Biden warns that the progressive democratic world order is at risk of collapse

Vice President Joe Biden delivered an epic final speech Wednesday to the elites at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The gist of his speech was simple: At a time of “uncertainty” we must double down on the values that made Western democracies great, and not allow the “liberal world order” to be torn apart by destructive forces.

Biden went after Russian President Vladimir Putin by name, saying he is using “every tool” in his power to whittle away the European project, and undermine Western democracies. Biden accused Putin of wanting to “roll back decades of progress.”

Biden said Russia used “cyber aggression” to meddle in the U.S. election, an assertion supported by 17 U.S. intelligence agencies. He also warned that we will see further interference from Russia in the future and said the “purpose is clear” — that Putin wants to see a “collapse of the international order.”

“Simply put, Putin has a different vision of the future,” the vice president warned.

At the outset of his speech, Biden implored the media to not hear his speech as a shot at President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office on Friday. And, while what Biden said applies broadly to leaders in Europe, as well as the United States, there is no mistaking that his comments were a rebuttal to Trump’s friendly statements about the Russian president.

At the outset of his speech, Biden implored the media to not hear his speech as a shot at President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office on Friday. And, while what Biden said applies broadly to leaders in Europe, as well as the United States, there is no mistaking that his comments were a rebuttal to Trump’s friendly statements about the Russian president.

At a time when Trump and his advisors are talking about shaking up NATO, Biden said, we must “support our NATO allies. An attack on one is an attack on all. That can never be placed in question.”

Biden also warned that unlike Trump’s call for building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, it’s not the time to build walls and live in fear.

Biden implored world leaders to work together to protect democracy from encroachments by Russia, Iran and others. Yet, Trump’s world view is “America First,” which runs counter to Biden’s view.

Biden didn’t merely urge the world leaders at Davos to maintain the status quo. He warned that the reason for the pressure on the democratic order is the rise in income inequality and the hollowing out of the middle class, as the rich get richer and people in developing nations see their lives gradually improve.

He said the top 1 percent is not paying their fair share, and as a result we are seeing social instability increase.

“We need to tap into the big heartedness,” Biden said. “This is a moment to lead boldly.”


he assumes we all think thats a bad thing?

note the lights going out on him..timing.. 🙂

“Biden also warned that unlike Trump’s call for building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, it’s not the time to build walls and live in fear.”

did he mention that to israel as well?

“support our NATO allies. An attack on one is an attack on all. That can never be placed in question.”



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  1. ‘Those who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it’

    ‘There’s nothing new under the sun’

    If you want to know the future .. it’ll be here soon

  2. America’s New Experiment with Russian Totalitarianism

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes
    Donald Trump has performed a miracle and lead the Republican Party to take over complete control of the Federal Government. This is especially interesting given that the Republican Party lacks a unified agenda or platform. Trump will fill this vacuum with his pro-Israel, pro-Russia and pro-jewish robber baron politics, and a host of old Republicans from the Reagan era.
    This approach is immediately unpopular with about half the country, but will it work? Trump has done far more to drain the media swamp than the Washington swamp. Trump simply exchanges the modern old guard for the new, the previous snakes and alligators for the new. It is a small step backwards, not to when America was great, but to when America began to butcher the middle class, invite the Soviets into the West, and went to war against Islam for the benefit of Israel, but will it work?
    In my book E = mc2 and the Jewish Agenda I propose an end to the MAD system the jews created to pit Whites against themselves. Trump and Putin plan to put it into the hands of Israel and grant it hegemony over the Middle East. When Hitler and Stalin embraced it led to the destruction of Europe and the enslavement of Eastern Europeans. The military power is now aimed at the Middle East. Putin is driving a wedge between America and China and forcing China into his hands, together with Turkey. Putin has his ISIS generating the pretext for Russia and America to continue the jews’ perpetual war on the Middle East and Trump has encouraged this and cannot wait to bring us into more war.
    The media swamp Trump is draining is quickly being filled by Putin’s puppet alt right. Trump has his own version of RT in the works and it will promote the interests of Israel and Russia over our own. He may well take action to ease the immigration invasion, but will also likely use it as an opportunity to subvert our fundamental rights and grow the government into an increasingly socialist State. Trump and Putin are working toward fulfilling David Ben Gurion’s vision in 1962:

    “The image of the world in 1987 as traced in my imagination: The Cold War will be a thing of the past. Internal pressure of the constantly growing intelligentsia in Russia for more freedom and the pressure of the masses for raising their living standards may lead to a gradual democratization of the Soviet Union. On the other hand, the increasing influence of the workers and farmers, and the rising political importance of men of science, may transform the United States into a welfare state with a planned economy. Western and Eastern Europe will become a federation of autonomous states have a Socialist and democratic regime. With the exception of the USSR as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an international police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.”

    Trump and Putin are using Putin’s ISIS as a pretext to create an international police force headed from Jerusalem, beginning with a planned joint military campaign against Islam. Trump will open up our intelligence agencies to Israel and Russia, and they will quickly take them over. Trump pledges to make Jerusalem the eternal capital of the jewish people, so that they can rule the world from Jerusalem and judge the nations, the Goyim, in fulfilment of Isaiah 2:1-4:

    The word that Isaiah the son of Amoz saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.

    2 And it shall come to pass in the last days, that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established in the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it.
    3 And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
    4 And he shall judge among the nations, and shall rebuke many people: and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

    But will Trump expel the invaders and prevent more from coming in? Will Trump nominate authentic Justices for the Supreme Court, or will he ask for Israel first stooges who bend their knees to Jerusalem as the Supreme Court of mankind? Will Trump prevent the Chinese from growing their nuclear arsenal and subverting Russia as they have subverted America? Will he prevent Putin from aggression against the Baltics? Will Trump flip on Russia as Hitler did on Stalin and send him into the hands of the Chinese, as Hitler allowed for the bond between Roosevelt and Stalin?
    Totalitarianism will work if Trump repudiates the debt and tells the Chinese, Japanese and others to look for their money from the jews who subverted us. Trump cannot grow the economy enough without doing this first to overcome our debts. Trump will instead scapegoat and attack the Saudis, who have protected us from Russian aggression many times by lowering oil prices at critical moments in history. Trump will instead allow the jewish robber barons to privatize the functions of government to the jews who then will toll us and tax us and block anyone who opposes them from using utilities, roads, schools or obtaining food. Trump is sort of a new Karl Alexander, Duke of Württemberg and the Joseph Süß Oppenheimers are legion around him:

    • Trump will fill this vacuum with his pro-Israel, pro-Russia and pro-jewish robber baron politics, and a host of old Republicans from the Reagan era.
      This approach is immediately unpopular with about half the country, but will it work? Trump has done far more to drain the media swamp than the Washington swamp. Trump simply exchanges the modern old guard for the new, the previous snakes and alligators for the new. It is a small step backwards, not to when America was great, but to when America began to butcher the middle class, invite the Soviets into the West, and went to war against Islam for the benefit of Israel, but will it work?

      • “In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents, as prophesied by Isaiah.”

        The Roots of Evil in Jerusalem

        • we will see..

          • For Whom The Bell Tolls

            In the 19th century, Europeans could not fully colonise China. But there was an obvious mark of their supremacy: the Settlement System. It divided the residents of China into two categories: the supreme human beings (the Europeans) and the lowly natives. A native who raised his hand against a superior European was tried by European colonial law, a European whose misdeed caused harm to a native was out of bounds of native justice. This system of “settlements” was dismantled by Chairman Mao after the Communist victory of 1949. Similar systems of colonial justice went down with the colonial empires that employed them, and for a short while afterwards, every country was sovereign over its land.

            Some time ago, the Knesset of the Jewish State revived the Settlement System for the non-yet-fully-colonised world: an offender against the Jews, wherever he lives, wherever he commits his offence, can be brought to the Jewish court. The offended Jew may have no connection whatsoever to the Jewish State, the offence may be not considered an offence by the local native law, but he still can be brought to Jewish justice in Jerusalem. This law claimed supreme sovereignty of the Jews over the rest of mankind. This law denied the sovereignty of all nations save one. Such a claim had to be treated as any hostile attempt of the nation’s sovereignty: as an act of war. But it passed in silence due to a marvellous Jewish invention: gradualness.

            This method was explained by Amira Hass, the Haaretz correspondent in colonised Palestine. She wrote: “If you throw a frog into boiling water, it will jump out and save its life. But a frog swimming in room temperature water that is gradually heated will grow used to the heat; by the time the water boils, it’s too late and the frog dies. In the development of the Israeli system of control over the Palestinian people and their land, the Israeli occupation has raised to the level of genius the use of gradualness as a means of making people grow used to something.” This gradualness was used by the Jews – not only in regard to the Palestinians.

            The Settlement System started small: the Long Arm of the Jews snatched Adolf Eichmann in Argentina and brought him to Jewish justice in Jerusalem. Adolf Eichmann was a bad guy who did a lot of harm to Jews in a big way, so many countries chose to disregard this grievous infringement of Argentine sovereignty. And it was just the beginning:

            A few years later, the Polish court demanded the extradition of a Jewish mass murderer, Solomon Morel. This Morel tortured and killed with his own hands hundreds of ethnic Germans in a concentration camp in postwar Poland. His crimes were exposed by the late American journalist John Sack. Morel escaped to Tel Aviv, and the Jewish state replied to the Polish demand with imperial haughtiness: “What Chutzpah! These natives do not know their place!” Probably, Queen Victoria would reply like that if a native African chief were to demand the surrender of one of her officials to his justice.

            Since then, every country, big and small, has accepted the notion of the Jews being above the law. The wealthy Russian Jewish crook Nevzlin escaped Russia and lives peacefully in Tel Aviv, next to Flatto-Sharon, a French-Jewish crook, not far from a murderer of a Canadian child, within a reach from many other killers and crooks. A powerful Jewish organisation called Khabad wrote in its charter: there should be no Jews in goys’ jails. By bribes and persuasion they release Jewish criminals from jails and ship them to the Jewish state. The Khabad founder, Lubawitsch Rebbe’s birthday is celebrated as a holiday, “Education Day,” in the USA.


      • Seek, the two awesome videos above made in 1940’s Germany could never be made today .. for anyone who has the time they are well worth watching.

    • thanks, Rev. I highly respect the author (from previos posts of yours), but when I arrived at this point:
      “Trump and Putin are using Putin’s ISIS as a pretext to create an international police force headed from Jerusalem, beginning with a planned joint military campaign against Islam. ”
      I really stopped reading, sorry. Putin’s ISIS? …Excuse me?…

      • I agree Maria but again discernment and critical thinking are required .. in this game 1 plus 1 doesn’t always equal 2 .. when you understand there are no real enemies

        • “when you understand there are no real enemies”…here I agree, Rev…otherwise why should Purin&Rusia stay quite with regards to the 11-S Israel-did FF ?…

        • rev, “discernment and critical thinking are required”

          Our discernment and critical thinking are presupposed to be not inerrant and infallible. The nature of man presupposes discernment and critical thinking, but the data and results may be wrong.

