Pope Francis warns against rise in populism



Pope Francis has warned against a rise in populism and the dangers of allowing political crises to usher in dictators like Hitler.

He made the comments as Donald Trump was being sworn-in as US president in a wide-ranging interview with Spanish newspaper El Pais.

The Pope condemned the use of walls and barbed-wire to keep foreigners out.

But he said it was too early to judge the new US leader, saying “we’ll see what Trump does”.

Mr Trump has caused controversy with his comments on Mexican immigrants and his plans for a wall to keep them out.

Asked if he was worried about the rise of populism in Europe and the US, the Pope said: “Crises provoke fear, alarm. In my opinion, the most obvious example of European populism is Germany in 1933.

“Germany is broken, it needs to get up, to find its identity, a leader, someone capable of restoring its character, and there is a young man named Adolf Hitler who says: “I can, I can”.

“And all Germans vote for Hitler. Hitler didn’t steal the power, his people voted for him, and then he destroyed his people.”

On Mr Trump, the Pope said he would “wait and see”.

“I don’t like to get ahead of myself nor judge people prematurely. We will see how he acts, what he does, and then I will have an opinion,” he added.

The pair publicly disagreed during the presidential campaign, with Pope Francis appearing to question Mr Trump’s Christian faith over his plans to build a border wall with Mexico.


“Pope Francis has warned against a rise in populism and the dangers of allowing political crises to usher in dictators like Hitler.”

hitler again..fucking obsessed..

“The Pope condemned the use of walls and barbed-wire to keep foreigners out.”

talk to israel then dipshit!


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  1. Lets see if we can put another spin on this ..


    On May 28th, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Athos. During the welcoming ceremony, he was allowed to take the place previously occupied by the Byzantine emperors, bishops and leaders of Orthodox states. Live on the Russian TV channel Tsargrad, the Chairman of the Supervisory board of Katehon analytical center, Konstantin Malofeev, explained the meaning of this visit:
    “On June 17th, the Pan-Orthodox Council will be held on Crete, which has been called the eight ecumenical one, but such has not been organized since the last one 1300 years ago. So, I would like to point out that this Pan-Orthodox council is being organized under the pressure of the West. We know, for example, that the ecumenical patriarch, Bartholomew, is in fact merely the patriarch of the small area of Phanar in Turkish Constantinople….

    It should be taken into account that in the preparations for the Pan-Orthodox council on Crete, US intelligence services (from the FBI and CIA) were invited to help provide antiterrorist security. Even though the Council is to invite “so many Orthodox believers” that there is no one who could have blown them all up, they of course need American specialists in large quantities to control virtually all the processes of the event.

    President Putin showed that Russia will always follow the path of true Orthodoxy. And this fact is supported by Patriarch Kirill, with whom he traveled together on the pilgrimage! This is the first and only time in history that the head of the Russian government prayed on the Holy Mountain together with the Patriarch. I’m sure that this historic moment and this meeting today with the monks of Athos will yield a lot in terms of metaphysics, geopolitics and, in other words, grace and spiritual benefit for all of Orthodox humanity.”


    • thanks, Rev.
      Putin knows what he does.
      (the BanksTers are furious with him, I suppose…off-topic: I think he is silent about the 11-9 FF because of the bombs in the Moscow apartments in 2000 that mede Putin gain his first presidential elections…)

  2. I can’t copy paste but I strongly recommend reading New Lies for Old .. pages 347-350

    Comments on the Appointment of Andropov ..


    • Rev….add this oneto the strategy of deception and disinformation list….

      The Pope, Trump and Putin All Oppose Globalization http:

      “If the new czar decides to take advantage of this incredibly key position as friend of two of the most powerful men on earth, he can also bring about an unexpected geo-strategic alignment — three strong legs of an old table, which can sustain the weight of an entire civilization. Trump, with his Presbyterian belief, could represent the Northern European tradition and extension in the northern part of the Americas; Francis, the Catholics of the South across two continents; and Putin, the Slavic orthodox component that symbolizes the third-largest Christian branch. (Aka Christendom)

      Different traditions but in the fight against a common enemy — the negative consequences of globalization — they can reinvigorate a whole civilization that is losing importance among the emerging ones: China, the Muslim World, etc. Trump, Francis, and Putin playing together on the same team — maybe a crazy idea, maybe a reality of the crazy times we are faced with.”

      Luis Rosales was elected as the youngest state representative in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1989. In 2011 he was candidate for governor in Mendoza, representing Compromiso Federal, a union of three local and national conservative parties.


  3. I have noticed quite a few articles about the Revival of ‘Christianity’ in Russia .. Yet Putin has passed a law restricting evangelism .. permitted only by the Russian Orthodox Church .. it’s interesting both Putin and Trump claim to be Christians ??




    • putin has been described as the great defender of Christendom..

    • yes, I know a person (and I will be vague about who I know for security) who is in a neighboring country who witnesses that Christianity was for a moment reviving a couple years ago but the state has been after the church in Russia. Not that God’s plan is being thwarted by Russia – never! But Russia is beastly (aggressive) against the gospel. Has been for decades.

