Space station crew discusses life in space..and expose a big NASA fail?

and the fail:


thanks to joelH for the link..

this is the second video..and please could all be genuine..or it might be false..has the author convinced you?


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  2. ok. and what about the ball levitating all the time on the video? if the rest is fake, how do they do the trick with the ball?

  3. ..did any of you come away with any clues who’s gonna win it..give us a heads up mate
    Houston , we have no clue who’s been selected to win

    (i think the logical explanation is – they gave them a whole bunch of jerseys of all the NFL teams last year before launch haha.. no flat earth pls)

  4. I am a Russian-American who has researched the flat earth for almost two years now. It is 100% not a psy-op as many shills and controlled opposition try to make it seem. In life, the smart search for real truth, and this subject should not be overlooked just because it initially sounds crazy. Look up Eric Dubay, ODD Reality or Rob Skiba on YouTube. Brave men from the 1800s like Samuel Rowbatham and Thomas Winship published flat earth books through pseudonyms since it was risky exposing the globe even back then.

    It may be hard to understand the model at first (it’s not a spinning disc in outer space with edges), but the flat earth also proves that the Moon Landing is fake, ISS is fake, Gravity is fake, Big Bang is fake, Macro Evolution is fake, Dinosaurs are fake, and more. It’s tough to process all of that at once, but if people look into history, they will notice that many Freemason and Jesuit liars are behind the creation of these theories. It takes many hours of research to comprehend a lifetime of indoctrination, which was passed down through centuries.

    • first of all you get the standard response: fuck you.

      who cares what your ethnicity/nationality are? irrelevant.

      who cares how long you studied nonsense? irrelevant.

      anyone in opposition is automatically a paid shill? when you are the one participating in a cass sunstein psyop? see standard response above.

      eric dubay? the cross dressing child molester with an asian fetish? no thanks.

      science from the 1800s? laughable.

      gravity is fake? if you throw a rock off a cliff it goes down. why? don’t give me that bullshit about buoyancy and density – in those models there still has to be a reason for downward motion.

      go fuck youself “leonid.” better yet, take a ride on quantas flight 27 – or any of the other long haul suthern hemisphere flights – from sydney to santiago which proves your stupid gleason map is not accurate.

      in conclusion: fuck you, cass sunstein scum.

      • Typical response from a typical fool as yourself. If people like you are the voice of “smart people”, then we are doomed. So “xxx”, go watch porn and keep ignoring your senses.

        • my senses have seen the curvature because unlike you I can afford to go above 35,000 feet with a 60 degree view. funny you should mention porn since you admitted wanking for two years.

      • he he there’s no need to be uncivil mate

        we don’t have to behave like a bunch of lefty libtards out of UC Berkeley. Seriously we rile against them but yet we behave like so? where is the logic?

        • that’s my alma mater, mate, and i’m quite proud of my black-clad brothers and sisters. i just wish they were as vehement opposing obamanoid liberals as they were opposing trash like milo.

          we all know who these FE scum (and their sock puppets) are working for. we’re free to question NASA, the moon landing, or anything else without having to listen to cass sunstein’s FE garbage.

      • truth wins tough guy

        • what truth blondie? take a ride on QF27 and then get back to me. there’s no excuse for your lies or your hair dye.

    • been there done that… ..on this board we have had many takes on it – for & against. You might be able to search for that thread here. I ‘ve personally “researched” (meaning read & watch youtube arguments ..:-) ) it & think it’s either a dumb-down or a psy-op operation.

      sure NASA has faked many things & possibly – even the Moon Landing. But to me it doesn’t add to the argument of the earth being flat. The F.E. arguments have so many holes that they hv now gone to the theory of it being ‘Convex’ because it is harder to dissect.

      I think F.E.’s dome is probably trying to “hide” Nibiru or the comets killing the dinosaurs

      I have had bets wagered on landing in Santiago from Auckland on a 13 hour flight – which is impossible on the flat Gleason/UN map. It would take 3 times longer at least. Flat Earthers may be sincere & persistent but they are not stupid with their money. No one is willing to take my wager after nearly 2 years.

      “RussianVid” is that your moniker ? would you like to wager with me?

      7-day stay at Santiago hotel of my choice – all expenses paid.
      14-day stay at any destination of your choice. Skype live before departure in Auckland & on arrival at Arturo Benitez Airport holding the front-page of the La Segunda.

      • No, I am not “RussianVids”, but I know who you’re talking about. Look, if we really want to be objective, let’s examine history. Charles Darwin is a Freemason liar who created the theory of Macro Evolution. The bones of Nebraska Man (Neanderthal) and Java Man (Homo erectus) have been proven fake many years ago even in newspapers. Dinosaur bones are also fake, the Smithsonian denies scientists from visiting the supposed archives, the ones on display are not real. Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilee, Nicolaus Copernicus, all of these people belonged to secret societies. The Apollo astronauts were all Freemasons, which can be easily searched.

        Concave earthers don’t have any evidence because they base their ideas on having the entire universe inside of a ball earth. Flat earth on the other hand is nothing new, just a long suppressed reality that gets typical mocking as we just saw. Any altitude you are on, the horizon is always flat. Whether it be on sea level (not sea curve), airplane height, Mt. Everest, to amateur balloon footage over 20 miles up. Yet NASA and all these liars tell us “oh, we are just too small to see it! You need to be in space to see the curve.”