          • The discernment I speak of is spiritual in nature, man is a spiritual being .. However, when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. For He will not speak on His own, but He will speak what He hears, and He will declare to you what is to come .. You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free .. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you ..The natural man does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God. For they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned. The spiritual man judges all things, but he himself is not subject to anyone’s judgment.

            • God’s Word is inerrant and infallible, not me. I am a sinner. I wrong the world all the time. Praise God I am saved by an alien righteousness (not from another planet, but a righteousness not mine). Christ is Righteous, and His Righteousness is the legal justification for my forgiveness declared by God. There is a great distance between the Creator and the creature. I am a creature. Not the Creator. His Word will always be His, not mine, even in glorification.

              The Spirit of God does guide His people into all truth that is discerned by God’s Word not the fallible truth of sinful man. God is infallible and inerrant, not me.

              LORD bless

      • yeah..thats incorrect to my mind..

        • Seek,
          Bjerknes is intelligent and extremely controversial and I will admit I am uncertain of his agenda .. info or disinfo .. he hits a lot of targets that must be filtered .. If we believe there are no real enemies and the East vs West / Russia vs US meme is false then I must assume Putin supported the creation of ISIS by the US and Israel .. lets remember this friendly visit ..

          Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin, during an official visit to Moscow, Russia.

          For the fourth time in less than year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is heading to the Kremlin on Wednesday for an official visit to Moscow.
          Netanyahu is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to mark the 25th anniversary of the restoration of Israel’s diplomatic ties with Russia.
          The invitation for the visit was announced by a spokesperson for the Russian government on May 13. Netanyahu had traveled to Moscow in April for a short briefing with Russian leaders the day before the start of Passover.
          During that visit, the two men discussed Russia’s advanced weapons sales to Iran, the situation in Syria, continued coordination between the military forces of the two nations in Syria, a discussion about the peace efforts in the country, and prevention of advanced weapons access for the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror group.
          Israel’s top military advisers accompanied Netanyahu that day, as did then-Absorption Minister Ze’ev Elkin, who was born in Ukraine.

          Vladimir Putin was determined to join Vladimir Lenin’s Cheka/NKVD/KGB at 16 years old
          I would dare say there is not a president in the history of the US who could measure up to the intelligence and ruthless ambition of Putin
          If kgb defector Anatoly Golitsyn is to believed both the cia and fbi were infiltrated and hijacked a long time ago.
          Putin is certainly no stranger to false flag bombings to maintain his position .. the only question that needs to be asked is .. “Cui bono?” — “Who benefits?”

          1999 Russian apartment bombings
          The 1999 Russian apartment bombings were a series of attacks carried out on four apartment blocks in the Russian cities of Buynaksk, Moscow, and Volgodonsk in September 1999 that killed 293 people and injured more than 1000 and spread a wave of fear across the country. Together with the Dagestan War, the bombings led the country into the Second Chechen War.
          The blasts hit Buynaksk on 4 September, Moscow on 9 and 13 September, and Volgodonsk on 16 September. An explosive device similar to those used in these bombings was found and defused in an apartment block in the Russian city of Ryazan on 22 September.[1] The next day, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin praised the vigilance of the inhabitants of Ryazan and ordered the air bombing of Grozny, which marked the beginning of the Second Chechen War.[2] According to the Moscow City Court, these were acts of terrorism organized and financed by the leaders of the illegal armed group Caucasus Islamic Institute.[3] Thirty-six hours later, three FSB agents who had planted this device were arrested by the local police. The incident was declared to have been a training exercise. There are allegations that the bombings were a “false flag” attack perpetrated by the FSB in order to legitimise the resumption of military activities in Chechnya and help Vladimir Putin attain the presidency…
          Yury Felshtinsky, Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky, David Satter, Boris Kagarlitsky, Vladimir Pribylovsky, and the secessionist Chechen authorities claim that the 1999 bombings were a false flag attack coordinated by the FSB in order to win public support for a new full-scale war in Chechnya. This war boosted the popularity of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who was previously the director of the KGB, and helped the pro-war Unity Party succeed in the elections to the State Duma and helped Putin attain the presidency within a few months.

          The Biggest Secret In History: False Flag Terror

          It is beyond my comprehension that anyone would be so gullible to dispute that Vladimir Putin could be engaged in the False Flag known as ISIS.
          “The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”.
          – Josef Stalin

          Opposing Russia is not supporting Clinton .. I would venture to say Hillary Clinton performed her role in promoting Putin exceptionally well .. by declaring war on Russia .. so many people are now willing to embrace Putin .. if the wicked witch hates him, he must a good guy .. Newtons Third Law …. Putin and Netanyahu will get everything they want approved by Trump.

          KGB Agent Vladimir Putin’s War on NATO: Part II, PEGIDA Is a KGB Front

          • i am open minded to the fact it might be real enemies..only favorite ones..this tends to ring true time and time again..good comments..

        • Antony Sutton – How The Order Controls Education

        • Antony Sutton – The Soviet Union and Skull & Bones

        • The Anthony Sutton interviews above were conducted by Elizabeth Clare Prophet .. I by no means support the teachings of Church Universal and Triumphant or the Ascended Masters but they sure look like an interesting cult.

        • “Cui bono?” — “Who benefits?”

          Putin ratifies deal for Russia to use Syria base indefinitely

        • Meet the Israeli analyst who leaked ISIS’ execution videos,7340,L-4567871,00.html

  3. The Failed Coup .. Dialectic


  5. He is selling the idea of freedom to slaves.
    Its the same order just saying they have collapsed by puting a new puppet on the stage.

  6. And where is the so called” rule of people”democracy seen in American govt?
    Its a bloody dogma .
    The demoncracy dogma.

    THEY -BOMBED – Libya 1more time 😦
    fromCynthiaMcKinney “JFK, the last President hated by the CIA–until Trump. At least one faction of the CIA–the pro-Hillary Cabal Faction–hates Trump.”

  8. Seek and JoelH .. this is the deep state at work ..

    First consider top KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s incisive analysis of the August 1991 coup:

    According to my assessment, the Soviet ‘coup’ and its ‘failure’ constituted a grandiose display of deception – a provocation. The ‘ineptitude’ of the participants in the ‘coup’ and the ‘failure’ of it were skillfully planned and executed. The main argument in support of this assessment is that the Soviet military, the KGB, the Party and leading media figures apparently had neither the skill to launch a successful coup nor the guts to crush resistance to it. This is news indeed!

    Facing a real crisis in Hungary in 1956, the same forces displayed exceptional skill, know-how and determination in crushing a genuine revolt. Knowledge of the Soviet mentality and of Moscow’s record of ruthless action has convinced this analyst that the Soviet military, the Party and the leaders of the media all have the skill, the will and the courage to crush genuine resistance and opposition. They did not display them on this occasion because the abortive ‘coup’ was carried out in accordance with Party instructions; and it was the Party and the Komsomol themselves which organized the alleged resistance to it.

    The real participants both in the ‘coup’ and in the ‘failure’ were some 20,000 or more chosen Komsomol and Party members in Moscow with two or three tank divisions guided by their political commissars and a handful of dedicated Party officials and generals who sacrificed their prestige in the interests of the Party’s strategy and under the guidance of its strategists. The calculated nature of the ‘coup’ and its timing show that it was staged by the Russian, President Yeltsin, to save the essence of the Union at the time of transition to a new form of federation.

    The abortive ‘coup’ and the ‘resistance’ to it were carefully calculated displays intended primarily for the West. This explains why Western media contacts with Moscow were not curtailed. On the contrary, the big guns of the Soviet media like Vitaliy Korotich and representatives of the Arbatov Institute were on hand both in Moscow and in the United States to ‘help’ the Western media with their interpretation of developments in the USSR. The episode shows how well Soviet strategists like Arbatov and his experts on the American media have mastered the art of projecting such displays for consumption by the American media, and throughout the West.

    The Soviet strategists sought to underline for the West the dramatic ineptitude of the ‘coup’ and the spectacular courage and resistance displayed by the new ‘Russian democrats’ and their leader Yeltsin in ‘defending’ the Soviet Parliament- their symbolic equivalent of ‘The White House’. The main external objective of the display was to demonstrate to the West that Soviet democratization is genuine, that it has the support of the people and that it is working. [Golitsyn, The Perestroika Deception, p.137]

  9. Anatoly Golitsyn
    New Lies For Old 
    The Communist strategy of deception and Disinformation
    An ex-KGB officer warns how communist deception threatens survival of the West

  10. Just peeling back more layers ..


    • Another nice link Rev…hence the term “deep state”.

      Having been down the rabbit hole for quite a while, it has become more and more difficult to wake people up as the info is incredibly mind boggling. How do you string it together without sounding “certifiable” lol!

      All I can say is “ignorance is definitely bliss…until its not!”

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”


      • There is not a doubt in my mind .. I am certifiable

        • Hope this helps, lol one way or another 🙂

          You have hit on
          Antony Sutton. He is a soft place to land in the midst of so much rhetoric. I believe he is foundational.

          The treasonous bastard of hell is the enemy and his sons have followed suit. Treason, it’s the oldest war crime committed. Satan’s treason beautifully described through the prophet Ezekial and its remedy described by Yahshua, I saw satan fall like lightening as he and his senate were cast out of the third heavens. That remedy for treason still exists in the U.S. constitution.

          • This excerpt taken from the preface of his book on skull & bones really spelled it out for me:

            “But my real intent, to generate an exploration of Hegelian influence in modern America, has not been fulfilled. In great part, this can be attributed to an educational system based on a statist-Hegelian philosophy, and which has already achieved the dumbing down of America. This disastrous, destructive philosophy, the source of both Naziism and Marxism, has infected and corrupted our constitutional republic.

            Much of the blame for this corruption is with an elitist group of Yalie Bonesmen.
            Their symbol of Skull and Bones and their Hegelian philosophy, say it all, although, with typical duplicity, they would have you believe otherwise. Hegelianism glorifies the State, the vehicle for the dissemination of statist and materialist ideas and policies in education, science, politics and economics.”

            I find myself circling back and snuggling under Professor Sutton’s wing more times than naught these days. Frankly, I think he is one of a handful who unequivocally knew who, what and when. Having th on plus ls out our true enemy “within” and our remedy for their treason.

            traitor that has committed treason repeatedly and betrayed America. Marcus Tullius Cicero defined a traitor as the plague over 2000 years ago with these words:

            The Enemy Within
            “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his s





            • I posted this under Devos article last December. It goes hand and glove with Sutton’s book on Skull & Bones. This is the woman who supplied him with the names.

            • Hegel’s philosophy is influential, especially on statist theory probably second to none. Hegel tried to retain metaphysics counter to Kant, but Hegel still had to accept some of Kant’s presuppositions. The Enlightenment philosophers of Spinoza, Descartes, Locke, and Hume all laid the foundation for Kant’s Wall between the noumena and phenomena. All philosopher’s after Kant, including Hegel, Kierkegaard, and Post World War Two philosophies like Existentialism, never could rid the Kantian Wall. Kant’s Wall is the inherent skepticism of Modernity that has come into further fruition called Postmodernity.

