find out soon enough whether Obama planned this “ambush” all along. He noted that Kerry had early in December left open the door to a US abstention: “There are any number of countries talking about bringing resolutions to the United Nations,” Kerry noted. That Christchurch meeting airport wait again?

    A criticism of New Zealand came from the hardline right Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies which published a piece by Eran Lerman , one time Israel military intelligence expert and formally in the Israeli prime minister’s office. He says 2334 undermines the prospects of Israeli-Palestinian peace and threatens what little regional stability is left.

    “The New Zealanders, do-gooders with a very dim understanding of what they have wrought, can be forgiven such folly. The Obama administration has no such excuses.”
    Lerman said “New Zealand may have failed to comprehend what the initiative entails”.

    An unsigned piece in the pro-Israel New Zealand blogsite complained that what McCully had done was to be complicit in “making it illegal for Jews to pray at their holiest site, the Western Wall”. It noted that the resolution has been welcomed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad: “That is the company New Zealand apparently now keeps in geopolitical matters.”

    Shalom.Kiwi’s theory is that the departing McCully “is hell-bent on leaving a legacy, consequences be damned.
    “McCully has been like a rabid dog with a bone on this issue.”

  6. I would like to submit the following article as required reading for all those who take issue with so called ‘christianity’ first let me state clearly .. I believe the scriptures .. with qualifications .. I do not consider myself a ‘christian’ .. I recognize many here do not respect the scriptures and rightly so, as we have all experienced the hypocrisy of ‘christianity’ .. we as the ftm community of truth seekers range from the extreme of xxx who considers the bible a myth, to the opposite extreme of Adirondack who is ready to preach the gospel at every opportunity .. the one thing we all have in common is a sincere search for truth .. this is our strength .. I want to take the opportunity to salute all of you and express my appreciation for the energy you generate here and wish all of you health and truth .. “Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the LORD in your mouth is truth.” .. Cheers Seek

    This post is adapted from Chapter 17 of Truth Is a Lonely Warrior.

    Producing a One-World Religion: A Three-Step Plan

    Karl Marx denounced religion as the “the opiate of the people,” and communist states tried extensively to abolish it. However, the Illuminist oligarchs who run most of our world know that man has a spiritual nature which cannot be fully eradicated. They therefore deemed it more practical to infiltrate and control religion than try and destroy it outright.
    The basic mechanism underlying the satanic New World Order: consolidation. In the context of nations, this has meant ending national sovereignty – bringing Europe from the Common Market to the European Union, and North America from NAFTA to the proposed North American Union, eventually merging these regional structures into a one-world government. In the world of “big business,” a parallel consolidation process is taking place, as multinational corporations merge with each other and buy up small competitors.
    The Illuminati also want consolidation of religions. The technical word for this is ecumenism, which comes from the Greek word “oikoumene” meaning “world” and “earth.” All avenues of life must be consolidated for the Antichrist to rule, and religion is no exception. British globalist historian Arnold Toynbee stated: “I believe that, in the field of religion, sectarianism is going to be subordinated to ecumenicalism, that in the field of politics, nationalism is going to be subordinated to world government . . . .”1
    Of the many tasks to which the Rockefellers committed their vast fortune, one was ecumenical religion, which apparently required three steps:
    (1) Degrade Christianity as a unique faith; this necessitated providing loans to major churches in exchange for doctrinal changes, and funding seminaries that would produce “Modernist” ministers who would undermine the faith. The subsequent weakening of Christianity would ultimately ripen it for consolidation with other religions.
    (2) Specific organizations (such as the National Council of Churches) would be formed as the framework by which various denominations – and ultimately various religions – could be brought together under the ecumenical banner.
    (3) To give churches motive for unification, social causes, acceptable within the morals of most denominations and religions, would be promoted as rallying points for “united action.”

    The War on Christianity, Part II: The Abomination and Blasphemy of Christian Zionism

    • Thanks Rev for the kind words.
      What is on my heart is I hope in Christ Maria understood what I was communicating when it came to ‘conscience’. I was trying to communicate that I did not desire to hurt her conscience because I understand she adheres to something she finds to be of value. That is why, by God, I am trying not to confront others for what I notice they hold dearly. I do the same for myself. I hold dearly to what I value by faith, and my conscience requires me to do so by God. I do get curious why people come to some of the conclusions they do to sustain a working, comfortable relationship with each other. I know I fail to be clear about what my heart desires to communicate at times; so I hope that Maria did not take offense to my questions. Questions, at least for me, sometimes seem to be offensive and only trying to instigate conflict at times. That is why I avoid certain topics for a time because I understand when somebody holds to something each and everyone of us find that ‘something’ to be of a highest good for ourselves. I find I learn and change after some time of listening and sometimes after a period of time I better understand what somebody else is about. I do not always ‘get it’ or ‘others’ right away. I know I fail to do this well, but it is where I am in my life at the moment.

      LORD bless

      • Adirondack one thing I can assure you of .. participating in this blog will challenge your authenticity .. when I first commented here in 2011 .. I was viciously attacked by ftm’s resident pitbull xxx his comments were actually censored by seek .. although we may not agree on spiritual issues my respect for xxx has grown enormously .. his position has helped me to redefine what I believe and how I express myself .. what would be the point of contributing to a blog where everyone agreed and had the same perspective?

        cheers xxx!

      • No offence at all, Adirondack, you are a treasure! 🙂 Rev is right: everybody here is such, having the search for the truth as our highest objective…I learn tones of things at FTM each day.
        Happy New Year to everybody & thank you for making this place so authentic, trustful & enriching! 🙂
        Thanks, Seek, for your incessant energy & thrive, HNY!!

    • Your welcome friend. We are just looking for truth as you describe. Takes all types to make the FTM village. Everyone is unique and that must be respected.

    • cheers Rev. here’s to more truth seeking (and hopefully, finding) in 2017…

  7. To 9/11 and Beyond: The Rothschild-Israeli Obsession with Nuclear Weapons

  8. seeker, “Everyone is unique and that must be respected.”


    I benefited from being around here in years past. I am glad to be here now, and have always enjoyed and noticed how well seeker’s blog is helpful. Seeker himself has a way about himself in being able to wonderfully respect others. I always have found that you, seeker, have been a man of peace.

    Thanks seeker!

    • Thanks mate. Without the input from the readers we have nothing so I prefer to let anything go almost exclusively and then steer discussion away from any vitriolic diatribes. The people who comment, are the blog.

  9. seek. Here is John Howard and a canadian pm both reading from the same ‘invade Iraq’ script. Unbelieveable!! And more. Start the video at 7 minutes. Shows both speaking to their parliaments!

  10. By ananymous..

  11. sorry. forgot the vid.. its xmas..

  12. tday
    Happy & Healthy &peaceful 2017 Seek & everybody Here

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