        • well nasa is right on one thing.. you raelly needed to be sufficiently high enough to see the curvature. i dunno if you are from a science/mathematics background – but there is an optimal height before you can see it as you;re just a germ sitting on a basketball – all you see is flatness.

          all those arguments about darwin, nasa, smithsonian.. doesn’t add weight to it. remember – years ago they will put you death if you believe heliocentricity and not flat earth.

          It is very hard to argue against a flat earther because F.E. is more like a religion just like Leftism is a religion. impossible

          * why can’t i see the Burj Tower from the Mont Blanc or even Ararat? (most F.E. would say smog, air density) but why can i see the sunset?

          * why does the ship’s hull disappear first & sails last?

          * why do you not want to wager with me?

          end of story

          • You say leftism is a religion, which I find interesting. But the whole idea of outer space travel, the distant exo-planets (which only NASA can see with their fake Hubble Telescope), all of that is the real religion. An atheist always believes in this model of our universe. And now with Jesuit Pope Francis, even Catholics are going to say “God created the Big Bang and Evolution.” They only take you guys to space through Hollywood movies. How is it that since 1969, we were able to go to the moon and back, and all of a sudden they talk about the non-passable Van Allen Radiation Belt? Even the phony Bill Nye (yes, I know he’s not a real scientist) said “one thing I want your generation to embrace, is that the earth is a closed system. We cannot leave the earth.”

            Gravity is the main answer of NASA and modern pseudo-science. How does the sun orbit the earth? Gravity. How do we stick to a 1000 mph spinning ball? Gravity. How does the moon orbit us? Gravity. What causes tides? Gravity. All of this is complete nonsense created by Newton, which shaped into all the current “explanations” we get about space. Neil deGrasse Tyson even claims we live on an oblate spheroid, yet all NASA CGI images of earth show a perfect ball.

            1. You cannot see very distant objects due to the law of perspective. If I am walking in a straight line in Kansas, which geologists say is “flatter than a pancake”, I will eventually disappear from your line of sight. Same works with boats, and with a telescope or high-zoom camera. You would be able to see the boats again until they disappear from that line of sight. This has nothing to do with “going over the horizon.”

            2. What wager? Maybe if I lived in New Zealand and knew you personally, I doubt any stranger online is going to accept your generous offer. By the way, do you remember how planes have to go nose down during flight to account for curvature drop? Neither do I.

            Maybe it’s an end of story for you, but to trust liars who never traveled outside earth is being willfully ignorant.

            • no problem we can get a no-interest third party to take a 50% deposit..but i also fear non payment of the remaining on arrival on time. . . i mean no one can win (?) an argument such as
              – Flat Earth
              – left is right

              they are all like religion but least i can fly myself there and prove it by selfy-filming the 13-hr journey but could someone say my video is doctored? likely so without a continuous running of the whole reel – non-stop.. haha i m not gonna do it for your pleasure & not mine.

              But i fear some FE will theorize later – the jet stream will accelerate the wind under the wings of the plane at certain height because of the dome-shaped air-density causing the change of velocity -thereby making the flight time shorter

            • we post this bfore

              • After a classical education at a Jesuit secondary school, the Collège du Sacré-Coeur, in Charleroi, Lemaître began studying civil engineering at the Catholic University of Leuven at the age of 17. In 1914, he interrupted his studies to serve as an artillery officer in the Belgian army for the duration of World War I. At the end of hostilities, he received the Belgian War Cross with palms.

                After the war, he studied physics and mathematics, and began to prepare for the diocesan priesthood, not for the Jesuits.[10] He obtained his doctorate in 1920 with a thesis entitled l’Approximation des fonctions de plusieurs variables réelles (Approximation of functions of several real variables), written under the direction of Charles de la Vallée-Poussin. He was ordained a priest in 1923.

                He worked with Arthur Eddington who introduced him to modern cosmology, stellar astronomy, and numerical analysis. He spent the next year at Harvard College Observatory

            • >1. You cannot see very distant objects due to the law of perspective. If I am walking in a straight line in Kansas, which geologists say is “flatter than a pancake”, I will eventually disappear from your line of sight.<

              what if i buy a very powerful telescope.. surely within a short distance from say Mt Ararat, Mont Blanc.. to see the world's tallest structure – should not be impossible since i can view the surface of the moon with it. okay perhaps not the moon since it's not real – ….a spotlight?… which by itself is weird – considering if it is infact a "spotlight" hoisted up by some mechanism -shouldn't we be able to see it 24 hours a day – since the earth is flat? or at least using a telescope since the spotlight never sets.

              wow..the spotlight theory is interesting & let's see you answer this- in the Arctic region – the eskimoes get nearly 23.5 hours of summer-sunlight because of the 'curvature', So, if they are getting 23.5 why aren't we only getting 0.5 at the same time? Or are there multiple suns/spotlights hoisted at different locations?

              Eclipse of the sun? how?