              This is the same philosophical problem that secular philosophy around the world has never found a solution for, which in secular philosophy is called ‘the one and many problem’. It is why secular philosophy is a pendulum that swings back and forth reacting to the dominate philosophy of the day each time in history between Rationalism (or Idealism/Modernism) and Empiricism (or existentialism/Postmodernism). You will find this back and forth in the first philosophers and the last philosophers of Ancient Greece. The ‘one/many’ put another way is Universalism/Particularism, or Absolutes/individual bits of data, Order/Chaos, or genus and species, etc.

              Christianity: Secular philosophy has never, and will never bring the ‘one and many’ into a unified solution. This is because it is godless. It does not acknowledge God who is the One God in Three Persons (the one and many solved in Him)! Man can not rightly reason or intuit the one and many, hence the inherent problem that secular philosophers have named and admit to never finding a solution for, and a particular philosopher’s philosophy will thereby either be a philosophy of the one, or a philosophy of the many, but never a unified philosophy.

              Today’s sociological Monism, just like Ancient Greece and other places historically inbetween, is an effort to unify all into the One. A claim that it unifies the one and many into the One, but it fails therefore, to account for the many (true diversity). Today, it is popularly understood as Hermaphrodite or non-binary person. [I know somebody who teaches who has one in her school class now. They do not want to be called ‘he’ or ‘she’, but instead desire to be called ‘they’ or ‘them’ or ‘non-binary’.

              • Wow Adirondack…sounds like this “Kantian Wall” may have provided the incentive required to bring forth an even more refined effort to be played upon us seeking after the “Almighty One” (El Shadai). Maybe a little off topic but I hear in my heart the psalmist playing psalm 91 and am reminded of the hiding place under His Wing where we can all find refuge.

                • Very well put. I hear the scripture dripping off your words: “refine” (our faith), and the others: El-Shadai and Psalm 91 are more self-evident. The discipline of a loving Father is a joy (Hebrews 12).


                • So who or what is the State? Obviously it’s a self-appointed elite. It is interesting that Fichte, who developed these ideas before Hegel, was a freemason, almost certainly Illuminati, and certainly was promoted by the Illuminati. For example, Johann Wolfgang Goethe (Abaris in the Illuminati code) pushed Fichte for an appointment at Jena University.

                  Furthermore, the Illuminati principle that the end justifies the means, a principle that Quigley scores as immoral and used by both The Group [Millner / Rhodes Round Table] and The Order, is rooted in Hegel.

                  …Most of us believe the State exists to serve the individual, not vice versa.

                  The Order believes the opposite to most of us. That is crucial to understanding what they are about. So any discussion between left and right, while essential to promote the change, is never allowed to develop into a discussion along the lines of Jeffersonian democracy, i.e., the best government is least government. The discussion and the funding is always towards more state power, use of state power and away from individual rights. So it doesn’t matter from the viewpoint of The Order whether it is termed left, right, Democratic, Republican, secular or religious – so long as the discussion is kept within the framework of the State and the power of the State.

                  This is the common feature between the seemingly dissimilar positions taken by members – they have a higher common objective in which clash of ideas is essential.

                  • Here is an excerpt from an interview by Kris Millegan with Prof. Antony Sutton dated July, 1999:KM: What do you see for the future?AS: Chaos, confusion and ultimately a battle between the individual and the State. The individual is the stronger; and will win. The state is a fiction sanctified by Hegel and his followers to CONTROL the individual. Sooner or later people will wake up. First we have to dump the trap of right and left, this is a Hegelian trap to divide and control. The battle is not between right and left; it is between us and them.,.

                    • thats beautiful and spot on..nice catch..


                      The state is a fiction sanctified by Hegel and his followers to CONTROL the individual.” Antony Sutton

                      Ok then 401…if the state is a fiction then it would be spelled in caps…STATE in the same way as the UNITED STATES is the corporate fiction for the United States of America and JOHN DOE is the corporate fiction aka strawman for John Doe… hmm did Frank abolish the STATE?

                      The Order: What It Is and How It Began

                      Those on the inside know it as The Order. For legal purposes, The Order was incorporated as the Russell Trust in 1856.

                      Hmmm…Aka RUSSELL TRUST another corporate fiction.

                    • might be a typo!

                      maritime/canon law is where you are heading if you are talking caps.. 🙂

                    • Russell or really Roesel, crypto German Jew pray tell had a partner in founding The Order, I looked him up and he actually was the one who incorporated the Russell Trust. I got a big knot in my gut. I was actually correct 401 regarding the STATE, this explains the reason why the created a fiction.

                      Daniel Coit Gilman: Incorporator: The Russell Trust Association (1856)


                      by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2009




                      Daniel Coit Gilman The incorporator of the Russell Trust Association (Skull & Bones) at Yale University, was one of the most prolific members of the Russell Trust. He was determined to reorganize, and thus re-establish the American Education System of the United States. He was determined to change the American mindset of ‘independent thought’ and convert the people of the United States into a ‘controlled’ society beneficial to the ‘STATE.’

                      Understanding Daniel Coit Gilman is probably the most important factor in deciphering the actual intent of the Order of the Russell Trust Association. Their intent is to ultimately ‘comfortably’ merge the people of the United States into The New World Order. By far Daniel Coit Gilman was THE most important ‘mover’ in changing the American tradition of ‘life, liberty. And the pursuit of happiness.’

                      He wanted to create a society subservient to the apparatus of the ‘STATE. But the STATE is a fiction, so to whom are we being delivered for absolute control. In order to understand this research, you will need to read: America’s Secret Establishment [Adobe Acrobat Reader Required

                    • good stuff!

                    • This is the prime reason to take steps to ditch the strawman, understand importance of being a flesh and blood individual with common law rights and operate accordingly.

                    • OMG OMG Russell hit a nerve and I thought nah cant be but sensing the nudge I looked up who incorporated the Russell Trust aka skull and bones and I am shaking because it is the Russell who immediately came to mind.


                    • There are three items which relate to what has been described above.

                      · There is a particular man who is well informed about the Watchtower Society who is able to explain how the Watchtower Society is interlocked with a lot of major corporations.

                      · As a consequence of how connected the WT Society is with politics, big business, etc. the WT Society has been closely watched by the FBI which has over 12,000 pages in its files on the WT Society alone. This figure does not include its extensive files on individuals, of which everyone of the WT Society Presidents has had a file.

                      · The WT Society performs a secret ritual every year which is their primary ritual. This ritual is actually the ancient gnostic (satanic) ritual of saying no to the body of Christ. This ancient satanic ritual is now secretly practiced under the disguise of the Memorial Supper – where the elements of communion are passed and no one partakes of the elements. (When I say “no one” I mean that in a qualified sense-only a small group are allowed to partake. The actual figures of how many partake of the elements is a totally fictitious figure according to my sources, which is created at Bethel headquarters in Brooklyn.

                      JW’s are another new fake religion..with ties..

                    • SAMPLE OF RUSSELLS OF INTEREST


                      William Huntington Russell – founder of what is believed to be an American chapter of the Illuminati (Skull & Bones Order).9 More on this in chapter 2.3. It’s legal name is Russell Trust.

                      John Russell – founder of the fraternity of Daughters of Isabella (DOI) in May, 1897 in New Haven, Conn.10


                      Charles Taze Russell – Knights Templar Mason of York Rite, in Allegheny Pa. and founder of the WT Society.

                      Harvey D. Russell – KT Mason leader of Pittsburgh, PA Beaver Valley Lodge No. 8412

                      John Russell – Pastor C . T. Russell’s step-mother was executor of his will. His mother was the one chosen to dance with famous Mason and Illuminatus Lafayette when he was in Philadelphia.’13

                      William H. Russell – Mason and part owner of the Pony Express, which was a firm made up mainly of Masons.”14

                      George William Russell (1869-1935) – leading member of the Dublin Theosophist lodge, wrote art. for the theosophic periodical The Irish Theosophist. Initiated into the Lodge of Isis (with it sexual rites). The keynote of his work is from the Bhagavadgita. He was a good friend of Golden Dawn leader William Butler Yeats who wrote some of the Satanic Masonic Rituals for the Golden Dawn.’15

                      James Russell- President of the Royal Society of Edinburgh which was associated with esoteric groups like the Masons.16

                      Archibald D. Russell (1811-1871) – A Presbyterian Mason who graduated from the Univ. of Edinburgh, Scot. He studied at the Univ. of Bonn, Ger. and was active in setting up various organizations in the United States. 17

                      Benjamin Russell (1761-1845)- Mason and early American Journalist.18

                      Charles H. Russell – Governor of Nevada, 1950-58, and 32º Mason, also in the York Rite, and a Shriner. 19

                      J. Stuart Russell – Mason and newspaper editor and deputy chairman of the Fed. Reserve Bank in Chicago.20

                      Lee M. Russell (1875-1943) – Mason and Lt. Gov. of Miss. 1916-20. (21)

                      Louis A. Russell (1854-1925) – Mason, organist for South Park Presbyterian Church, Newark, N.J.22

                      Richard B. Russell (1861-1938) – Mason, judge, editor & business exec.22

                      Richard B. Russell, Jr. – Mason and Gov. of Georgia, 1931-33 and Sen. from Georgia since 1933. 24

                      Before going to our next section would be worthwhile to cover the family that Bertrand Russell came from. They hold the title of Dukes of Bedford. Ordo W. Russell served in Lord Palmerston’s office from 1850-52. He served as unofficial ambassador for Great Britain to the Vatican from 1857-70. His son Baron Ampthill was Grand Master of the English Masons 1908-1935. He joined the English equivalent of the Knights of Malta – that is the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, and served as the Grand Master of the lodge formed at the Bank of England! He was appointed head of the Indian Masons of Madras, India (home of the Theosophical Society). Ordo Russell’s son also served in some high political positions.

                      RUSSELLS CONNECTED TO GROUPS THAT TIE BACK TO THE ILLUMINATI (see future chapters such as 2.5)

                      Charles Edward Russell, Jewish Socialist who worked for N. Y. Life controlled by J.P. Morgan, and also for N.Y. Tribune and Herald.25

                      James E. Russell, Columbia University professor who introduced Wundt’s Hegelian philosophy to his students at Columbia.26

                      Thomas Russell (1767-1803) – a revolutionist of the Illuminati-stream of Revolution.27

                      Samuel Russell – represented Baring Bros. Helped open up the Port of Shanghai for the International Financiers.28

                      Bertrand Russell – famous Fabian socialist, and One-World Order .29

                      Alys Russell- ex-eccentric Quaker, wife of Bertrand and also a Fabian Socialist.30

                      Rev. Matthew Russell (1834-1912)- Jesuit writer.31


                      Charles Taze Russell, Sr. – Pastor Russell’s uncle, broker and real estate agent.32

                      Moses F. Russell, Postmaster of Saltillo, Hopkins Co. ,TX near where Hayden Cooper Covington’s parents moved.33

                      Brother Russell- an early elder of the Belfast Ireland IBSA congregation.34


                      Elder Isaac Russell- a prominent early Mormon missionary to Great Britain in 1837.35

                      Captain Joseph H. Russell- original investor in stock in the Mormon Deseret Manufacturing Co. which was intended to be an umbrella company for many early

                      Mormon enterprises.36

                      The Russell who opened a store with Mormon blessings in the newly created Salt Lake city. The store was called Miller, Russell & Co., a branch of Russell, Majors, & Waddell, and was a primary source of goods in the area of Utah.37

                      OTHER RUSSELL’S

                      Baron Charles Russell (1832-1900)- Solicitor (Lawyer) in Ulster and advocate for Ireland.38

                      Jerome Russell a Greyfriar, burned in 1539 for heresy with John Kennedy in Glasgow, Scot.39

                      Philemon R. Russell- editor of the Christian Herald & Journal, in the Mar. 19, 1840 issue he stressed 2,520 years in prophecy, which was an idea C. T. Russell would later pick up and promote.