      Trump is not a Christian from what I heard Trump say, ‘I do not need to ask God for forgiveness. I do not busy Him with that.’ – not Christian!

      • There are many people who identify as ‘christian’ whose morality and ethics are no different from Trumps or Putins .. tares among the wheat .. the validity of ‘Christianity’ as the authentic practice of the early believers is another question .. ‘Christianity’ is the daughter of the Roman Catholic Church .. that is not to say there are no authentic believers within ‘Christianity’

        • I understand your sentiment, maybe not completely, but I understand. I am fine with Christianity as a name for the church who are the believers of Christ Jesus. I do not see it the way you do. Christianity is not the daughter of the Roman Catholic church. I believe God is the authority of meaning; so, for me, translations, or ‘Christianity’ is given meaning by God and not from man.

          I understand you do not like the translation “Jesus”, and translation, or word “Christianity” is not liked by you, obviously from what you said here.

          I am a sinner and Christ is our Righteousness, and I think He is for you also brother; so, I find no reason to not love you as a brother in Christ.

          • Why would you trust me? .. Trust no one

            23 Now when He was in Jerusalem at the Passover, during the feast, many believed in His name, observing His signs which He was doing. 24 But Jesus, on His part, was not entrusting Himself to them, for He knew all men, 25 and because He did not need anyone to testify concerning man, for He Himself knew what was in man. John 2

            • My comment said nothing about trusting you. Why not trust you? Since you question me trusting you, then maybe I should not trust you. lol!

              I called you a brother in Christ because you have written consent to the gospel. I have yet to see you actually confess the gospel yourself in writing, but I am in no rush or do not think anybody has to write it here.

              Brothers in Christ is a common understanding of such people that their faith is in Christ. Christ is their God, not man; so, Christ is exalted in their hearts, not man. Yet brothers in Christ encourage and love each other along the way to help each other glorify and praise God.

              • ‘Brother’ implies a level of trust reserved for those who agree ..

                Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. 2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God; 3 and every spirit that does not confess Jesus is not from God; this is the spirit of the antichrist, of which you have heard that it is coming, and now it is already in the world. 1 John 4 NASB

                You are aware I believe Jesus Christ is a false identity .. take no offence, I respect your sincerity, I caution you against trusting anyone who may share some of your belief as there are many deceivers among believers ..

                Surely I am more stupid than any man,
                And I do not have the understanding of a man.

                Neither have I learned wisdom,
                Nor do I have the knowledge of the Holy One.

                Who has ascended into heaven and descended?
                Who has gathered the wind in His fists?
                Who has wrapped the waters in [b]His garment?
                Who has established all the ends of the earth?

                What is His name or His son’s name?
                Surely you know!

                Every word of God is tested;
                He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.

                Do not add to His words
                Or He will reprove you, and you will be proved a liar.
                Two things I asked of You,
                Do not refuse me before I die:

                Keep deception and [c]lies far from me,
                Give me neither poverty nor riches;
                Feed me with the food that is my portion,
                That I not be full and deny You and say, “Who is the Lord?”
                Or that I not be in want and steal,
                And profane the name of my God. Proverbs 30

                • well, I assumed by your agreement in some posts back in other threads, on what I said as the gospel makes us agree on the gospel of Christ. I see you are making this more about yourself, and encourage you to put your eyes on Christ. I say you are making this about yourself because you are wondering why I called you ‘brother’.

                  I see the translation of a ‘J’ into English as a nonissue. God’s name can be translated into English. That has nothing to do with the gospel. Christ Jesus is still His name even if spoken in various tongues (languages), nations, and peoples.

                  If you think translations of God’s name has to do with the gospel, then I encourage you to meditate on the blood of Christ and all He has accomplished on behalf of sinners. He took the punishment that we deserve. God imputes Christ’s righteous, obedient life to His people, and His righteous life is the ground of our justification before God in which He pardons our guilt and sin. A God given faith is the alone instrument in which we rest on Christ’s righteousness and death on the cross, believing that He truly lived to accomplish our salvation in our place. Upon believing in Christ and His works, then God declares our legal status to be one of justified, i.e. forensic justification, before Himself. He adopts us as sons, sanctifies our lives through the Holy Spirit by the means of grace in the church, which are the preached Word and sacraments of the Lord’s Supper and baptism and these ‘means of grace’ possess no inherent grace. Grace is shown by the Holy Spirt in His working renewal into our self; yet, the ‘means of grace’ instruct our lives as established by Christ. Upon His return we are glorified (have no more sin), and the final judgment upon the world is proclaimed from Christ sitting on his throne, and His enemies are cast into the last death (hell).

                  • As you prefer .. as a Christian you must be right

                    • Just because a person is a Christian, should not be the authority, in which, a person accepts the gospel of Christ. As a Christian should know, the authority of the gospel of Christ is authenticated in Scripture and witnessed by the Holy Spirit.

                    • A Christian person “should not” be the authority of the gospel of Christ, because a Christian person is not in reality the authority of God’s Word. As an aside, that is why the pope’s claim is bunk.

                  • If I have created doubt in your mind about who you can trust .. then I have accomplished my mission .. trust no one!