        • Charles Darwin is a Freemason liar who created the theory of Macro Evolution. The bones of Nebraska Man (Neanderthal) and Java Man (Homo erectus) have been proven fake many years ago even in newspapers. Dinosaur bones are also fake, the Smithsonian denies scientists from visiting the supposed archives, the ones on display are not real. Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilee, Nicolaus Copernicus, all of these people belonged to secret societies. The Apollo astronauts were all Freemasons, which can be easily searched.

          agree with that but not FET..

          • Thank you, Seeker! At least you can acknowledge all the other points I’ve made, while I’m being trashed about how I am a psy-op scum who for some reason thinks planes don’t work on a flat earth XD Truth is truth however ridiculous it may seem, some people will never accept it, some will. For every counter-argument against the FE, there is an answer from the FE. This is all that I have done. But even this is too much for some people.

            • i acknowledge they were valid points for discussion but not the FE about that wager?

              • I can’t believe you people are actually serious about some wager about plane travel. How exactly is that going to prove that we live on a globe? Half of globe earthers believe they see the curvature on a plane, while the amazing “scientists” that everybody worships tell them that they are like bacteria on a rock, who cannot see the curve. In my opinion, this is just an excuse to avoid the other points I’ve provided. That includes how we supposedly live on a non-ball “oblate spheroid”, Kansas is proven to be flatter than a pancake, all of NASA’s perfect ball earth images look different from each other (especially the 2012 one), etc.

                Seeker, if you know that heliocentrism and gravity comes from Freemasonry, why are you not concerned by that? Masons have guided the globe earth every inch of the way for hundreds of years. That’s why they created the Big Bang, Macro Evolution, Dinosaurs and other distractions.

                There’s no point in me trying to explain the FE, since nobody is willing to listen, and you can find these answers yourself with genuine research. I can’t be a one man army in a blog where everybody is trying to put a gun to my head about some QF27, lol. Joel himself said that he wouldn’t profit from taking someone on this trip, so why keep beating a dead horse? If you are real truthers, you will put your egos aside. If you are half truthers, then you will ignore the mounting evidence.

                • (i am only answering you because it’s Half-time in the EPL)

                  i hate to say it but you’re not as season a Flattie as i thought. perhaps you’d just be initiated. You are probably just bamboozled by all the E.Dubay flashy nasa videos, moon shots & other peripheral topics.

                  When you said “plane travel to observe curvature” – you must be nuts.
                  go back & start reading the thread.

                  • Thanks for proving my point by completely ignoring everything I said there. You ignore that Copernicus and Newton were Masons, Dinosaurs, Evolution and Big Bang were invented by Masons, NASA’s fake earth images, that your own globe model is claiming you live on an oblate spheroid, that Kansas is flatter than a pancake, all valid FE points that you never debunked. Cognitive dissonance is the reason why you stopped researching. You claim yourself as a truther? No, you sir are willfully ignorant.

                    • Surely one can distrust Big Bang and evolution theories without being a proponent of FE? Like Christians for example. Adherence to one theory is not an acceptance of any other theory in particular.

      • you know these scumbags will never take your wager. first of all most of them are unemployed welfare losers – that’s why they always talk about how much time they’ve wasted researching FE instead of working jobs to support themselves.

        • You’re right, I’m a scumbag for speaking my mind. And you’re a very polite an intelligent person who destroys FE scum like myself 🙂

          • you’re a scumbag for spreading cass sunstein nonsense. i don’t have to be polite to psyop scum. we all notice how you are ignoring joel’s offer.

            • Haha “psy-op scum”, as if the flat earth was invented by this Sunstein you keep referring to. You do know that the Flat Earth Society is a disinformation site to discredit real flat earthers right? A Freemason named Leo Ferrari created it just so that people like you can go on it, and see how “stupid” the flat earth “psy-op” is. Of course, a person from the US is going to accept a random New Zealander’s offer on traveling on a plane… I can at least respect Joel for not acting like a complete rude idiot like you.

              • joel will be more than happy to supply details, and i’m sure seeker will be happy to act as intermediary. you have no excuse for not taking his wager – except of course that you know you will lose.

                never been to the FES site. i do know your theories intimately, however. all of it is meant to discredit actual truth seeking.

                your seat on QF27 is still waiting, liar.

  5. Seek Joel the 2 vid is going is a SB commercial ? haha

  6. Leonid, You are well researched and I agree with you 100% This is one of my favorite blogs. I forward quite a few articles from this blog often. I love the pictures on Sunday. I use this site quite a bit. I only commented once and found out just as you did, they are pricks here. Fucking pricks. Ignorant disrespectful pricks.

    If there is somebody that is using the argument that ships sail over the horizon mast fist and then hull has done zero research. It’s obviously perspective.

    Leonid is 100% correct and has done extensive research as I have. There are secrets that are being kept from us. Many of them. Big ones. And the flat earth is the biggest. Maybe they feel for global security and control of the people they need to lie. Personally I believe it is bigger than that. I believe it is a battle being waged by Satanic Luciferian forces. The masons are luciferian. The Catholic church is Satanic.

    Their secrets are being exposed and this site does a great job at exposing many of the lies. Jews, Bankers, Illuminati, Rome, etc.

    Too bad the commenters are fucking assholes……

    Keep fighting the battle Leonid!

    • Sorry to hear that Jared. FET is an emotive issue because of its core belief. Glad you enjoy the images.