                      William Howard Russell- first war correspondent for London’s The Times newspaper in 1854. The London Times has long been part of the World Order, that William was the first of his kind is quite significant.

                    • Russell Trust is the legal corporation that is the Order of the Skull and Bones, financed the creation of host of security co. under the Wackenhuts, incl. a Security Service called Wackenhut Corporation. Another part of this is Wackenhut World Technologies, Inc. or WWT Inc. Wackenhut operates worldwide. Their headquarters are in Florida. They have branch offices even in places like Portland, Oregon. Wackenhut handles all Intelligence-related and Super Secret work-classified ULTRA for the US. worldwide. They are the ones who guard the UFO bases topside, along with the CIA’s Delta Teams, and various MP units, etc. Their branch in Las Vegas provides security for the Groom Lake UFO facility. Las Vega’s Review Journal on Fri. 7/26/91, p. A1 & 3A had an article about 3 Wackenhut agents who lost their lives in a helicopter crash near the Groom Lake. The telephone number to Wackenhut World Technologies, connects first through the Russell Trust – it is 702-646-4406, and it will be answered by the Russell Trust. Wackenhut’s board of directors are CIA, FBI Div. 5, NSA, ISA, and NRO officials. The girls who answer the various local Wackenhut Corporation numbers are not in the know about what Wackenhut Wd. Tech. are all about. Their 1-800 # is 929-2431. Their San Reme Ave, Cerel Gabels, FL 33146 # was 305-666-5656. Their local no. here is 256-3996, and one of their local CA # is 714-9794966. George Russell Wackenhut is their security services executive. He is also the Chrm & Chief Exec. Officer. He worked for the FBI, and is a Christian Scientist. Richard Russell Wackenhut is the President & Chief Oper. Officer. Wackenhut has in the neighborhood of 40,000 employees.

                    • ok..

                      Wackenhut World Technologies, Inc. (aka spook central)


                      G4S Secure Solutions (USA) is an America-based, British-owned security services company, and a wholly owned subsidiary of G4S plc. It was founded as The Wackenhut Corporation in 1954, in Coral Gables, Florida, by George Wackenhut and three partners (all are former FBI agents). In 2002, the company was acquired for $570 million by Danish corporation Group 4 Falck (itself then merged to form British company G4S in 2004).[1] In 2010, G4S Wackenhut changed its name to G4S Secure Solutions (USA) to reflect the new business model.[2][3] The G4S Americas Region headquarters is in Jupiter, Florida.


                      GEO group is G4S



                    • Incredible, sold for 570 million to the Danish. My brother ended up in jail
                      operated by them for 30 days. He was suppose to be there overnight. He has 29 days credit should he ever be jailed in Miami Dade. Makes sense now, they billed for him. We could not get him out. They kept delaying his hearing plus we had paid a bondsmam!!!

                    • for profit prisons are a scourge on the slaves lives..wonder why so many get locked up for basically endless supply of black Americans..fodder for the machine..

                    • rfgty

                    • Wackeynutz

                • Alex Jones has found the Christ through Donald Trumps ministry, I guess. Really need to watch this.

              • Hegel had to accept Kant’s philosophy that all in noumena is accepted by faith. The move in the 19th Century was away from metaphysics, which reached apex in the Late Middle Ages. Hegel tried to retain metaphysics in what he called the Absolute Mind which is externally expressed by a society people as the state. Yet since it is a metaphysics, then the state is in Kant’s noumena, and therefore, the state is only accepted when the people put faith in the state.

                Kant’s philosophy is inherently skeptic, and Hegelism is the only absolute philosophy still kicking, as far as I know. The culture is embedded with these ideas. They were taught in universities and became embedded in the popular culture over the centuries. In the skepticism of Kantianism, then the only secular order left for people to run to for any semblance of stability is the state.

                There was a growing number of people who were losing faith in the state in the U.S., and around the world. Trump gives them this false hope to put their earthly faith in. Obama did the same thing for a large number of people when they voted him into office. This is commonly called the ‘cult of personality’, or like I heard on the radio the other day, a man called the inauguration: civil religion. Basically, with those words, he was implying state worship.

                God will use pagan rulers for His good purpose, and God is where a heavenly faith rests. Deuteronomy 17 is the charge and instruction that a ruler has from God. Romans 13 is the way the state should be. This is the same as when Christ charged His people in the Sermon on the Mount to be as perfect as their Heavenly Father is perfect. Only Christ being the God-man as Prophet, Priest, and King truly meets these perfections, but by faith we are to obey and pray for forgiveness for we all have sinned and fall short (Romans 3:23).

              • All in the noumena can not be known by empirical facts. It takes faith to know what is noumenal, like the state which is an abstract idea (thus why Hegelism is Idealism). What is known without faith and are empirically verifiable are phenomena, which are known through the senses.

                This is why Kantianism is skepticism, and is dominant today. Because the next question should be how do I really know what I am sensing is really, what Kant called the ‘thing-in-itself’. How do I know I truly know the fact for what it is? Because when my senses gather facts, then my mind has to ‘think’ what those facts are. My thought of the fact is not the fact itself. Maybe my thought of the fact is wrong.

                Secular culture is predominately instructed by Kant, which is why it is common today to hear people say the following:

                1 – beliefs are personal
                2 – thoughts or beliefs are just your opinion
                3 – beliefs and thoughts are not real or practical
                4 – No metaphysical truth, only what you sense has to be true and accepted by others
                5 – truth is relative
                6 – dogmatic people are offensive
                7 – tell me your story
                8 – can never think like a person who lived hundreds of years ago and can never truly know what they meant
                9 – women think one way, and men think another way
                10 – and increasingly, there are 30 something different gender classifications and nobody can truly tell anybody this is true or not about who a person is, because that is only ones opinion
                11 – people of a different race and culture think totally differently, and so nobody can truly understand how somebody of a different race or culture thinks
                12 – or that old one: You are not me – how do you know?

                Ever wonder why you are not able to rationally argue with anybody without it sometimes quickly getting emotional and thoughtless? To think rationally, or critically think with logical arguments, is in the noumena. You can not truly say: A is A is absolutely true. A skeptic can easy just say “no, it is not absolutely true”, and no matter what a person says to convince a skeptic they will never accept your dogmas or absolute truths. It does not matter how much sense you think you are making.

                See dialetheism, which a contradiction is thought to be both true and false.

                This is why pragmatism, which started in the U.S., came about. To demonstrate that something is true, the pragmatist says, ‘If it works, then it must be true.’ (the ends justify the means)

                • I just try to smile and nod these days Adirondack and stay out of the emotional arena because everything you have said I hear.

                  • “Because the next question should be how do I really know what I am sensing is really, what Kant called the ‘thing-in-itself’. How do I know I truly know the fact for what it is? Because when my senses gather facts, then my mind has to ‘think’ what those facts are. My thought of the fact is not the fact itself. Maybe my thought of the fact is wrong.”

                    I have put my foot in my mouth to many times already untIL I was Kantonized, lol:)

                    • That is true. We are sinners, and the get the facts wrong. Kantianism states that you can never know the facts rightly. There is a Wall. The Kantian Wall. So a true Kantian would state what happened to Dr. Lorriane Day is just her opinion. The homosexuals have just has much right to deny Dr. Day’s request for protection of her staff. Who’s right?

                      Nietzsche tried to solve the Kantian Wall by philosophizing ‘might makes right’ or what he called ‘The Power of the Will’. So to apply Nietzsche’s philosophy, if the homosexuals are loud enough and mighty enough, then they will make their opinion right. And it happens, the Dr. Lorriane Day historical narrative demonstrates this idea in the lives of real people.

                    • Humans are just plain dumb when left to their own means, me think. One’s need to be right regardless is the real killer, it destroys relationships, societies and can plumb kill you…pride cometh before the fall for sure. Kantianism falls flat in light of laws that govern gravity thats for sure, lol. I am convinced the only force strong enough to tear down all these walls, heal the brokenhearted and set the oppressed free is the anointing.

                    • How do the homosexuals in Dr. Day’s case justify what they did? Probably, I am speculating but this is a common answer these days, what they would say is: Dr. Day was discriminating. She is not only mean, but hates. We (homosexuals) are all about love. What is wrong with two people together who love each other? Dr. Day deserves to be stopped, and not working in the moral system, i.e. using the law or legislating, is justified because we (homosexuals) are the enlightened ones. The system is old, and archaic. It has not caught up to the current times so we (homosexuals) have to carry out justice by our own hands against Dr. Day.

                      People have a way of morally justifying anything to appease their guilty conscience.

                      Some may look back who hurt Dr. Day, and feel sympathy and think how much hurt they put on her was too much. Others though, will tow the line until the day they die and justify their actions time and time again.

                    • What you have just described is a perfect example of how effective the Hegelian Dialect was by diverting attention away from the fact the STATE created the HIV virus to wipe them out. The ORDER is cabal and behind the Noahide Laws therefore Homosexuality amongst the goyim results in death so they kill two birds with one stone, literally.

                    • Yes. The state is made legitimate by some people believing the state will solve the problem, because the state is the ordering/government of society. That in and of itself is good, but when the state is above the law and retains the persona of the solution, then the dialectical conflict remains. The skeptics are in charge!

                      What is the standard to define what is objective and what is subjective? Hegelism effort to solve the Kantian Wall is its’ plea to wait, for in time, the two polar opposites will come to an agreement, i.e. a synthesis. Meanwhile, how many lives are lost, and poor are curbed?

                      Secular understandings have to take a stand on one side or the other, because of the problem of the ‘one and many’. A secularist can not be both a skeptical and rationalist on any one given topic. A person will fall on one side or the other. In fallen man there is a real Kantian Wall that keeps the two sides separated.

                      Sometimes a person is more skeptical, which sacrifices the theoretical or rational. Sometimes the society is more skeptical, and the rationalists will be in the minority. All the individual bits of data without a rational theoretical construct is chaos/anarchy, and all the rational theoretical constructs without individual bits of data is order/tyranny.

                    • No laughing matter here however coming from a family of political cartoonists it is my nature to find humour where I can Adirondack. If I could sketch Hegel pondering both the footage of the college students you posted and your aforementioned comment i hear him saying, “It is as the pendulum swings, my liebling.”

