CBS Reality Check with Ben Swann airs segment on Comet Ping Pong

With the Inauguration just days away, “PizzaGate” has been thrust back into the spotlight for the first time since the election thanks to reporter Ben Swann of CBS46 in Atlanta – only this time, it’s not a puff piece labeling it a conspiracy theory, or another New York Times article going out of it’s way to defend Comet Ping Pong. Swann lays out the players, including Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis (who was in a relationship with CTR-mastermind David Brock), as well as pedophile terminology, logos, and some of the pedo-friendly musical acts featured at the restaurant. Swann even mentions John Podesta’s close relationship with convicted pedophile Dennis Hastert, as well as the creepy Podesta art.

Is this the opening salvo in the next phase of #PizzaGate from emboldened journalists who no longer fear John Podesta’s wrath? The answer is anyone’s guess, however, even if Ben Swann isn’t taken out with a Polonium pellet – he will forever be encumbered by his gigantic balls.



and they pulled it just as quick..

as ben says..why is not one person investigating this from a police point of view?..the evidence is circumstantial but so are most criminal cases..

brave guy..maybe even stupid..hope he sees out the year..


~ by seeker401 on January 21, 2017.

18 Responses to “CBS Reality Check with Ben Swann airs segment on Comet Ping Pong”

  1. Reblogged this on Lolathecur's Blog Below are two very important entries from the "Jewish Encyclopedia". Read them VERY CLOSELY..

  2. Totally ridiculous

  3. Ben Swann’s Truth in Media site down, Twitter, Instagram, FB accounts gone

    • he announced ahead of time that they would all be going dark. he also said ‘trust me’ whatever that means. he also mentioned ‘tzuday.’

  4. .. may god have mercy on our souls

  5. ok..NSFW..not sure what is all there but here it is:


    …and not one single investigation???..’cause….it’s fakenews…..all screaming at Trump, instead…yeah…


  8. Operation Darkroom:

  9. Looks like the gatekeeper has spoken . . .

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