                    • Rev, you failed your mission. You have not created doubt in my mind about who I am able to trust. Somebody already beat you to the punch.

                      Obviously, you have trouble with trusting people. Sharing distrust is a mission in your life, and you desire others to share in this experience of yours. When reflect that you possibly created for a person a distrust that such a person did not have until you came along, may make you feel better about yourself. What I do know for sure is, you have an exclaimed expression about the idea of claiming to have created doubt in another person. You possessing the mere thought of the possibility, made you boast about yourself.

                      I do not know about you, but as for me and my house (Joshua 24:15), to engage in loving and gentle relationships with godly people is an encouragement in Christ Jesus. Our household praises and glorifies Christ. Not due to some intent that results in boasting about our own accomplishments and mission.

                      To God the glory alone

                      LORD bless

                    • It is a noble cause to expose lies and deception but it begins with exposing the lies and deception within one’s own heart and mind

                    • God is the noble cause, and He exposes the lies and deception in the hearts and minds of man by His holy law and the word of Christ written in Scripture.

                      Not a person who claims for himself what God does, and goes around thinking they have a secret knowledge that others are never ready to handle in order to boost their own self-worth, instead of exalting the accomplishment of Christ Jesus.

                    • Of course, that is my opinion. I am glad we are able to share our differences.

    • “Yet Putin has passed a law restricting evangelism ”

      Rev, Christianity has more than 10 centuries of history in Russia.
      It is deeply rooted in the Russian soul. The 70 years of communist rule (imposed by the jewish bolchevics, remember that) could not wipe out Russian religious fate. Nor it did it in any other slavic country of the ex-Soviet Bloc (I’ve been raised in one of them)
      For that reason there is NO NEED for “evangelisation” in that part of the world (the same is true for the rest of the Orthodox world – Greece, Armenia, the Balkans, etc).
      The evangelisation churches which come there are seen (for what they are, imo) as the fifth column of the banksters/CIA policy to infiltrate and divide local society.
      Today, as 10 centuries ago, when the Great Schism took place (1054) the fight is political and is for the souls. Today with the BanksTers factor added.


      • Maria, I am not implying otherwise .. there is just a lot more to this ‘Christian revival in Russia’ than meets the eye

        • “a lot more to this…”…what do you mean, Rev?..thanks

          • Anatole Golitsyn, The New Lies for Old Ones
            Beginning at page 291 and continuing through to page 294, Golitsyn recounts how the KGB subverted and used the Orthodox Church to turn it against the West, though it had always previously been pro-Western, and make it a tool of the communists against the West:

            “A special word needs to be said on the exploitation of religion and leading churchmen in the communist world for strategic political purposes.

            In November-December 1960 the Patriarch of All Russia, Aleksiy, an old KGB agent, accompanied by Metropolitan Nikodim, head of the Russian Orthodox Church’s International Department, and Professor Uspenskiy of the Leningrad Faculty of Theology and an active member of the Soviet Peace Committee, toured the Middle East in an aircraft provided by the Soviet government.12 In the course of the tour Patriarch Aleksiy and the Syrian patriarch issued an official communique that stated: ‘Our standpoint of Christian love compels us to condemn everything which incites hatred among peoples and impels mankind toward a new world war and to bless any attempts aimed at creating peace between peoples and nations. . . . We resolutely condemn any manifestation of colonialism as foreign to the spirit and the letter of the law of God.’13 [***] The Great Soviet Encyclopaedia recorded that by 1972 the World Council of Churches had been converted from a ‘pro-Western’ to a ‘progressive’ orientation in its policies on peace, disarmament, and related matters. Assiduous advocacy by the Christian Peace Conference and others of the view that Christianity and communism were natural allies in support of the national liberation movement induced the World Council of Churches to provide funds for African guerrilla movements, including the Rhodesian Patriotic Front, believed to be responsible for a massacre of British missionaries in 1978.”

      • Maria, I understand there is a long history of ‘Christianity’ in Russia in the Russian Orthodox tradition are you then saying the current ‘Revival in Russia’ is nothing more than the freedom to return to the practice of traditional ritual and ceremony void of a personal encounter with the Living Word of scripture?

        I agree with you there is NO NEED for evangelization because they are merely exchanging one false for religion for another ..

        Marx was right .. Religion is the opiate of the people .. there is no better way to control the people .. they were successful with the Scofield bible in the US now they’re reviving the Russian Orthodox Church.

        • what is “the real Christianity, that is not void of a personal encounter with the Living Word of scripture”, according to you, Rev?
          which “scripture”?

    • Again, I know I am being vague when I say this, because people’s lives are at risk:

      I know for sure that revival in Russia externally may be a façade, but I am not talking about what is seen on TV or the video’s with Putin going to church, etc. I know for sure that the gospel message went across the border into Russia, and there were people hungry for God’s Word that were looking for it and received it. I think that part of the revival I am talking about is underground. I do not know its’ current condition, and its’ current state of affairs. Yet I do know those actions across the border took place.

