Indonesia suspends military co-operation with Australia..*yawn



Indonesia has suspended all military co-operation with Australia, saying “a lot of things needed to be improved”.

Army spokesman Maj Gen Wuryanto said the halt came into force in December and a broad range of activities were affected, including joint training.

Australian Defence officials confirmed Indonesia had halted all defence co-operation over “teaching materials”.

Bilateral relations have been tense at times in recent years, although there were recent signs of improvement.

“All forms of co-operation with the Australian military, including joint training, have been temporarily withheld. I hope it can be resolved as soon as possible,” Maj Gen Wuryanto said.

Australia’s Defence Minister Marise Payne said later in a statement: “Late last year concerns were raised by an Indonesian TNI (Indonesian National Armed Forces) officer about some teaching materials and remarks at an Army language training facility in Australia.”

“The Australian Army has looked into the serious concerns that were raised and the investigation into the incident is being finalised.”

Indonesian special forces group Kopassus trains with the Special Air Service in Perth, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corp (ABC).

An Indonesian newspaper, Kompas, reported that a Kopassus instructor had found “laminated material” at the training facility which he considered to be offensive to the Indonesia’s founding principle of Pancasila.

When asked about this, Maj Gen Wuryanto said there were many reasons for the suspension, without giving further details.

Hints of the lead-up to Indonesia’s dramatic decision to suspend military ties with Australia can be found in General Gatot’s public lectures over the past two months, posted on YouTube.

He said he pulled a special forces officer from Indonesia, who was teaching at an army base in Perth, after the officer was offended by a homework assignment that said Papua should have independence because it was part of Melanesia.

Indonesia’s hardline military chief Gatot Nurmantyo has little love for Australia.

In March 2015, when he was army chief of staff, General Gatot said that efforts for East Timor to secede from Indonesia were a proxy war on the part of Australia to secure the oil field in the Timor Gap. (A proxy war is a conflict between two powers in which neither engages the other directly.)


the proverbial storm in a tea cup..and who cares if they did..this is the country who executed australians last year by firing squad at midnight, for having some illicit drugs..not the sort of laws that inspire me to friendship..

its a west papua/timor thing..and the indonesians are dirty..their little secret..research this if interested:


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  1. We might liberate West Papua if there is enough interest from BIG OIL.. just like we did Timor Leste.

    We nationalised the expenses in “liberating” Timor & privatised the profit from the resources in the timor sea. thanks Downer/

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