Images 8/1/17


crescent moon and a smaller crescent venus..taken in budapest in 2004..feels like melancholia..


new track by the weeknd featuring daft punk..check out the


and the album cover..


tsar nicholas the 2nd actually had a swastika on his car..before his time?


and again..


wow..symbolism always from the economist..what can you see?


from beyonces performance at the 2016 vma’s..thats an upside down cross..


before and after..once quickly they forget..and so much love to give!


eye eye..


fergie from the black eyed peas..


teairra mari..playing the game..


it never stops..


~ by seeker401 on January 8, 2017.

23 Responses to “Images 8/1/17”


  2. the name of the track is ‘starboy’ – the artist is ‘the weeknd.’ in the video it’s clear what is going on is that he’s dead. same theme in another video of his for ‘the hills.’ pretty sure he’s dead in the video for ‘cant feel my face’ as well. all the songs reference cocaine.

    talented and well produced. shame about the content…

  3. MOCA..Hollyweird’s new year “arts” gathering

  4. faaaaaaake

  5. According to Bauman, the future lays in the hands of the cities and their mayors…:

    “Bauman consideraba que «la soberanía del Estado territorial se ha convertido en una ilusión» y que «internet provoca más divisiones que unificaciones». «El futuro está en las ciudades, en los alcaldes»

    no national states, only the supra international structures in the hands of the de facto power and the local administration, the mayors…


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