  4. Has Russia truly banned Evangelism?


  5. I recently posted an excellent article by James Perloff .. The War on Christianity .. after reading the article I contacted Perloff and we had a prolonged dialogue for a couple of weeks .. Perloff is author of a number of books including The Shadows of Power, where he uncovers the inner workings of the CFR .. Perloff’s father was a Russian Jew .. initially I ignored this but as the dialogue continued I grew suspicious as he told me about his next article extolling the Christian Revival in Russia and in particular the ROC .. this sent me down a deep rabbit hole ..

    The Unthinkable Has Finally Happened: Russia and America Have Traded Places




    • Many American Christians pray that the world will experience a spiritual revival. What most of them don’t know: revival is occurring now, within Russia.

      As a veteran anti-communist from the late Cold War era, and bitter critic of the USSR, I never dreamed I’d see the day that America and Russia traded places. But it has progressively happened. Is Vladimir Putin the real deal? I believe he is. The corporate media’s continual demonizing of him (most recently with totally unproven claims that he hacked the 2016 election) greatly supports that. Some will say that Putin is only acting; if so, I say give us more such actors.

      The spirit of the czar and of Christ, which the Rothschild-backed Zionists thought they had forever destroyed in Russia, is rising from the ashes.

      • When I questioned Perloff about Patriarch Kirill being a kgb agent for 40 years and to explain Putin’s relationship with Chabad Lubavitch .. he said, “I don’t want to continue this discussion about Russia”.

      • Gaddy said that when Putin was an officer in the KGB, the old Soviet intelligence service, he initiated a study of Russian society to see where communism wasn’t meeting the needs of the Russian people.

        One of the things that came from the study, Gaddy said, was the serious miscalculation in banishing religion, especially the Russian Orthodox Church, from the everyday lives of the people.

        “(Putin has) learned the lessons of the past,” Gaddy said, “and from the failure of the Communist Party to tap the deep support that certain national and nationalist institutions have.”

        A student of history, Putin claims to have been secretly baptized by his mother against the wishes of his communist father.

        “For Putin, the interpretation and reinterpretation of history is a crucial matter,” Gaddy said in a recent Atlantic magazine article co-authored with Russian specialist Fiona Hill, also of the Brookings Institution.

        “History was his favorite subject in school, and he remains an avid reader today,” Gaddy said. “He appreciates the power of ‘useful history,’ the application of history as a policy tool, as a social and political organizing force that can help shape group identities and foster coalitions.”

        In a recent Reuters interview, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitri Peskov, said Putin “reads all the time, mostly about the history of Russia.”

        “He reads memoirs, the memoirs of Russian historical state figures.”

        Gaddy said history for Putin is “both personal and personalized – focused on individuals and their actions rather than on political, social and economic forces.”

        ‘Miracle from God’

        As the Russian president, Putin has aligned himself closely with Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev, better known as Patriarch Kirill, head of the Russian Orthodox Church. Kirill’s complete title is his holiness, patriarch of Moscow and all Russia of the Russian Orthodox Church.

        Krill has turned out to be key to Putin’s intent to use the Russian Orthodox Church as a tool of his foreign policy goals. In turn, Kirill has called Putin’s presidency a “miracle from God.”

        Kirill’s closeness to Putin is no accident.

        Kirill allegedly was a member of the Soviet KGB and has close involvement with the Russian Federal Security Services, or FSB, Blank of the Jamestown Foundation told WND.

        According to the open intelligence group Stratfor, Kirill has been “aggressive in interjecting the church’s role in the Kremlin’s foreign relations and in a way that is almost hawkish, going so far as to have set up a joint department with the Russian Foreign Ministry.”

        “There has been a long and intense competition between the Vatican and the Russian Orthodox Church that stretches beyond religion and into geopolitics,” Stratfor said. “As the largest of the Eastern Orthodox churches, the Russian Orthodox Church considers itself the modern heir to the Byzantine legacy and therefore a rival to the Vatican.”

        Read more at http://mobile.wnd.com/2015/07/putin-uses-church-as-foreign-policy-tool/#Qeh6cZOlHcy7xRsO.99

  6. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlexJonesChannel

  7. Jct: Calling someone Hitler is urging someone to take him out before it’s too late. Sad to see the pope wishing death on someone.

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  9. ‘See to it that you are not deceived’ .. Matt 24

    “Karl Marx denounced religion as the “the opiate of the people,” and communist states tried extensively to abolish it. However, the Illuminist oligarchs who run most of our world know that man has a spiritual nature which cannot be fully eradicated. They therefore deemed it more practical to infiltrate and control religion than try and destroy it outright.”

    James Perloff in The War on Christianity correctly applies this theory to Christianity in the US but fails to see the same theory applies to Russia .. with Patriarch Kirill 40 years kgb mending a 1000 year old fence with Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin kissing icons .. I am not so easily decieved.

