Hole in reactor detected at crippled Fukushima nuclear facility



Record high radiation levels that’s lethal even after brief exposure have been detected at a damaged reactor at the Fukushima power plant in Japan. Specialists also found a hole, likely caused by melted nuclear fuel.

Radiation levels of up to 530 Sieverts per hour were detected inside an inactive Reactor 2 at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex damaged during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami catastrophe, Japanese media reported on Thursday citing the plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).

A dose of about 8 Sieverts is considered incurable and fatal.

A hole of no less than one square meter in size has also been discovered beneath the reactor’s pressure vessel, TEPCO said. According to researchers, the apparent opening in the metal grating of one of three reactors that had melted down in 2011, is believed to be have been caused by melted nuclear fuel that fell through the vessel.

The iron scaffolding has a melting point of 1500 degrees, TEPCO said, explaining that there is a possibility the fuel debris has fallen onto it and burnt the hole. Such fuel debris have been discovered on equipment at the bottom of the pressure vessel just above the hole, it added.

The latest findings were released after a recent camera probe inside the reactor, TEPCO said. Using a remote-controlled camera fitted on a long pipe, scientists managed to get images of hard-to-reach places where residual nuclear material remained. The substance there is so toxic that even specially-made robots designed to probe the underwater depths beneath the power plant have previously crumbled and shut down.

However, TEPCO still plans to launch further more detailed assessments at the damaged nuclear facility with the help of self-propelled robots.


its not going away..over 5 year now and they still have NFI what the state of the reactors are or how dangerous it is or where the rods and fuel are exactly..

“Specialists also found a hole, likely caused by melted nuclear fuel.”

a hole..great..dont eat the fish..


~ by seeker401 on February 4, 2017.

5 Responses to “Hole in reactor detected at crippled Fukushima nuclear facility”

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  2. 5 years. That place is a crazy time bomb. I do not think anybody knows exactly what is going to happen, but it can not be good. After all this time, and no solution to the leak.

  3. while we are watching trump, swamp & swamp creatures..

  4. ‘Fukushima catastrophe ongoing: Leakage on a daily basis’


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