    • first of all you get the standard response: fuck you.

      if you want to be coddled with praise for your (fake) virtue signaling, go to one of the numerous stupid flat earth blogs.

      no one has to debate you. if you came here to tell us the moon is made of green cheese, there also would be no point in debating you.

      this isn’t really one of your favorite blogs. your saying so is straight out of the delphi technique manual.

      this site is not full of disrespectful pricks. i’m the only one telling you to fuck off. then you apply that brush to everyone here. yet another delphi technique.

      yes there are secrets being kept by elite and powerful people. the only thing FET does is further obsfucate those secret by clouding the terrain with lies.

      joel’s wager is still awaiting even a single taker, and none of you have stepped up to perform experiments together with skeptics. in both cases, you know you would lose.

      so fuck off.

  7. looks like you’re getting more popular seek. the NZ sock puppet crew, the port arthur sock puppet crew, and the FE sock puppet crew are all on your nuts…

    • they all came back from holidays eh? 🙂

      i think the dominionist article could unearth some new ones..we will see..

      • xxx, you are ridiculous. All I did was make one comment, and your loud mouth created the entire debate. It went from me giving the FE perspective, to constant propositions of an unrealistic wager. My intention wasn’t to bloat this comment section with our back and forth comments, but to have Seeker 401’s response to the idea. I have nothing against the blog, so I won’t comment on other articles.

        • fuck you.

          the wager is perfectly reasonable. the reason you say it isn’t is because you know you would lose.

          so once again, fuck you.

  8. This thread on the FE portion appeared like the last one.. too much angst but not enough answers

    i repeat (because i ‘d like to know.. maybe if you explain it then – i might convert, revert)

    1) how does the midnight sun in the arctic works? how does the mid-day almost-darkness work concurrently in the Antarctic? if the eskimo is hogging 23.5 hrs of light in a day why am i not getting only 30min of light?
    if the sun is not a sun what is it?

    2) >>If I am walking in a straight line in Kansas, which geologists say is “flatter than a pancake”, I will eventually disappear from your line of sight<<

    so everything no matter size including the world's tallest tower – The Burj will also disappear from your line of sight you say (even with the use of a powerful telescope) .. so how does one manage to see the sunset??

    • you know perfectly well that

      1) they dont have any legitimate answers
      2) they are perfectly willing to lie, e.g. they say you can see polaris from 20-degrees south latitude. but in reality, you can’t.
      3) they are perfectly willing to completely make things up
      4) when cornered with facts they revert to faith-based arguments which of course are not arguments at all if you do not share their faith
      5) the whole thing is a cass sunstein psyop

      • Please all-knowing xxx, enlighten me more about how this Cass Sunstein fellow is responsible for the evil and distracting flat earth psy-op? So far you’re just making yourself look like a child with “fuck you” this and “fuck you” that.

        Now to Joel, 1) Examine “Flat earth sun and moon rotation” on Google. During the June solstice, they rotate closer to the Arctic by being in the Tropic of Cancer. Antarctica would as a result receive much less sunlight during summer. During the December solstice, the sun and moon are in the Tropic of Capricorn. So that means that during winter, the Arctic starts to freeze up again to levels it was before. While in the summer, the sun gives the Arctic mostly day, and cools down the ice.

        2) “If the sun is not a sun what is it?” Where did you get this idea that we think the sun is not a sun? We don’t think the moon is made out of cheese either, so I don’t know how to quite answer that 😀 What I will say is that the sun and the moon are not as far away as lovable NASA says it is. 93 million miles away and yet looks the same size as the moon? What a complete joke. If it really were, why does the sun make a close sun spot above clouds? FE estimates that the sun and moon are both equally around 3000 miles away from us. Either way, nobody can leave the earth on a rocket to go land on the moon, due to the Van Allen Radiation Belt.

        3) When the sun goes down, notice that it slowly shrinks in size until it fades into the darkness. The reason for this is because during a sunset (any specific place you stand), the sun gets smaller until it disappears due to the vanishing point of our perspective. It’s nothing to do with the earth allegedly rotating. So if I drove towards the sunset, it would obviously reappear again like on the globe model. There’s also the good evidence from Atmospheric Lensing in the FE, but I would rather let you watch a person explain it much better than I can. The video is “Flat Earth | Atmospheric Lensing Effect” by ODD Reality, which talks about how you can see the Chicago skyline across Lake Michigan on a flat earth. When Joshua Nowicki made the original Chicago skyline image, ABC News tried to cover it up by saying “what you’re seeing is a mirage.” Then they made a BS explanation that the cold air combined with hot air of the lake bent the image upwards since “it’s below the horizon.”

        • So your FE theory differs from the classical FE theory -where the sun is inside the enclosed “dome” Van-Allen equivalent ..your theory is the sun + moon are real (?) and just not ‘as far’ and there is no dome?

          Granted it is never really smooth with terrains – we understand but on sea level – that should be relatively smooth barring any tsunami type waves therefore – with 700miles you should still be able to view the bright lights of NY from Bermuda? …with a telescope? No? because of vanishing point?

          Perspective & ‘vanishing point’ is ~ 6:00

          I’ll see your “vanishing point” and raise you perspective mathematics aka Trigonometry 101.