    The Reds Want to Foment World War III as a Christian Communist Versus Christian Zionist Battle of the Fanatics

    Christopher Jon Bjerknes

    Putin’s reds in the “alternative media” have long been apologizing for Putin on the false premise that his support of the Orthodox Church and his gay bashing prove that he is against the jews. They also claim that Putin is anti-Muslim, while contradictorily pointing to his support of Muslim nations in their efforts to miscast him as if he were antijewish.
    Communism has been thoroughly discredited. But Putin and his criminal gang of KBG thugs are planning to reconstitute and expand the Soviet Union to include. . . well, to include the globe. The first step is retake the Slavic States and incorporate Greece. Putin cannot do this by advocating communism outside of the Russian ethnicity. Instead, he is promoting Orthodox Christianity to form an empire out of the Slavs and Greeks, that will constitute the resuscitated the Soviet Union. Putin’s propaganda machine is stigmatizing the West as Zionist and degenerate, and is offering up Christian Communism as if the antidote to Christian Zionism. It is the same old zionist versus bolshevist false dilemma game that Winston Churchill played, though Putin is playing the other side, both of which options pit Whites against Whites for the benefit of the jews, of zionism and of communism.
    If Putin’s commie gang of KGB thugs succeed in using Orthodox Christianity by converting it into communism, the same way the jews used Protestant Christianity by converting it into zionism, they will take over all of Eastern Europe, internationalize it under bolshevism and cut off Western Europe from energy reserves. They will steal prime White farmland and use it to feed the Chinese during World War III.
    These new Christian Communists’ tactics are identical to the jews’ subversion of Protestant Christianity to convert it to Christian Zionism. They bash homosexuals and Muslims, just like the jew financed Christian Zionists. They point to biblical prophecies to paint the West as if the seat of the anti-Christ and Gog and Magog, just as Christian Zionists point to biblical prophecies to paint Russia and Islam as if the seat of the anti-Christ and Gog and Magog. They use the clergy to sponsor their politics, and their press pundits to provoke the emotions of the masses.
    Putin’s support of the Orthodox Church no more supports the absurd notion that he is antijewish, than Hagee’s support of Protestant Christianity would support the absurd notion that he could somehow be antijewish. Both Putin and Hagee have vowed to defend the jews and Israel. Both Putin and Hagee are fanatically projewish. Putin is just dressing up the old Soviet Union as if it were an international Orthodox empire. That is his game. Poland won’t buy it, but for them he dresses up the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact as if pan-Slavia. The Baltics he will simply take by claiming that they hate Russians and therefore deserve invasion.


  10. “Andropov will be replaced by a younger leader with a more liberal image who will continue the so called “Liberalization” more intensively.” Anatoliy Golitsyn

    Kremlinology is back on the daily agenda. This can hardly be considered good news. I distinctly remember: the year was 1983 and Yuri Vladimirovich Andropov – former Chairman of the Committee for State Security, an institution known under the horrifying acronym of KGB – reigned as absolute leader of the CPSU and the USSR. Today, the Russian Federation is commanded by none other than Andropov’s former subordinate, one-time KGB lieutenant-colonel and deputy chief of the residency in Dresden (in what was called – then and for four more decades after that – the GDR), Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.


  11. Putin’s Race Against the Clock: Or How the Reports of Russia’s Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated


  12. Putin Runs The Russian State–And The Russian Church Too



    • the appointment of the head is a political rather than religious statement?

      these guys select it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_Council_of_the_Russian_Orthodox_Church

      Abolished in 1721 by Peter the Great, the patriarchate was restored on October 28 (November 10), 1917, by decision of the All-Russian Local Council. Patriarch Kirill acceded to this position on 1 February 2009.[2]

      i would say reenacted to help the state control the christians in regards to the revolution and killing of the tsar etc?

      • I would agree .. according to Anatoliy Golitsyn the collapse of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the SU were planned .. infiltrating the ROC with agents was also long term planning

        • bingo.

        • the communist “nomenclatura” – high ranking officials wanted to legalise their status, converting themselves into the capitalists oligarchs we saw they became…privatising (stealing) the state properties under their administration.
          a nice way to steal.

      • Sun Tzu – The Art of War
        Appear weak when you are strong, … appear where you are not expected. The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

        • yeah!

        • I imported a Rottweiler once from the top dog breeder in Germany after reserving rights to pick of litter while pups were in utero. The clear pick of the litter emerged quickly from a physical perspective, I was very excited and fell deeply in love each day as pictures were sent.

          Two weeks later I was notified that a character flaw was emerging, the near perfect pup was showing signs of aggression. I assumed theybmeant the pup was acting out,. It was further explained that they define timidity aka fear as aggresive behavior.

          Weak, timid behavior shown in pups was found to be the foremost characteristic of a sneaky, vicious dog that in the end was not only untrustworthy, the fear drives these dogs to devour their handlers.

  13. Vladimir Putin’s Rise To Power

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  15. […] Source: Pope Francis warns against rise in populism […]

  16. Although there may be NO NEED for evangelism as .. passing a law restricting evangelism is control of religion not freedom of religion .. people should be free to choose who they will be deceived by .. foreign evangelicals or the State sponsored kgb ROC .. in my opinion the evidence of authentic ‘revival’ is persecution and martyrdom .. absent persecution I view the ‘Revival in Russia’ with suspicion.

    Persecution and Revival in the Soviet Union in the 1960s

  17. Vladivostok ‘to get tallest statue of Jesus Christ in the world’


  18. Gleb Pavlovich Yakunin (Russian: Глеб Па́влович Яку́нин; 4 March 1936 – 25 December 2014) was a Russian priest and dissident, who fought for the principle of freedom of conscience in the Soviet Union. He was a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group, and was elected member of the Russian Parliament from 1990 to 1995.

