Israeli police investigate PM Netanyahu over corruption allegations


Israeli police have questioned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over graft allegations, hours after the prime minister dismissed allegations of any wrongdoings.

Netanyahu was questioned at his home by a team of investigators on Monday evening, the Haaretz newspaper reports. The questioning comes amid a probe authorized by Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit, who after accessing preliminary evidence, decided there was enough scope for a full-scale inquiry.

According to Haaretz, police had been trying for days to find a suitable time to question Netanyahu.

This interrogation comprises two separate cases against the prime minister. The first, and less serious, relates to gifts Netanyahu had received from several business people, alleged to be worth hundreds of thousands of shekels.

A number of these business people are said to be his friends, but as Haaretz reports, evidence suggests the PM was choosy about his gifts and made concrete demands.

The special task force to investigate Netanyahu will be led by Chief Superintendent Shlomo Meshulam of the fraud squad. The team comprises local and international Israeli police.

A Jewish-American businessman, Ron Lauder, admits to having presented Netanyahu with gifts, including an expensive suit and paying for a holiday abroad for Netanyahu’s son, Yair. However, police believe Lauder may have deliberately underestimated their value and used them as a way to buy leverage.

Netanyahu has vigorously denied the allegations.

“I see the spirit of celebration in the television studios,” said the PM at a Likud faction meeting on Monday, as quoted by the Jerusalem Post. “Wait with the celebrations; don’t hurry.”

“There will be nothing, because there is nothing,” he added, repeating a catchphrase he has used throughout the scandal.

Some of Netanyahu’s allies have been vocal in their support of him, with one Likud MP describing the the probe as a conspiracy.

“The police’s conduct is different when it comes to investigations of the prime minister,” wrote David Amsalem, an MP for Netanyahu’s Likud party, on Facebook. “There’s an entire enormous army here that’s trying to replace the prime minister. In my opinion, there’s also funding from abroad. They’re doing everything possible in order to oust Netanyahu and bring the left-wing agenda to power.”


oh deep do do..

it must run in the family:

but its all a big plot:

In my opinion, there’s also funding from abroad. They’re doing everything possible in order to oust Netanyahu and bring the left-wing agenda to power.”


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7 Responses to “Israeli police investigate PM Netanyahu over corruption allegations”

  1. The lefty, American left elites causing trouble for ‘favorite enemies..’. Obama and his cowardly scum are psy-oping everyone’s favorite enemy. My Mrs is from Indonesia, is Muslim and has just come back from Jakarta today. The ordinary people she knows still love Australia and Australians. This following story is typical ‘false flag’ rubbish to promote tension between our countries. I know we have good people in our intelligence services. Lets hope they go out and give the real perpetrators of this some High velocity, sectional density, lead for Xmas!!


  3. I meant; ‘a high velocity projectile (range and explosive effect), with a good sectional density (means weight for size), and high ballistic coefficient (aerodynamically efficient)

  4. AJ praying to god for israel and nathanyahu…

  5. Israel bribery inquiry: ‘Audiotape’ adds to pressure on PM Netanyahu

    The tape purports to carry a conversation with a newspaper owner in which they discuss actions that would be mutually beneficial.
    Mr Netanyahu was questioned by police last week in two different cases.
    On Sunday he repeated that “nothing’s going to come” out of the inquiry.
    The details of the conversation on the audiotape were carried in a report on Channel 2 television and the Haaretz newspaper.
    They claim that the second person on the tape is Arnon “Noni” Mozes, the publisher of the Yedioth Ahronot newspaper.
    Channel 2 and Haaretz allege that on the tape Mr Netanyahu offers Mr Mozes a deal under which the circulation of the competitor daily Israel Hayom would be limited in return for more favourable coverage of the PM in Yedioth Ahronot.
    It was unclear when the purported conversation took place, although Haaretz said it may have been several months ago.


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