          I’ll see your chicago skyline with Bermuda skyline..

          Crepuscular Rays


          • The reason that you can’t see extreme distances outward is for reasons other than perspective. Now there are light houses that you can see from up to 200 miles. And with the curvature of the earth the lighthouse at 200 miles out should be 5.06 miles below the curvature of the earth.

            Now, the other reasons that you can’t see extreme distances is due to atmospheric conditions. Say, rain, mist, smog, fog, etc.


            last article sums it up accept for the billions of miles away star thing. LOL.

            So apparently you have been hearing or reading some crazy stuff. Sun and moon don’t exist? Strange. As far as a dome……..Who knows. Could be. If you look into Operation Free Fall, Operation High jump,Operation Fish Bowl you begin to question what was going on at that time. Why were they doing the things they were. A trip to Antarctica that ends abruptly and then suddenly high altitude nuclear tests?

            As far as what is up there, we don’t know exactly. Well they do, we don’t. We can only do educated guesses with the physical evidence provided.

            The evidence so far indicates that there is no zero zilch curvature. None, Planes fly flat. Gyroscopes always show flat, water does not curve.

            Check this out. According to the official curvature model of 25,000 miles circumference or 3,959 mile radius between California and Hawaii there is supposed to be a hump of water that is 789 miles high.


            Water does no curve. Anywhere.

            Did you know that between California and Hawaii that GPS falls off. Also any flights in the southern hemisphere all the filghts are not GPS tracked.

            GPS is land based……..

            I have mentioned to people before that I believe that the earth is flat. They say I am an idiot. I then ask how exactly the earth works. The official story. How fast the earth spins? how large is the globe supposedly? What is the curvature math? How fast does the earth supposedly fly around the sun? does the sun move? how fast does the sun move?

            These very same people that believe the official story have no idea what the official story even is. They are simply believing what they were told on faith. No facts, nothing. Just believing what they were told.

            Here are the official numbers and tell me that this doesn’t sound a bit crazy to you:

            1) The earth is supposedly 25,000 miles around. Circumference.
            2) The earth supposedly spins 1000 miles per hour at the equator.
            3) The earth is supposedly tilted at 23.4 degrees. On a 90 degree angle that leaves 66.6 degrees. 666 remember this.
            4) The earth supposedly moves around the sun at 66,600 miles per hour. There is that fancy number again.
            5) They say the sun is moving 483,000 miles per hour through space.
            6) They say the sun is 92.96 million miles away.
            7) They say the sun is 864,938 miles across.

            Here is an image of what they say:

            Does that in and of itself sound crazy?

            Check this out. Here are the founders of NASA:

            Jack Parsons – Occultist, Satanist, Black Magician
            Aleister Crowley – 33rd Degree Freemason, Satanist, Black Magician
            L Ron Hubbard – Satanist, Black Magician, Founder of Scientology
            Werner Von Braun – Nazi Rocket Scientist – Came to America via Operation Paperclip
            Walt Disney – 33rd Degree Freemason, occultist, Black Magician, Pedophile.

            NASA and the CIA share their headquarters in Langley VA.

            Did you know that every space agency has occult symbolism in their logos?

            This site often references symbolism and the only way we are going to understand the truths is through symbolism. They lie through symbolism and we need to decipher everything.

            I do not believe anything that NASA says. NOTHING! They were rooted out of satanism. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did’nt exist…….

  9. All of these answers are already answered in the thousands of hours of videos that had been made on the subject. You actually have to dedicate some time seeking the answers.

    1) The sun moves in towards the Tropic of Cancer and outward towards the tropic of Capricorn. While the sun is nearest the Tropic of Cancer, the summer solstice, the arctic gets near 24 hrs daylight. When the sun moves outward towards the tropic of Capricorn, Winter solstice, that is when it is winter in the northern hemisphere. Notice that the average temp at the north pole is -4 degrees and at the south pole it is -46 degrees. So obviously that does not work on a globe as the poles would get equal sun and the temps would be about the same. The outer rim get less sun than the north pole.

    2) The sun is 3 miles across and it, as bright as it is, still moves out of our perspective. Yes if you get a telescope you can see the sun travel further away. you can see the sun after it sets, with a telescope. The sun comes back into view. Everything comes back into view. If a ship goes out of view use binoculars and it will come back. Once it is out of the range of binoculars you can use a telescope and it will come back into view.

    Again all of this is out there to see. There are experts from all walks of life. Pilots, missile launchers, naval officers, air traffic controllers, you name it, they are all questioning these things.

    But not you guys. You guys have all the answers. You can see a ship go over the horizon so I guess you have it all figured out……

  10. Think about this. If there is 24 hrs of arctic sun, why is there not 24 hrs of antarctic sun at the winter solstice. The reason that there is 24 hr sun in the arctic is because it is in the center of the circle. The sun is circling nearest the center circle. The reason there is no antarctic 24 hr sun is because there is no pole at the south like there is at the north. That is why it is the coldest place on earth.

    Show me a 24 hr antarctic sun and I will believe your globe. I can show you a 24 hr sun at the center of the circle. Where is your 24 hr sun at the bottom of the so called globe?

    Look, you can lead a horse………..