    Gleb Yakunin was born into a musical family. He studied biology at Irkutsk Agricultural Institute. He converted to Christianity at the end of the 1950s, after coming into contact with Alexander Men,[1] and graduated from the Moscow Theological Seminary of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1959. In August 1962 he was ordained a priest and was appointed to the parish church in the city of Dmitrov near Moscow.
    Together with the priest Nikolai Eschliman, Yakunin wrote an open letter in 1965 to the Patriarch of Moscow, Alexius I, where he argued that the Church must be liberated from the total control of the Soviet state. The letter was published as a samizdat (“self-published”, i.e., underground press). In retaliation for this, he was forbidden to continue his priestly ministry in the parish in May 1966. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn supported Gleb Yakunin and Nikolai Eschliman in his letter to Patriarch Alexius.
    In 1976 he created the Christian Committee for the Defense of the Rights of Believers in the USSR. He published several hundreds of articles about the suppression of religious freedom in the Soviet Union. These documents were used by dissidents of all religious denominations. Yakunin was arrested and convicted for anti-Soviet agitation on 28 August 1980. He was kept in the KGB Lefortovo prison until 1985, and then in a labor camp known as “Perm 37”. Later, he was punished by involuntary settlement in Yakutia.
    Gleb Yakunin was given amnesty in March 1987 under Mikhail Gorbachev. He was allowed to return to Moscow and worked again as a priest until 1992. He was rehabilitated in 1991. In 1990 Yakunin was elected to the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation and worked as deputy chairman the Parliamentary Committee for the Freedom of Conscience. He was co-author of the law concerning “freedom of all denominations” that was used for the opening of churches and monasteries throughout the country.
    Gleb Yakunin was a member of the committee created for the investigation of the Soviet coup attempt of 1991 and chaired by Lev Ponomaryov, and thereby gained the access to secret KGB archives. In March 1992 he published materials about the cooperation between the Moscow Patriarchate and the KGB. He published code names of several KGB agents who held high-rank positions in the Russian Orthodox Church including Patriarch Alexius II, Mitropolitans Filaret of Kiev, Pitrim of Volokolamsk, and others. The Russian church excommunicated Yakunin in 1993.


    • from a jewish family:

      “In 1965, Yakunin wrote, together with priest Nikolai Eschliman” – another jew

      “gained the access to secret KGB archives. In March 1992 he published materials about the cooperation the Moscow Patriarchate with the KGB.” – no surprise here, this has been the norm in any communist country

      “He was a member of the Moscow Helsinki Group”


      …so…Soros & the US gov…

      Who is behind Human Rights Watch?

      “Who runs the HRW Europe Committee?

      Human Rights Watch is organised approximately by continent. The Europe section was established in 1978, originally named ‘Helsinki Steering Committee’ or ‘Helsinki Watch’. It is the core of the later Human Rights Watch organisation. In the late 1970’s, human rights had become the main issue in Cold War propaganda, after Soviet concessions at the Helsinki summit (1975), allowing human rights monitoring. Western governments encouraged ‘private’ organisations to use this concession – not out of moral concern, but as a means of pressuring the Soviet Union. HRW was one of these ‘private’ organisations: in other words, it began as a Cold War propaganda instrument.
      The committee is now called the Europe and Central Asia Advisory Committee. It is still affiliated with the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights, which co-ordinates the “Helsinki committees”. The membership now includes fewer ex-diplomats than in the 1990’s, more academics, and a few HRW donors. This web page and other similar publicity, has probably influenced the change in style. (By appointing his tax lawyer to the HRW Board, Soros exposed himself to ridicule and charges of cronyism).”

      “Human rights are not the only ideology of intervention. The ‘civilising mission’, which justified 19-th century colonisation, is another example.The point is that human rights can serve a geopolitical purpose, which is unrelated to their moral content. It is not possible to show that ‘human rights’ exist, and most moral philosophers would not even try. It might not be a very important issue in ethics anyway – but it is important in politics and geopolitics. And geopolitics is what Human Rights Watch is about – not about ethics. HRW itself is an almost exclusively US-American organisation. Its version of human rights is the Anglo-American tradition. It is ‘mono-ethical’ – recognising no legitimate ethical values outside its own. However, the human-rights tradition is not, and can never be, a substitute for a general morality. Major ethical issues such as equality, distributive justice, and innovation, simply don’t fit into rights-based ethics.”


  19. Remembering the Russian Priest Who Fought the Orthodox Church

    He defied the atheism of communism and the empty religious practices of Putinism. With Father Gleb Yakunin’s death on Christmas, Russia has lost a liberal voice of conscience.


  20. Who is Father Alexander Men?


    • from a jewish family: “his father, Volf Gersh-Leybovich ”
      worked toward ecumenism – “strong tendencies towards ecumenism which his books advocate”

      • Religion=opiate=new lies for old

        • what is “the real Christianity, that is not void of a personal encounter with the Living Word of scripture”, according to you, Rev?
          which “scripture”?