                    • “Yes. The state is made legitimate by some people believing the state will solve the problem, because the state is the ordering/government of society.”
                      Ha! The problem is the people do not know it is they that are the STATE’S problem and why they will be dealt with accordingly!
                      These skeptics of progress all in some way write in response to the towering 19th century figure G.W.F. Hegel, the German logician and philosopher of history, politics, and phenomenology whose systematic thinking provided Karl Marx with the basis of his dialectical materialism. Hegel saw the mass murder brought about by massive political and economic change in his revolutionary and imperial age, but in his estimation, such man-made disasters were necessary occurrences, the “slaughter bench of history,” as he famously wrote in the Philosophy of History.

                      This suggests a very brutal view, and yet Hegel believed overall that “Reason is the Sovereign of the World; that the history of the world therefore, presents us with a rational process.” For Hegel, the individual personality was not important, only collective entities: peoples, states, empires. These moved against each other according to a metaphysical reasoning process working through history which Hegel called the dialectic. In his animated School of Life video above, Alain de Botton describes the dialectic in the terms we usually use—thesis, antithesis, synthesis—though Hegel himself did not exactly formulate the principle this way.

                    • THE STATE HAS PLANS:


                    • Thanks Futuret 🙂 the title of this article finally got my attention! I did hear something awhile back here in New York but sadly never paid it much mind till NOW!

                      Also, I want to mention I read the article you posted last night. It was very interesting as were several of the comments.



                    • Futuret all I can say is every dot and tittle Obama put into motion was done for the express purposes of the cartel. Trump is positioned to put the final nail in the coffin. The question remains….who’s coffin?

                      Sovereign default and filing bankruptcy for the corporation named the UNITED STATES of which Trump has been made president of would be a nice starter 🙂

                      We can’t look forward until we understand the truth of what is behind us and the reality it has created.

                      The Federal Reserve Act” was designed and written by a German National who was repatriated into the United States in 1903 through Ellis Island of New York. His name was Paul Warburg, and who was a carbon copy of Alexander [Levine] Hamilton. Mr. Warburg was a Sabbatean German Jewish Banker and CFO of the Rothschild Banking Empire. Mr. Warburg’s assignment was to craft a piece of legislation designed to control the finances of the United States Corporation from Europe. The Federal Reserve Act is approximately 1500 pages and places the currency and finance for the United States Corporation under a private corporation called, “The Federal Reserve.” The Federal Reserve is owned lock, stock and barrel, by the Sabbatean/Rothschild Banking Empire and not by the people or the corporate government of the United States.

                      The Great Depression of 1929, like so many other catastrophes before and after this date was actually a staged event, concocted by the Sabbatean/Rothschild and Rockefeller Banking Empires; the Queen and British Parliament; the US President and Congress; the Vatican and numerous Elite families to steal America’s gold and silver reserves and replace it with, “Negotiable Debt Instruments” or Script money. Their theft was ingenious and by allowing the public to fall on hard times, the public soon began to demand that the government fix the problem by any means necessary!




                    • Yes, what you say is true Futuret. It is an incestuous bloodline birthed in hell. It seems the wealth of the most nations is now under their control. n They are hell bent on reducing the world’s population next. This will make governing the world and its resources manageable for the 1%.


                    • Love to you Futuret and all of ftm and yes, let us rejoice in this day, bless you, chat soon. I better get cracking myself 🙂

                    • Fake news website. Don’t post anything from there thanks.


                    • no..yournewswire is a fake site that mixes some truth with plenty of bullshit..the obama bush link is real..trump was drumpf..but the hitler stuff is are some other headlines you can peruse:





                    • SMC, you said ‘humans are just plain dumb’

                      If that comment refers to the video, I completely agree. Yet remember, which I am sure you did remember, they call that academia and pay big money for that instruction on, sarcastically I say: what is dumb.

                    • I was actually referencing the folks distracted by rights deemed to be trampled all the while they are the victims of bio warfare. However, that video I have retitled As the Pendulum Swings may actually be another example of the dumbing down Sutton and his elderly counterpart foresaw.

                    • The tape of the college students is the one I renamed to clarify. 🙂

                    • Obviously I am joking when I say: Shhh, they are the intelligentsia, and we need to listen and hang onto every word, when they talk.

                      (serious note: not all of academia is terrible)

                    • Oh, I know your joking and in my minds eye i saw those three I no see, I no hear monkeyssitting up in a tree cracking macadamia nuts on each othere head with a big banner over them “Academia Nuts” 🙂

                    • As philosopher and “Ethicist for Hire” Nolen Gertz has recently demonstrated on his blog, King was highly influenced by Hegelianism, as much as, or perhaps even more so, than he was by Gandhi’s movement. Marx may have turned Hegel’s system on its head, but King, writes Gertz, “fought White America… by turning the ideas of dead white men against the oppressive practices of living white men.”

                      King read and wrote on Hegel as a graduate student at Boston University and Harvard in the mid-50s, where he studied theology and the history of philosophy and religion. He took a yearlong seminar on Hegel with his advisor at BU, Edgar Brightman (see King’s diagram notes of Hegel’s system above), and found a great deal to admire in the “dead white” philosopher’s logical system, as well as a good deal to critique. The two-semester class, King wrote in his autobiography, was “both rewarding and stimulating”:

                      Although the course was mainly a study of Hegel’s monumental work, Phenomenology of Mind, I spent my spare time reading his Philosophy of History and Philosophy of Right. There were points in Hegel’s philosophy that I strongly disagreed with. For instance, his absolute idealism was rationally unsound to me because it tended to swallow up the many in the one. But there were other aspects of his thinking that I found stimulating. His contention that “truth is the whole” led me to a philosophical method of rational coherence. His analysis of the dialectical process, in spite of its shortcomings, helped me to see that growth comes through struggle.



                • thanks!

                  • Blessings upon you!

                  • PREFACE
                    The history of the order can be understood only in the light of Hegel’s dialecti
                    c. Simply put, we argue that conflict creates a story.
                    It follows that the controlled conflicts can manipulate history. For example, wh
                    en the Tripartite Commission is discussing another managed conflict, elaborated
                    in the literature, it implies that conflict with clear, ambitious objectives, no
                    t for arbitrary management circumstances.
                    Dialectic raises this tripartite Commission conflict in the order above. In Hege
                    l, every Act (thesis) is resistance (antithesis). The conflict between the two a
                    cts (points) leads to the synthesis.
                    The synthesis, which searches for the Establishment, called the new world order.
                     No managed conflict of this new world order will not. Random acts of individual
                    s in society will not lead to the synthesis. It is programmed, you must create i
                    t. And it is formed by using a managed, carefully designed conflict. That is why
                     international bankers supported both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union and Nort
                    h Viet Nam and North Korea, the worst enemies of the United States. Clash of war
                    ring sides gave each other not only instant profit. Even more important was the
                    fact that the world has moved closer to the world
                    The Government. This process continues today.


              • On Hegel’s Absolute Idealism

                Hegelism is metaphysical. The Kantian Wall makes metaphysics a skeptical endeavor. The Kantian Wall supports empirical science. In the history of philosophy followers of Hegel formulated that Absolute Idealism is too abstract and not grounded empirically enough. In the history of philosophy this is referred to as a ‘revolt’ within Absolute Idealism, and the result was: analytic philosophy (Moore and Russell):


                “But there is in the history of the analytic movement a strong antimetaphysical strain, and its exponents have generally assumed that the methods of science and of everyday life are the best ways of finding out truth.

                The first break from the idealist view that the world is really only a world of appearances occurred when Moore… argued for a theory of truth that implies that the physical world does have the independent existence that it is naively supposed to have.”

                That independent existence is: Kant’s ‘thing-in-itself’.

                The history of idealism and the revolt within it, that lead to analytic philosophy, subsequently regarded an emphasis in the 20th Century on language philosophy. Within analytic philosophy with John Searle in the 21st Century in philosophizing that the mind, i.e. thoughts, social patterns, etc. are material, not abstract. Therefore, his philosophizing states that the mind being material is able to be studied by empirical data (thoughts can be sensed). This philosophy is the complete opposite of its’ roots in idealism.

                Saying this, I do not doubt that Hegelism persists, and an abstract collective understanding persists. I think Hegel’s idea of the state persists, and the Kantian Wall is crossed by faith for the secularist. That is how the state is empowered – by belief in it.

                • ….a “state” of mind, empowered by a chaotic satanic belief system birthed in the spirit and now made manifest on earth, it is the kingdom of darkness and they are of the synagogue of satan, me thinks.

                  • exactly! When secular philosophers philosophize about man, all they are doing is speaking about and describing is ‘sinful man’. They are describing the image of the first Adam, and those under his federal headship.

                    Genesis 5:1-3, “This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day when God created man, He made him in the likeness of God. 2 He created them male and female, and He blessed them and named them Man in the day when they were created.
                    3 When Adam had lived one hundred and thirty years, he became the father of a son in his own likeness, according to his image, and named him Seth.

                    Man was created in the image of God, then the Fall, and man’s image of God is corrupted. When Adam and Eve conceived a son, then their son was not perfect, i.e. sinless. Seth was born a sinner. Seth was conceived after the image of fallen Adam.

                    Romans 5, the whole chapter, is the place to go in scripture to understand the ‘federal headship’ of the first Adam and the last Adam (Christ).

                    Romans 5:19, “For as through the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, even so through the obedience of the One the many will be made righteous.”

                    1 Corinthians 15, mainly on the resurrection, also offers this anthropological understanding:

                    1 Corinthians 15:45-49, “45 So also it is written, “The first man, Adam, became a living soul.” The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. 46 However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural; then the spiritual. 47 The first man is from the earth, earthy; the second man is from heaven. 48 As is the earthy, so also are those who are earthy; and as is the heavenly, so also are those who are heavenly. 49 Just as we have borne the image of the earthy, we will also bear the image of the heavenly.”

                    Notice verse 49, which reveals the reversals of our being in the sinful image in Adam, and then in regeneration, our image is being renewed into the image of God, which is sanctification. In glorification is when conformity into the image of God is complete, and that happens when Christ returns.

                    Secular philosophers do not possess the revelation of God. They are not basing their understanding on Scripture. They philosophize about the image of sinful man or the first Adam because they are ‘secular’ not Christian. Their father is the father of lies.

                    • RoThe first man is from the earth, earthy; the second man is from heaven. 

                      ans 5:19, “For as through the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, even so through the obedience of the One the many will be made righteous.”

                      In my heart Adirondack that verse describes the greatest wealth tranfer of all times.


                    • Woops, sorry A I just noticed my draft was sent before I finished my comment!

                    • Yes, what a transfer it was. A once and for all (completed) accomplishment.

                      Hebrews 10:10, “By this will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all.”

                      As you said I believe earlier SMC, no need to worry. In a world constantly offering things to worry about, as seen in the news, the Word of Christ gives comfort:

                      Luke 12:29-32, “29 And do not seek what you will eat and what you will drink, and do not keep worrying. 30 For all these things the nations of the world eagerly seek; but your Father knows that you need these things. 31 But seek His kingdom, and these things will be added to you. 32 Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has chosen gladly to give you the kingdom.”