    All the questions have been answered and it is much easier to study 5 or 10 flat earth videos than it is to type all this stuff. Some of the good creators of the videos on the topic were mentioned above. Dig in. I am the type of person that questions everything and when I first heard this flat earth thing I thought it was bat shit crazy, the more I studied it the more my beliefs changed.

    I still and always will question everything.

    Intelligent: Not because you think you know everything without questioning, but rather because you question everything you think you know.

    • Thank you, Jared! For once we get a bright person into this conversation. xxx can tell us to fuck off and label us psy-op scum however he pleases. But it will never change the truth. Folks, just look into the damn subject more. Stop being cowards who use a plane wager to avoid the real answers.

    • >>Show me a 24 hr antarctic sun and I will believe your globe. I can show you a 24 hr sun at the center of the circle. Where is your 24 hr sun at the bottom of the so called globe?<<

      Compare the graphs below for Mawson and Davis. Davis is located further south than Mawson and therefore the sun does not rise here for a longer period of time during winter. At the poles themselves, the seasonal changes are even more pronounced: 24 hours of daylight occur for several months over summer, while there is complete darkness for several months during winter

      • I could show you a lot of Government data on the “south pole.” I could put link after link of information that we are told on here. I really could. And you know that as well.

        The problem with, hell just about everything, is that there is so much disinformation and propaganda out there that even something like the very place we live is in question. I put the curvature chart above as you mentioned math. There is no measurable curvature anywhere. I don’t know exactly what is, but I assure you that what is isn’t what they say it is.

        We should all be using physical evidence, critical thinking skills and working together to answer these questions. Not simply flaming each other for thinking outside the box or questioning everything.

        Here is a quote I have in front of me:

        We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false. – William Casey Ex CIA Director.

        This is what we are up against. We have to relearn everything we have been taught from even a child as the Governments and elite have been lying to us since childhood. About everything. And when you start to learn this you begin to question everything. And when you see no curvature anywhere, no measurable curvature, like for hundreds of miles, you know that what they are telling us is a lie.

        The entire history of this earth, which I have been deciphering all the way back to Babylon, they have lied about.

        History is a set of lies agreed upon – Napoleon

        • Jared E Birch: “This is what we are up against. We have to relearn everything we have been taught from even a child as the Governments and elite have been lying to us since childhood. About everything. And when you start to learn this you begin to question everything.”

          What I quoted above is a false premise. If all is a lie, then you will never relearn anything. Pure skepticism will always doubt itself; therefore, relearning anything is impossible.

          If a person wants to construct any theory, even a flat earth theory, a person has to have presuppositions to hold a foundation to construct upon in the first place. Just a suggestion to help better any theory.

          Also, to use words such as “relearn everything” (emphasis on ‘everything’), lied since childhood, “about everything”, and “question everything”. The use of such terms is either hyperbole, which is useful at times, but at other times, it only begins to appear overdramatic and sensationalism when overly used. It does not help to persuade others.

          A side note pertaining to a small bit of the content of the theory: The postulation people have been lied to from childhood by the gov’t and the elite, and we have to relearn everything leads to exaggerations that do not consider the following truth:

          The government is not omniscient.

  11. […] via Space station crew discusses life in space..and expose a big NASA fail? — Follow The Money […]

  12. hey seek, thought you might like this remix. went to see lee foss a couple of weeks ago and he dropped it and i remembered you like groove armada…the patrick topping tune is a banger too.

  13. 4:20 .. demolishes the ‘why-we-can’t-see-curvature’ as we have explained many times. last post to this thread as i am still waiting for that wager.

    • I never realized how polarizing that this topic was. And honestly this blog, compared to the way people behave on some sites, is fairly tame. People are so cruel to each other over this subject.

      Now I have watched so many of these flat earth videos. On both sides of the debate. You know, because I want to know the truth. I have watched the ones you have posted and I still am not convinced.

      Here is 1 of the things I am having trouble with. In the video above the “demolishes” part. So the reason that we can see curvature is because we simply aren’t up high enough. The dog cam was 120 miles up and the horizon still looked flat. I am not exactly sure how long that horizon line is but is is long, and I am not sure the exact distance you can see as far as depth, but it is a long way. And there is no visible curvature, because we still are not high enough.

      Now, how can we be that high and see not curvature, but the argument is that we can’t see Bermuda from New Yawk. How can we say we can’t see a ship for a distance of more than 3 miles, or we can’t see a city in the distance because of curvature.

      It seems like the argument can be pulled either way. Which ever way the debater wants to pull it. I would say that you can’t have it both ways. You can’t not be high enough to not see curvature and yet not be able to see a city because of too much curvature.

      Fortunately I’m already bald…..

      As for the rays here is another perspective on that:

      Now say what you will about the guys experiment, but again this has people actually thinking and trying things and I appreciate that. You know, instead of simply watching Snookie.

      Make it through that and look at the part where he talks about perspective angling objects.

      But if the crepuscular rays are being bent due to perspective, why wouldn’t all vertical lines, poles, buildings, etc bend the same way due to perspective.

      It is another one of those things that you can’t have both ways. Rays bend poles don’t, we aren’t high enough to see curvature but yet we can’t see a city because of curvature.