          • Maria, with your permission I can only offer you my personal experience, I rejected religion when I was 12 years old but at 22 I was demon possessed and suicidal, I cried out to God for help and for the first time in my life I opened a bible and read 1 Peter 1 and my life was transformed .. some people would say for 44 years I have been obsessed with scripture and I would not disagree .. the performance of religious ritual will never effect a change in a person’s life .. the preaching or study of doctrine will never effect a change in a person’s life .. I spent a number of years involved with various churches .. I walked away considering it all pure entertainment .. I believe man is ‘spiritual being’ (created by God) temporarily living in a physical body .. my ‘spiritual being’ is in desperate need .. the Living Word is the Breath of God capable of transforming my character .. A relationship with God is a deep personal experience and has nothing to do with church or religion .. as I said to Adirondack .. It is a noble cause to expose lies and deception but it begins with exposing the lies and deception within one’s own heart and mind .. the deception of religion has been imposed upon us but God searches the heart .. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Jer 29:13 .. I will settle for nothing less than a personal encounter with the Living God .. I can’t eat another man’s lunch .. I must eat my own food and must study scripture for myself to find the truth ..

            As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him. 1 John 2:27
            But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have told you. John 14:26
            I still have much to tell you, but you cannot yet bear to hear it. However, when the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all truth. For He will not speak on His own, but He will speak what He hears, and He will declare to you what is to come. John 16:13

            • Thanks, Rev.
              “I believe man is ‘spiritual being’ (created by God) temporarily living in a physical body .. my ‘spiritual being’ is in desperate need .. the Living Word is the Breath of God capable of transforming my character .. A relationship with God is a deep personal experience and has nothing to do with church or religion .” 🙂
              I’ve become a “marcionist” lately :): no Old Testament (+ other jewish compromised elements in Jesus’ doctrine) + no institutionalised church needed…as well as a “christian deist” :):


          • p.s.

            I am vehemently opposed to the oppressive judgmental self-righteous religious spirit exhibited by those who seize every opportunity to impose their religious doctrine on others .. They have the ability to seriously test one’s patience .. but there’s a limit and I only have two words for them and it’s not Lord Bless!

  21. Of course it not only Russia that uses religion ..

    ‘The Fellowship’ aka ‘The Family’ secretive DC prayer group

  22. Theocracy Watch: Dominion Theology

  23. The Family-Theocracy in America Exposed

    In the book The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power, author Jeff Sharlet examines the power wielded by a secretive Christian group known as the Family, or the Fellowship. Founded in 1935 in opposition to FDR’s New Deal, the evangelical group’s views on religion and politics are so singular that some other Christian-right organizations consider them heretical The group also has a connection to a house in Washington, D.C., known as C Street. Owned by a foundation affiliated with the Family, C Street is officially registered as a church; in practice, it serves as a meeting place and residence for politicians like South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, Nevada Sen. John Ensign and Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn. The Family, Sharlet writes, is responsible for founding the annual National Prayer Breakfast, a supposedly ecumenical — but implicitly Christian — event attended by the president, members of Congress and dignitaries from around the world. These foreign delegations are often led by top defense personnel, who use it as an opportunity to lobby the most influential people in Washington — and who repay the Family with access to their governments. The group’s approach to religion, Sharlet says, is based on “a sort of trickle-down fundamentalism,” which holds that the wealthy and powerful, if they “can get their hearts right with God … will dispense blessings to those underneath them.” Members of the group ardently support free markets, in which, they believe, God’s will operates directly through Adam Smith’s “invisible hand.” The Family was founded in 1935 by a minister named Abraham Vereide after, he claimed, he had a vision in which God came to him in the person of the head of the United States Steel Corporation.

    So who is Doug Coe? He shuns almost all interview requests. But in hours of audiotape and videotape recordings obtained exclusively by NBC News, he frequently preaches the gospel of Jesus to followers and supporters. In one videotaped sermon from 1989, Coe provides this account of the atrocities committed under Chairman Mao in Communist China: “I’ve seen pictures of the young men in the Red Guardthey would bring in this young mans motherhe would take an axe and cut her head off. They have to put the purposes of the Red Guard ahead of father, mother, brother sister and their own life. That was a covenant, a pledge. That’s what Jesus said.”

    In his preaching, Coe repeatedly urges a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. Its a commitment Coe compares to the blind devotion that Adolph Hitler demanded from his followers — a rhetorical technique that now is drawing sharp criticism.

    “Hitler, Goebbels and Himmler were three men. Think of the immense power these three men had, these nobodies from nowhere, Coe said.

    Later in the sermon, Coe said: “Jesus said, You have to put me before other people. And you have to put me before yourself.’ Hitler, that was the demand to be in the Nazi party. You have to put the Nazi party and its objectives ahead of your own life and ahead of other people.”

    Coe also quoted Jesus and said: One of the things [Jesus] said is ‘If any man comes to me and does not hate his father, mother, brother, sister, his own life, he can’t be a disciple. So I don’t care what other qualifications you have, if you don’t do that you can’t be a disciple of Christ.”

    The sermons are little surprise to writer Jeff Sharlet. He lived among Coe’s followers six years ago, and came out troubled by their secrecy and rhetoric.