                      What He did for sinners was never deserved, but God demonstrates true love.

                      LORD bless

                • The materialist philosophy of today, the John Searle I mentioned, is extreme materialism. Even human freedom is subjected to a sense analysis, which these philosophers simply say human freedom must exist for they intuit it. This is the philosophy behind what seeker posts a lot about here:



                • Marx’s philosophy was Hegelism, but what did Marx do in tweeting it, in order to come up with his own philosophy?


                  That dialectical history, i.e. Hegelism, is understood in economic materials. Marx developed a philosophy called historical materialism. Marx hit the Kantian Wall.

                  To false promise of ridding the conflict is in the end a classless society will form called communism.

                  • Marx’s false promise of ridding conflict, was that in the end, a classless society will form called communism. That also develops because of hitting the Kantian Wall. Classes are just abstract ideas, not true according to Marxism – that is Marx presupposing Kant’s Wall that divides the noumena and phenomena.

                • John Searle and the Chinese room philosophic argument:

                  “The question Searle wants to answer is this: does the machine literally “understand” Chinese? Or is it merely simulating the ability to understand Chinese?[5][c] Searle calls the first position “strong AI” and the latter “weak AI””

                  Searle’s Chinese room argument refutes a ‘strong AI’, but not ‘weak AI’:

                  “Searle argues that, without “understanding” (or “intentionality”), we cannot describe what the machine is doing as “thinking” and, since it does not think, it does not have a “mind” in anything like the normal sense of the word. Therefore, he concludes that “strong AI” is false.”

                  He is involved in this kind of philosophizing, because of empirical science, i.e. Kantian Wall, and with the increase in technological capability. Secular philosophers are trying to understand what the technocrats are doing; just like, the logical positivists of the 19th Century, endeavored to answer the question: What are scientists doing? I am not willing to conclude Searle’s argument crosses the Kantian Wall even though he states “understanding” is a universal, because of what appears from other statements he has made. This universal understanding is intuited by sense experience, it appears Searle concludes, not by a mind that abstracts and is separate from sense experience. Intuition is a last holdout for any secularist. When skepticism tears down anything that even smells like a theory, or abstract idea that two or more people hold. People backed into the corner of intuition needing to express, at the very least, a moral system that others should follow, e.g. law, will simply argue: I just know, I feel it in my gut, it has to be right, it is common sense, etc. When skepticism spreads, the state grows larger for a sense of stability and order in something larger than the secular self.


              • How is the Kantian Wall broken? How is Hegelism broken?

                The absolute that is not idealism and is not of ones own opinion in the noumena is God. God’s revelation given to man crosses the great distance between the Creator and creature. God alone voluntarily condescends to man by way of covenant: “I will be your God and you will be my people” (Scripture). God gives believers thoughts based on His now written Word, and God gives believers the meaning of the facts of creation. By this way, a person is trapped by the problem of the ‘one and many’. The empirical data (or sensory data) and the abstract (or soul, thoughts, feelings, etc.) are given meaning by the authoritative God by His written Word and the Spirit. i.e. the Spirit, He works in our hearts us the preached Word.

                Secular philosophy pendulum swings leaning either on the ‘one’ (or abstract/universal) or the ‘many’ (physical particles/empirical). It never solves the problem of this swing, though it has tried for centuries. That is because God is the solution. God is authoritative over His creation and gives it meaning. All of creation is a revelation of God. There is one universe with a diversity of individual things. The creation is not God, but the creation is a revelation of God. Sin mires this revelation of God, due to the fall, but when a person is regenerated (becomes a believer), then based on the special revelation God has given to man, i.e. the Bible, we are sanctified in the knowledge, righteousness, and holiness of God and His works of creation and providence. And then by faith and a true knowing:

                Psalm 19:1,7-9, “The heavens are telling of the glory of God;
                And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands…. The law of the Lord is perfect, restoring the soul; The testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. 8The precepts of the Lord are right, rejoicing the heart; The commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes. 9 The fear of the Lord is clean, enduring forever; The judgments of the Lord are true; they are righteous altogether.”

                • mistake: “By this way, a person is trapped…”

                  fixed: “By this way, a person trapped by the problem of the ‘one and many’ is delivered.”

            • thanks SMC.

              “Sutton’s next three major published books (Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Wall Street and FDR) detailed Wall Street’s involvement in the Bolshevik Revolution to destroy Russia as an economic competitor and turn it into “a captive market and a technical colony to be exploited by a few high-powered American financiers and the corporations under their control”[5] as well as its decisive contributions to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt,

              ****whose policies he assessed as being essentially the same “corporate socialism,” planned by the big corporations.[6] Sutton concluded that it was all part of the economic power elites’ “long-range program of nurturing collectivism”[2] and fostering “corporate socialism” in order to ensure “monopoly acquisition of wealth” because it “would fade away if it were exposed to the activity of a free market.”[7]****

              In his view, the only solution to prevent such abuse in the future was that “a majority of individuals declares or acts as if it wants nothing from government, declares it will look after its own welfare and interests” or, specifically, if “a majority finds the moral courage and the internal fortitude to reject the something-for-nothing con game and replace it by voluntary associations, voluntary communes, or local rule and decentralized societies.”[2]”


              • Maria, you are so very welcome and thank you for your oh so many contributions. In reading over the last paragraph of this bibliography offered us by Wikipedia it seems to me all those who can be tried for treason pursuant to Article III of the Constitution must be. Professor Sutton touches on that in his book about the best enemy money can buy! It can be downloaded for free which I have done and am trying to figure out how to post a live link.

                • eager to read the whole book! the best analysis/explanation of the last 100 years I have ever found (as Carroll Quigley’s)…the NWO is nothing more than: “the economic power elites’ “long-range program of nurturing collectivism”[2] and fostering “corporate socialism” in order to ensure “monopoly acquisition of wealth””.!!!
                  great solution he proposes…the same as other researches, J.Corbett or D. Henderson, for instance: UNPLUG!!! but people should know what’s going on to react properly…and they are too busy shouting at the Hegelian show for one party or the other…

                  • Right left paradigm.


                    • A paradigm shift is what is needed with the result being wher we right left them into their own prison system where they are left to rot.

                      Woke up to another nudge in my heart my dear comrades, i heard the name Dr. Lorraine Day and thought OMG Professor Antony Sutton. Put your seat belts on because I heard right and I came across this article.

                      A REPORT ON THE ABUSE OF POWER

                      Editor: Anthony C. Sutton December 1993 Vol. 12, No.12
                      BIOLOGICAL WARFARE

                      AGAINST AMERICAN CITIZENS

                      A once free United states has become an “us” versus “them” society. Similar to the early Hitler years in Germany (burning of the Reichstag = Waco massacre) with touches of Stalinist horror (extermination of the “kulaks.”)

                      Scrolled to bottom of page and there she was:

                      * Dr. Lorraine Day, an orthopedic surgeon, smart, tough, realistic, dedicated, was demonized by the gay Community because she wanted to protect the medical staff and the general public.

                      * Incoming patients, about one quarter of whom have AIDS cannot be routinely tested because the gay community considers testing an infringement of their rights. Anyone who points out that non-gays also have rights is viciously attacked.

                      * AIDS policy is largely established by the gay community that places its own interest first and foremost and to hell with the general public, this in a city saturated” with AIDS.

                      * Dr. Lorraine Day, “The whole thing is politics. If this had started out in the heterosexual community the disease would be under control … we’ve got two different things now, we’ve got gay rights to have proper jobs, housing and all that and we’ve got a deadly disease that can kill the world, and the two are being mixed up.”

                      * Dr. Day was abused, threatened, harassed, EVEN TARGETED FOR ATTEMPTED MURDER BECAUSE SHE TOLD THE TRUTH. And she was out there all by herself because no one at San Francisco General would support her – even though they knew the truth.


                      You may recall she is married to the CA Congressman
                      and they exposed the Noahide Laws.


                    • thanks, SMC, about that Dr.L. Day testimony..

                  • Beautiful!!! I agree with you completely Maria. My sense of relief is immeasurable as I skimmed over the book. It was truly another sin against us that he had such difficulty finding a publisher!

            • This was very interesting:

  11. in the same line…

    • very interesting video, thanks, Rev. interesting data on Putins youth and first years in politics.

      so curios that all oligarchs /opponents Putin took down the power off and consolidated it in Kremlin – Berezovsky, Khodorkovsky, Gusinsky, / Gary Kasparov, Grigory Yavlinski, etc, etc who are shown in the video as the defendants of the democratic values against the “Putin’s system”…are ethical jews.

      a memo from 1998:

      “given that Jews themselves acknowledge that they do indeed control Russia today, this fact cannot be refuted or discounted. Galushin sees elements of a “Jewish fascism” in such writings. This fascism is manifest in the small group of oligarchs who want to rule Russia. Fascist philosophy, he contends, means the racial superiority of one group over another, the ideology of power over other countries, even over the world. When the Yeltsin government and the Western media express fears of fascism in Russia, Galushin argues, it is not Russian fascism they should address, but Jewish fascism.”
      “American and German taxpayers have unwittingly channeled billions of dollars and marks to the oligarchs — who in turn have transferred this largesse to secret Swiss accounts. Who monitors the distribution of these billions through the World Bank, the IMF, the financial houses, and various banks? Who is responsible for this terrible injustice?”

      the analysts with their perfect english:
      – Nina Khrusheva who opens the video is member of CFR (,
      – Lilia Svetsova – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
      – Gary Kasparov:
      “In the real world, Kasparov is a clear de facto puppet of Western opposition to Putin. Back in 1991, he was awarded the “Keeper of the Flame” by the Century for Security Policy (an organization founded by Frank Gaffney Jr. of the Project for a New American Century), typically reserved for American neocon defense policy wonks, including Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Gingrich and Caspar Weinberger. Kasparov is allegedly still connected with the organization.” ““Why did Mr. Kasparov, when arrested, speak out in English rather than Russian? When a politician works the crowd of other nations rather than the Russian nation, it tells you something.” ” LOL
      – Vladimir Poloholo – ukranian political analyst; no mention about the Soros money in the orange revolution in Ukraine
      – Yuri Samodourov, chair of the Saharov Foundation, condemned to a fine for inciting national hatred and offence to th eOrthodox Christianity for this modern art exhibition ; – deplorable “art”!
      – Marat Guelman (jewish descend) – the art he promoted and which Putin didn’t like –,
      – Sergei Kovalev – Moscow Helsinki Committee (X’s Helsinki Commette for Human Rights = the Soros’ franchise )

      – main critiques the documentary makes:
      a. the war in Chechnya – not a single mention of the saudi money poured in the chechen rebels; curious why they haven’t used the interview Putin gave on the chechen conflict in 1999 I posted above…
      b. that Putin’s system is a totalitarian one and not democratic. well, we know what “a democracy” means, both seen in Russia in the ’90s and in the West today = a show, produced & directed by the Deep State / The Family, vowing its own interests.
      c. that Putin reduces the possibilities for foreign funding of NGOs (lol, no comment needed here at the FTM… Soros, etc)

      …and on 1:10h comes a 2 minutes critic by Dick Chaney on how bad Putin is using the oil&gas as a political tool – lol-lol – don’t miss that ;)…it serves as a justification of the installation of the antimissile batteries in the EU borders of the NATO (against Putin imperialists goals -lol-lol)…from that point on the documentary becomes just pro-western propaganda for me, sorry…”that Putin wants to restore the cold war and sells arms to the unfriendly to the US regimes, like China, Iran or Venezuela”….blaming Putin for the ill russian economy…they even call Putin “the leader and his cabal”…The documentary ends with, nota bene!: “the Russian economic and diplomatic confrontation with the USA”….if that’s not biased…ème_Poutine

      I agree on:
      – the dubious origin of the bombings at the moskow apartments before the 2000 presidential elections (maybe a FF to put Putin to power)
      – the fight of/against Putin (and that’s why Ukraine & Syria) is the fight over the gas/oil supply.