  14. I have raised many questions. Many. I have said I don’t know exactly what is, but I know what they say isn’t. No matter what we are in some sort of enclosed system. The stars are the biggest proof. So what is it? The physical evidence proves that they are lying. Is it a ball? Is it a bigger ball? Does the ball spin? Does the ball stay stationary and everything spin around the ball? Why are the stars always in the same place? Why is there no noticeable motion?

    Instead of simply bashing people that are questioning what is, why don’t you guys help in trying to figure out what we really are living on? And this thread has been more civil than many I have seen in the past.

    The original post was NASA fakery. They lie about everything. I do not believe anything NASA say.

    If space is a vacuum, if it is nothing, if there is no oxygen in space, how can a rocket that burns oxygen operate in “space?” If space is nothing, if there is no atmosphere, what does said rocket push off of? What resistance does the thrust engine fueled by oxygen thrust off of? Wouldn’t the rocket sort of just spin in circles? Where do they store all the oxygen to use in “space?”

    It sure does seem there are a lot of bubbles in space…….

    What are they hiding? Why are they lying? What is the truth?

    I don’t think a wager is going to help us define what is. Education, assistance, experiments, working together, respect, these are the things that will help us find the truth. They great thing that flat earth has done, is gotten a LOT of people to start to question the status quo. To see the lies and expose them.

    It seems to me that You guys being down under would help answer questions. We could talk about stars, weather patterns, etc.

    All I want is the truth, I am nothing but a student……..

    • there are literally dozens if not hundred of sites where your FE gibberish would be welcomed. one of the things that makes it so obvious that you’re mostly paid shills is your insistence that any ‘alt’ website must participate in your stupidity.

      everything you bring up is designed to reach the weak minded. how do rockets burn without oxygen? rocket fuel *is* oxygen you fucking dumbass.

      per usual, there are only two possibilities. either you are total fucking dumbass, or you and your sock puppets are malicious fucking liars. which is it?

      • Once again your deep thoughts and high intelligence have greatly contributed. You should be a school teacher.

        I have to get back to my office in Langley now…….

  15. Jared E Birch, I have no dog in this fight however when you quipped,” You should be a school teacher.” this immediately came to mind. It’s not whether the earth is flat or round to me…it is whether an attempt to manipulate me with more lies and deception for the sole purpose of control is the real issue at hand. Please, take three minutes to watch it.

    • I agree 100%. I have not firmly stated that the earth is flat. I have stated points to study and ideas. Things that we should look at. I, for the first time ever, was disrespectful once above. I am always professional. I try not to be too dividing. I’ll let others do that.

      We are always at the mercy of disinformation that divides us. The way we work through all of it and come to the truth should be uniting.

      We have been lied to about all of the monetary history of the world. The entire debt based monetary system is an enslavement system. We have been lied to about how all the wars started. False flags. Every damn one of them. We have been lied to about what all the wars are about.

      People here that read this blog I am sure are more open minded and understand more than the typical sheep. That is why you are here. You are studying and learning.

      Somebody mentioned that the govt was not omniscient, I agree with that. The govt is so ass backwards it can’t do a damn thing. It is the blob. It is necessary in an economic system that must grow in perpetuity.

      But there are people that know. The secret societies and the Vatican have the answers. Many people don’t know what the Crown is. AKA the corporation. The epicenter of the control structure that has been built over 100’s of years. The Vatican, a foreign country of its own. The City of London, a foreign country of its own and Washing DC, a foreign country of its own.

      This power structure is the enslavement system we are all in.

      Here in the US we are all 14th amendment citizens subject to the jurisdiction of the corporation known as the UNITED STATES located in Washing DC.

      In 1871 we the people were collateralized and entered into a new form of slavery. 14th Amendment citizens.

      All our land was taken from us in 1933 and it is all in the hands of the state. There is no real land ownership in the US. It is all collateral due to bankruptcies that we fell prey to to private bankers. FDR, Freemason, collateralized all our land in 1933. The same year he put the all seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill. The act of 1871, The Federal Reserve act of 1913 and the emergency banking act of 1933 destroyed America.

      In 1871 Albert Pike wrote in his book “Morals and Dogma” that there would be 3 world wars and if you look into it. He nailed them. There has been a powerful enemy behind the scenes pulling strings for back as far as I can study.

      There are things that are far more important than whether or not we live on a ball or not. And we should not be divided. We should be sharing knowledge and learning. The only reason I mentioned anything at all was because the topic was NASA and their fakery. The CIA and NASA are nothing but disinformation entities.

      I can’t stand being lied to or manipulated. Or disrespected, but XXX has some growing to do and I let all that stuff slide. I’m a Libertarian. I hate the fact that we feel that we need to elect somebody to fix everything, when they are the ones who broke it all.

      Lets just keep discussing…….People are watching, and thinking. I love that more than anything!

        • Such a great sound and believe me I have danced all night long to it on my blue pill….I am dumbfounded sitting here…wiping the red dye from the red pill I took and seeing the sound played out before me…and…. reading the words to the lyrics I’ve heard but never listened to….I want to scream RUN FOREST RUN but I can’t seem to open my mouth.