    We were being taught the leadership lessons of Hitler, Lenin and Mao. And I would say, Isnt there a problem with that? And they seemed perplexed by the question. Hitlers genocide wasnt really an issue for them. It was the strength that he emulated, said Sharlet, who is a Contributing Editor at Rolling Stone and is an Associate Research Scholar at the NYU Center for Religion and Media in New York.

  24. Is “The Family” Penetrating Donald Trump? Is a Religious-Criminal Cabal Securing Key Spots?

    Certain Trump picks point to a religious-criminal cabal preparing for a Pence presidency. What do Vice President Mike Pence, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and certainly not least, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, have in common? Membership in ‘The Fellowship’, a quasi-religious organization-unregistered lobby with fingerprints all over past USA international crimes sprees. These three significant personalities all are under the ‘spiritual’ tutelage of Doug Coe, leader of ‘The Family’ where if you are ‘chosen’ there is a different standard, an unaccountable standard, where everything up to and inclusive of child rape is excused.

    Phi Beta Iota: Donald Trump knows he is being played and he is himself playing for time and position. What he does not seem to have in place is a proper vetting process in the context of a grand strategy. All signs are pointing toward Trump’s being pressured to resign or be impeached. He is simply not doing enough to take down the Establishment, and is instead allowing the Establishment to place its Trojan Horses everywhere, including the two most important positions: the Establishment owns the White House via the Chief of Staff and the Office of Presidential Personnel via the Director.


  25. It only gets better ..

    Pope Francis in Bed With the Doug Coe Cult

    Pope Francis Met With the Head of The Family – the Secretive Politicians Based in DC Townhouse

    On June 5, Pope Francis met in private with Doug Coe, one of the most influential evangelicals in the US and head of the Family, tea-party ally Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and former U.S. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne who served under Bush 43 amid unprecedented scandal.

    “Their goal is a worldwide invisible organization….The core issue is capitalism and power.” The Family has connections with businessmen in the oil and aerospace industries, the CIA, Pentagon and Department of Defense according to Jeff Sharlet, investigative journalist and author of The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power.


    • One big happy Family!

    • “the family”

      • and he’s got the audacity to warn against the rise in populism

        • isnt the aim of politicians to be popular and hence get the votes?..not debating the merits of that mind you..just the fact..
          so if it was left leaning governments who came up with popular ideas and were elected is that populism to?..or is that only to be used for conservative winners?

          total hypocrite..but we knew that..

          • what about populist popes???

          • seeker, I agree with your understanding of the term “populism” in its broad meaning. Populism in its broad meaning does refer to left, right, or whoever has the most votes.

            As you may well know, so, I am probably not telling you anything new, when the pope and some others use the term “populism” they are referring to ‘populism proper’. The populism in the more strict sense of the term, refers to a particular political movement. I think Wikipedia gives a good populism proper definition:

            “Populism is a political style of action that mobilizes a large alienated element of a population against a government which is seen as controlled by an out-of-touch closed elite that acts on behalf of its own interests. The underlying ideology of Populists can be left, right, or middle. Its goal is to unite the uncorrupt and the unsophisticated (the ‘little man’) against the corrupt dominant elites (usually the orthodox politicians) and their camp followers (usually the rich and the intellectuals).” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Populism

            Populism is anti-establishment or anti-elite. Those of the establishment or the elite, like the pope, usually fear or dread a populist movement. Of course who are the elite or the establishment will be defined differently depending on the circumstances. The ideological establishment of yesterday, may be the populist movement of tomorrow.

      • Yes, correction well taken 401!

  26. betsy devos and kellyanne conway also in this bunch.

  27. The Family Brotherhood Doug Coe, Barbara Bush, Winston Churchhill All Same Bloodline

  28. Frat House for Jesus


    • The C Street house was known to be associated with a ministry called the Fellowship, a nondenominational entity that sponsored the annual National Prayer Breakfast. But the Fellowship’s more significant work was its invisible ministry to political leaders, dating back to the New Deal era. Through the years, small Fellowship-inspired prayer groups have held weekly meetings in the Pentagon, in the Attorney General’s office, in various congressional hideaways inside the Capitol, and in the White House itself. The Fellowship has offered succor to Bill Clinton and Al Gore, to Dwight Eisenhower and Marion Barry, and to many of the Watergate felons. D. Michael Lindsay, a Rice University sociologist who has studied the ways in which evangelicals have become part of the American élite, was astonished by what he discovered about the Fellowship. “They are the most significant spiritual force in the lives of leaders—especially leaders in Washington—of any entity that I know,” he says. “They are mentioned more often in the interviews I’ve conducted than any other group. They have had a more sustained influence over the decades than any other entity. There is nothing comparable to them.”

  29. Expose: The “Christian” Mafia                     

    Where Those Who Now Run the U.S. Government Came From and Where They Are Taking Us

      By Wayne Madsen Part I


    By Wayne Madsen Part II


  30. Dominionists,
    Christian Nationalists,
    and Reconstructionists:

    Their Intentions, Political Power and the
    Threat They Pose to Our National Security 


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