      • From the perspective of the two 1940 German videos, everything makes sense .. there are no enemies only controlled opposition .. they are a plague on the earth but their end has already been written in Obadiah ..

        1:18 And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for straw. And they shall burn among them and consume them. And no survivor shall be to the house of Esau, for YAHWEH has spoken.
        1:19 And those of Negev shall possess the mountain of Esau, and the low country of the Philistines. And they shall possess Ephraim’s fields, and Samaria’s fields. And Benjamin shall possess Gilead.
        1:20 And the exiles of this force shall go to the sons of Israel who shall possess the land of the Canaanites to Zarephath; even the exiles of Jerusalem who are in Sepharad shall possess the cities of the Negev.
        1:21 And deliverers shall go up into the mountain of Zion to judge the mountain of Esau, and the kingdom shall be to YAHWEH.

        • “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague.”
          Quote by:
          Marcus Tullius Cicero
          (106-43 B.C.) Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator
          Attributed to a speech in the Roman Senate in 58 BC as “Recorded by Sallust” in the fictional novel ‘A Pillar of Iron,’ by Taylor Caldwell (1983), ch. 5. The quotation bears resemblance to Cicero’s Second Oration against Cataline. [2.11]

        • check out Putin’s speech at 1:11:10 to 1:11:30h of the documentary “Putin’s system”…look at his spontaneous gesture when he says “molodzi, molodzi” (= well done, good for them /the US = translated as “clever”)…it speaks out mountains!!!

          …I don’t really think Putin is a western “controlled opposition”…he is a player who knows perfectly the rules of the game of the deep state…and intends the survival – his personal and the one of Russia as a whole

    • interesting view of the Litvinienko’s case:

      (I didn’t know Litvinienko was a Berezovsky’s man..)

      “Longtime readers will recall my extreme skepticism of both these rather fanciful scenarios,which resemble a grade-B movie plot rather than a real life “conspiracy”: the Litvinenko scenario just didn’t add up for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the science of it. The idea that the Russians would leave a radioactive trail leading straight back to the Kremlin is just the sort of improbable narrative Fleet Street thrives on, no matter how fact-free, but the propaganda campaign has to be judged a great success: to this day, the Litvinenko case is cited by Russophobes as “proof” that the Russkies are a horrifically malevolent force in the world.

      Yet now we have a genuine Russian spook in the middle of a private, frank, and seemingly friendly conversation with his American equivalent, casually referring to the Russian surveillance of the operation, and indicating some degree of British foreknowledge. It looks like the Russians informed the Brits the minute they caught wind of the plot, and the Brits, in effect, told the Russians not to worry, they’d take care of it. Except they didn’t – or perhaps they did, but not in the way the Russians imagined they would.”

      “Safonov noted the daunting number of countries that posed particular terrorism threats, mentioning North Korea, Pakistan, South Africa, Libya, Iran, India, and Israel (sic?)”

      (well invested 2 hours on the Putin’s system documentary, with th ecrytical analysis on, of course. recommended! thanks Rev)

      • The Last Wake Up Call

        “That former KGB officer [Litvinenko] had been irritating the Russian authorities for a long time and possibly knew some state secrets. So when our special services got the chance to operate not only inside but outside the country, they decided to get rid of him.” (No pagination)
        It comes as little surprise that Litvinenko’s allegations would create so much “irritation” for the Russian authorities. They suggest that the “fall of communism” was one of the greatest deceptions of the last century. All of the Russian “liberalization” initiatives seem to have been mere cosmetic alterations with no sincerity behind them at all. This move has been quite effective. It has caused the Western elite (which are just as criminal and conspiratorial as the Russian elite) to believe that Russia had ceased to be a major competitor in the crusade to establish a New World Order….

        The Scam Predicted
        Golitsyn was a high level KGB agent who defected to the United States in 1961. He brought with him several startling prognostications concerning a counterfeit liberalization campaign in the Soviet Union, which he contended would lead to a hoaxed “fall of communism.” This feigned decline in Soviet power was designed to lure the Western elite into a trap. Believing the liberalization campaigns to be genuine, the Establishment would pledge logistical and financial support to the emergent republics of the former Soviet Union. Meanwhile, the communist elite would use this Western assistance to restore their waning power….

        Some people may view the warnings put forward by Golitsyn and Litvinenko as alarmist in nature. In reality, plans for intentionally shifting Russia back into totalitarianism have existed for quite some time. Such a move was announced as far back as the 1930s, when Dimitri Manuilski stated:
        “War to the hilt between communism and capitalism is inevitable. Today, of course, we are not strong enough to attack. Our time will come in 30 to 40 years. To win, we shall need the element of surprise. The bourgeoisie…will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There will be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist.” (McAlvaney 196-97)

        In November 1987, Mikhail Gorbachev reiterated this idea. According to Sir William Stephenson, head of Combined Allied Intelligence Operations during the Second World War, Gorby said the following in a speech to the Politburo:
        “Comrades, do not be concerned about all you hear about glasnost and perestroika and democracy in the coming years. These are primarily for outward consumption. There will be no significant internal change within Russia other for cosmetic purposes. Our purpose is to disarm the Americans and let them fall asleep. We want to accomplish three things: One, we want the Americans to withdraw conventional forces from Europe. Two, we want them to withdraw nuclear forces from Europe. Three, we want the Americans to stop proceeding with Strategic Defense Initiative.” (201)
        Despite all of this compelling evidence coming directly from Russian communist sources, the West is still fast asleep. Golitsyn is marginalized and Litvinenko is dead. The watchmen have been removed from the picture. Meanwhile, the Russian bear shakes off the grogginess from a long hibernation.

        • “To win, we shall need the element of surprise. The bourgeoisie…will have to be put to sleep. So we shall begin by launching the most spectacular peace movement on record. There will be electrifying overtures and unheard of concessions. The capitalist countries, stupid and decadent, will rejoice to cooperate in their own destruction. They will leap at another chance to be friends. As soon as their guard is down, we will smash them with our clenched fist.” (McAlvaney 196-97) In November 1987, Mikhail Gorbachev reiterated this idea.”

          With friends like that who needs enemies?

          • sounds like a plan..

            • Speaking of a plan….wow this Russell bloodline and it’s fruits namely Watchtower and Skull & Bones, it just doesn’t seem to have no end.
              I didn’t make the connection earlier when I heard the boston bombers wife was a Russell.


              • !

                • The Russell founded Watchtower org is allegedly considered a terrorist group by Putin. Hitler sent them to concentration camps….but for show.


                  This 2009 ACLU link is a good one.




                  • JW’s banned in russia..


                    Activities of Jehovah’s Witnesses have previously been banned in the Soviet Union and in Spain, partly due to their refusal to perform military service. Their religious activities are currently banned or restricted in some countries, for example in Singapore, China, Vietnam and many Islamic states.

                    • I read over the link you posted 401 and it sounds like they have been banned in parts of Russia an that sets precedent to boot them all out. However deeming them terrorists might help get the job done quicker! We live about 30 minutes from Watchtower JW upstate farm property, interestingly it is in the same tiny town 90 minutes north of NYC as the Norman Vincent Peale headquarters. My mother used to love it when they came a banging on the door. She would say, “any company is better than nay company, I don’t bloody well care what they believe”.

                    • i have one 2 blocks away..its fully fenced and locked at all times unless the hall is being used..whatcha so scared of guys?? 🙂

                    • “whatcha so scared of guys?”
                      Probably the Russians or Aliens they get blamed for everything and that’s the breaks when your the controlled opposition, I guess.


                    • Yes indeed Future the root of all this evil is the love of mammon. Their lust for money, power and control over all that has been created is paramount here as is the iniquity found in their hearts. The same iniquity made reference to concerning Satan, their father.

                      Simply put i see it like this…we are a spirit ourselves, living in a human body of clay, with a soul. (Spirit and soul are not interchangeable in the original hebrew) and those amongst us who have chosen through process’s of the soul and our free will that Yahushua shared with Nicodemus and have crossed over from darkness into His kingdom of light are empowered by the very spirit that raised our Messiah from the grave!!!! have nothing to fear. We are this last day remnant and no weapon formed against us can or will prosper this day or in the days to come. Prayer is the mighty weapon that brings the government of heaven to earth. I believe the ball is in our court.

                    • a sect.

                    • When I typed “Russell” who was a founder of analytic philosophy, I thought of this discussion. Is Bertrand Russell related to these “Russells”?

                  • Religious Freedom in Russia: A Long and Winding Road
                    The Moscow News/March 25, 2005
                    By Oleg Liakhovich

                    Both the Russian government and the Russian Orthodox Church have expressed concern over the increase in membership of new and minority faiths in Russia. Major membership gains have been made by some groups, particularly by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons.

                    A bill on religious organizations was passed by the Russian State Duma in 1997, seriously restricting the freedom of new and minority faith groups. It was called, somewhat ironically, “On Freedom of Conscious and On Religious Associations”. The vote was passed 337 to 5. The Duma has a working group on religion that is made up of representatives from all major faith groups in Russia, Duma members, as well as the executive branch of the federal government.

                    The restrictions were approved by a nationalist hard-liner faction within the working group, while others — especially those who favor religious freedom — were excluded from the decision-making process. The Duma revised the bill and passed it again by a vote of 358 to 6, then the upper house approved the legislation.

                    U.S. Vice-President Al Gore was in Moscow attempting to convince President Yeltsin to veto the bill but was unsuccessful; Yeltsin signed the bill, saying that he felt that it was necessary “to defend the moral and spiritual health of Russia” from destructive cults such as the Aum Shinrikyo. The new version involved only cosmetic changes to the original proposal. It continued to enshrine the Russian Orthodox denomination as the pre-eminent religion. Buddhism, Islam and Judaism were also granted the status of Russia’s “traditional” religions, while other faith groups, including Roman Catholicism, were severely restricted.

            • “sounds like a plan”….and this does to

              The History of the Illuminati
              by Myron Fagan
              The revolutionary program

              In 1848, Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto, under the direction of one group of Illuminists, while Professor Karl Ritter of Frankfurt University wrote the anti-thesis, under the direction of another group of Illuminists. the idea was that those who direct the overall conspiracy could use the differences of those two so-called ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger members of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other. And, in particular, to destroy all political and religious institutions.

              The work Ritter started was continued after his death and completed by the German so-called philosopher, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. Nietzsche helped to develop Racism and then Naziism, which was used to foment World War I and II.

              In 1834, the Italian revolutionary leader, Giuseppe Mazzini, was selected by the Illuminati to direct their revolutionary program throughout the world. He served in that capacity until he died in 1872. But some years before he died, Mazzini had enticed an American general named Albert Pike into the Illuminati. Pike was fascinated by the idea of a one world government, and ultimately he became the head of this Luciferian conspiracy.

              Between 1859 and 1871, Pike worked out a military blueprint for three world wars and various revolutions throughout the world which he considered would forward the conspiracy to its final stage in the 20th Century.

              World wars

              The First World War was to be fought so as to enable the Illuminati to destroy Czarism in Russia, as vowed by the International Bankers after the Czar had torpedoed his scheme at the congress held in Vienna, and to transform Russia into a stronghold of atheistic Communism. The differences stirred up by agents of the Illuminati between the German and British Empires would be used to foment this war. After the war would be ended, Communism was to be built up and used to destroy other governments and weaken religions.

              The Second World War, when and if necessary, was to be fomented by using the controversies between fascist and political Zionists. During this war, International Communism was to be built up until it equaled in strenght that of the United Christendom. When it reached that point, it was to be contained and kept in check until required for the final social cataclysm.

              The Third World War is to be fomented by using the so-called controversy agents of the Illuminati would stir up between political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world. That war is to be directed in such a manner that all of Islam and political Zionism, Israel, will destroy each other while, at the same time, the remaining nations, once more divided on this issue, will be forced to fight themselves into a state of complete exhaustion – physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically. The stage will then be set to put the one world government into operation.

              A one world government

              In the final phases of the conspiracy, the one world government is to consist of a key dictator – the head of the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations (the Illuminati group in the U.S.), a few billionaires, the Communists, and scientists who have proven their devotion to the great conspiracy. All others are to be integrated into a vast conglomeration of monopolized humanity, becoming total slaves of the conspiracy.

              In the United States, immediately after World War I, the Illuminati set up what they called the Council on Foreign Relations, commonly referred to as the CFR. This CFR is actually the Illuminati now operating in the U.S. Its hierarchy, the mastermind control of the CFR, to a very great extent, are descendants of the original Illuminati conspirators, even though many of them have changed their names to conceal this fact.

              There is a similar establishment of the Illuminati in England, operating under the name of the British Institute of International Affairs. There are similar secret Illuminati organizations in France, Germany, and other nations operating under different names. All of these organizations, including the CFR, continuously set up numerous subsidiary or front organizations that are infiltrated into every phase of the various nations affairs. But at all times, the operation of these organizations were and are masterminded and controlled by the Illuminati.

          • rhetoric…look what the high ranking communists converted to = the wealthiest capitalist oligarchs …
            the west will fall because of the banKsters long term plan to “collectivism” and “corporate socialism” = NWO, not because of the Russian treat or Putin. Putin tries to stay out of this NWO, since he doesn’t want the BanKsters as his bosses, imo.

            • Amen to that!
              for & other perspective

              • OMG ISABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill Browder author of “Red Notice” has suffered great personal loss and his perspective must be seriously taken into consideration by all of us. I have refrained from reading this book, I sort of thought maybe Oliver Stone would make it into a movie and I would wait….

                ‘If I’m killed …’

                Browder’s real focus these days isn’t on his fund, it’s on fighting for justice for Sergei Magnitsky. Browder knows there’s a real risk for those who are enemies of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his allies. 

                “I have to assume that there is a very real chance that Putin or members of his regime will have me killed someday,” Browder wrote in his book.

                He continued: “Like anyone else, I have no death wish and I have no intention of letting them kill me. I can’t mention most of the countermeasures I take, but I will mention one: this book. If I’m killed, you will know who did it. When my enemies read this book, they will know that you know.”  

                Browder wouldn’t call himself brave, though. He saves that accolade for Magnitsky, who he calls “the bravest man I’ve ever known.” 


            • Putin remains such an enigma for me.

              • SMC:
                check out Putin’s speech at 1:11:10 to 1:11:30h of the documentary “Putin’s system”…look at his spontaneous gesture when he says “molodzi, molodzi” (= well done, good for them /the US = translated as “clever”)…it speaks out mountains!!!
                …I don’t really think Putin is a western “controlled opposition”…he is a player who knows perfectly the rules of the game of the deep state…and intends the survival – his personal and the one of Russia as a whole
                maria said this on January 25, 2017 at 7:55 AM | Reply

                Got it Maria .. Putin is far from controlled .. more to come!
                Rev17 said this on January 25, 2017 at 8:23 AM | Reply

              • Putin is no longer an enigma to me, lol


  12. the power of the plp always will slow THEY-cabal &Prayers will stop
    “No more Brothers War…Germans&Russians are Friendship forever ..”MaximumResistance80Comment

  13. Putin attempted to join the KGB in 1968 ..

    Moscow is heavily involved in terrorism.
    Roots of Islamic Terrorism:
    How Communists Helped Fundamentalists

    How Socialists became Islamic terrorists
    Modern terrorism was born within a year, 1967-1968. International socialists
    (communists) started the fashion all over the world simultaneously, which should make us suspicious about the common roots. National socialists followed suit, turning Marxists of Muslim origin into Islamists of Marxist origin.
    In May 18th, 1967, Yuri Andropov took over the leadership of the KGB. The Russian security services evolved into a state within the Soviet state, as it became clear when Andropov became the communist party’s general secretary after Leonid Brezhnev’s death, in 1982. During Andropov’s era, which was far longer than that of any other KGB chief, the Soviet secret services supported international terrorism through satellite states and Marxist “liberation fronts”. “On becoming chairman of the KGB in 1967, Andropov immediately announced his intention to revive KGB ‘special actions’ as an essential tool of Soviet policy during the Cold War.” (Andrew & Mitrokhin, p. 374)

    By the end of the 1970s, communist optimism was definitely on the decline everywhere in the world. At that point, the KGB desperately needed any kind of a boost of revolutionary spirits. Surprisingly, the Middle East came to rescue….

    “By the summer of 1968, the Soviet Union had progressed far toward converting Egypt into its principal base of subversion against the Arab world.” (Barron, p. 62) Thirty-three years later, Egypt was the principal base of Islamic terrorists. Soviet Union, however, failed in Egypt. In May 1971, Anwar Sadat wiped out most of KGB agents. In July 1972, Soviet advisors were expelled from Egypt. Eight years later, Sadat paid for this with his
    life, being assassinated by members of an Islamist group. Sadat’s peace policy toward Israel made it easy for the remnants of the KGB network to ally with the right-wing Muslim Brotherhood. This is the background of Ayman az-Zawahiri, the second man of al-Qayda.

    The Yom Kippur War of 1973, and the subsequent oil embargo from October 1973 to March 1974, which was aimed against the USA, taught the KGB two lessons: that the traditional, orthodox Arab Socialist partners and their Palestinian proxies could not be trusted and achieved little through military endeavours and terrorism; but that the future was economic, and lay with the oil-fields in Saudi Arabia and Gulf emirates. Thus Political Islam, or Islamism, replaced Socialism as the most promising basis for winning
     Arab hearts and hurting western interests in the Middle East. After the debacle in Egypt, the KGB turned toward Saudi Arabia, where King Faysal had been assassinated in May 1975, and King Khalid ruled until 1982. Here, the KGB could find most valuable connections through the Muslim Brotherhood.

    The key link may have been Muhammad Maruf ad-Dawalibi, former Prime Minister of Syria, and founder of the Islamic Socialist Front in autumn 1949. He had declared already in April 1950, that Arabs would prefer “thousands time more to become a Soviet Republic than to be spoils of Jews”. (Reissner, p. 332, 355 and 422-423) Dawalibi’s preference for Soviet rule had not been shaken by Soviet support for Israel as late as September 1951. Instead, he recommended Arab leaders to seek even harder for 
    Soviet support. (Reissner, p. 357 and 366) Dawalibi was exiled from Syria, but he became a councellor of King Khalid, and the chairman of the Islamic Conference that convened in Pakistan in 1976. (Reissner, p. 394 and 423)

    Saudi Arabia became after 1974 the main financier of international terrorism, regardless of the professed Atheism of Palestinian Marxist groups. For example, only in the year 1989, the PLO received 85 million US$ and Hamas 72 million US$ Saudi payments. At the same time, Kuwait too financed Hamas with 60 million US$. (Goodwin, p. 16-17)
    This policy, explained as payoffs to keep terrorists away from Saudi targets, was supervised by the Saudi intelligence chief, the king’s nephew, Prince Turki, from 1977 until his unexplained sacking at the end of August, 2001.
     Another Saudi god-father of Islamism was the senile Mufti Abdulaziz Bin Baz (d. 1999), who declared that the sun revolved around the earth (1966), and that the earth was flat (1969), among other equally “Islamic” doctrines. (Goodwin, p. 211) With Saudi money, such ideas where transmitted through the Islamic Conference, and its organizer, the Muslim World League, all over Muslim world. Iraq was in mid-1970s Russia’s most trusted ally in the Muslim world (except for South Yemen, which was already officially a Soviet satellite), and the only nominally non-communistic state, where the KGB ceased its activities, because there appeared to be no need for any supervision. When Saddam Hussein had some Iraqi communists executed, in May 1978, the KGB became worried, but the outbreak of Iraqi-Iranian war 
    in 1980, came as a surprise to Soviet diplomacy. For a while, Soviet Union wavered in whom to support, but when the USA, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia had made their choice for Iraq, the Soviet Union switched sides. Following this, many Soviet-sponsored terrorists had to move from Iraq to Iran, Syria, or Lebanon.

    • International socialists
      (communists) started the fashion all over the world simultaneously, which should make us suspicious about the common roots. National socialists followed suit, turning Marxists of Muslim origin into Islamists of Marxist origin.
      In May 18th, 1967, Yuri Andropov took over the leadership of the KGB. The Russian security services evolved into a state within the Soviet state, as it became clear when Andropov became the communist party’s general secretary after Leonid Brezhnev’s death, in 1982. During Andropov’s era, which was far longer than that of any other KGB chief, the Soviet secret services supported international terrorism through satellite states and Marxist “liberation fronts”. “On becoming chairman of the KGB in 1967, Andropov immediately announced his intention to revive KGB ‘special actions’ as an essential tool of Soviet policy during the Cold War.” (Andrew & Mitrokhin, p. 374)

      • 3 years before 1982, the cited Andropov’s era, in 1979, on behalf of the USA Zb. Brzezinski had already put in march the mujahideen liberation fighters operation. just mentioning.
        game of intelligent agencies…

        curious: “During his travels in the Middle East in the 1980s, Primakov had been known to talk about Free Mason and Jewish conspiracies.”

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