      • There are things that are far more important than whether or not we live on a ball or not. And we should not be divided. We should be sharing knowledge and learning. The only reason I mentioned anything at all was because the topic was NASA and their fakery. The CIA and NASA are nothing but disinformation entities.

        that paragraph is something i can agree with..things you believe or have found are similar to us but we dont i always say..sort the wheat from the chaff according to your own needs or beliefs..for example..i think AJ is a fool and an op for someone but now and then he does some good i use them..that doesnt mean i am an AJ fan..sort the wheat..

      • Mr. Birch, “I, for the first time ever, was disrespectful once above.”

        Forget about everything you said, just for a moment, and think about what you said, in which I quoted above. This tid-bit I quoted above, of course, stuck out like a sore thumb to me. This communicates to me that you need to understand the seriousness of just how wrong you are! The lack of understanding that not only do others fail, but you also are not of some class by yourself. The suffering of the world, and the blood, that pours and cries out. The raging wars because of wealth and power. The pain of childbirth. The hardship and sweat in making a living. The famines, plagues, and sword that drives across an earth that is groaning, and crying out, ‘How long! How long!’. The sadness of children, parents, and the old put under the hand of oppressors. The continual hurt that we inflict upon others. The seriousness of just how wrong you truly are! The act of your disrespect can never be resolved by your admittance. No matter how much truth you communicate, the damage has been done. The debt of your disrespect can not be paid by you simply agreeing, even 100%, and the understanding you have about the corrupt world, is all meaningless when your once, for the first time ever deed has sealed the deal. You can never make up for what you have done.

        James 2:10

        LORD bless

        • ‘Be not like the tribe of Earth as unleavened bread, for verily they have their reward. Render your hearts and not your garments, lest ye be judged.’ Duderotomy 3:69

          • I get the Disrespect lecture? XXX you are preaching scripture? I come on the site along with others that have dared comment and get absolutely blasted, and I get the lecture? SMH……

            • lmfao… yes, the book of duderotomy is the best book of all.

            • Mr. Birch, xxx did not preach. That is an actual duty carried out by an ordained pastor in a church. Second, he did not even quote Scripture. The passage is not in the Bible. Third, xxx mocks anything that smells Abrahamic. I am not lying about his sentiment, and I am truly witnessing xxx’s act.

              Mr. Birch, If you understood James 2:10 and the gospel, and also, noticed I was indiscriminating directing my comment to everybody, including myself, and not just you, then what I said might not have been as offensive to you. I am not saying you had to understand or agree with what I said. I was seeing what kind of person you are in a way that I am able to, by God, discern for the sake of my conscience.

            • this blog is free speech..i have never censored a comment fully in over 8 years..that means it can get heated sometimes but i do believe in letting ALL have their say on ANYTHING..its not for me to judge right or wrong when its opinions and we have all have one..thats why none of the pro FE comments get deleted..even though i am not a believer..i let christians, mormons catholics, muslims or jews post what they want..i have had satanists on here..neocons..leftist poor young and old, gays, straights, black white yellow red and sacred cows can get hot in the kitchen at times..

            • Jared E.Birch, I think you are in like Flynn, you have withstood your initiation, relax and scroll down, they are having a party now 🙂

            • This comment should go on the ftm wall of fame. I just have one last comment, is the wager still out there? Lol

      • Jared E Birch they didn’t teach you that in repertoire in school. You might want to give a little more thought to ditching the very concept we could elect someone to fix what they broke though…no can do, it was done with a purpose….the trump supporters are about to find that out if they have not already.

        • You mean the 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason named Donald Drumpf?

          We perhaps had a chance with Ron Paul. The economic system is going to collapse no matter who is driving it. Baked in the cake.


            i dont think anyone in the USA congress gives “us” a have to sell your soul to make in politics..

          • My last hurrah was as a Libertarian and Ron Paul supporter once I realized he was one of them it was soon after I knew the truth and finally began the process …..practices.” (p. 24)

            Congressman Ron Paul preaches the Libertarian doctrines of “economic freedom” and “a free market,” however, the outcome of this scheme has been more ‘freedom’ for the Jewish bankers to steal personal wealth and destroy individual freedoms. He preaches the Austrian School economics of the Jew, Ludwig von Mises, who collaborated with the Jewish Coudenhove-Kalergi and Otto von Hapsburg to establish the Pan European Union. Ron Paul promotes the unbridled capitalism preached by the Jewish atheist, Ayn Rand, who was an agent of “The Trust” to destroy morality and ethics in the United States and to produce an atheistic youth culture appropriately labeled the “Me Generation.” Rightly did the apostle Paul prophesy, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud…” (2 Timothy 3:1-2)


            The Libertarian movement is a front for the Synarchy, and Ron Paul appears to be its major prophet. Masonic authors Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince define “Synarchy” as a theocracy ruled by secret societies. If Ron Paul is a Synarchist, we would expect him to be a member of one or more secret societies. There is, in fact, well-documented evidence that Congressman Paul was inducted into a Masonic fraternity in college. This article touches on Kalergi, FTM has archived articles on him.

            • Those pesky Jews. There they are again. I will read into this more as well. Oh yeah, I have to be careful the way I say that. I mean those pesky Zionist Jews.

              I have read about the link to Ron Paul and Freemasonry.

              “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” — FDR

  16. Reblogged this on smc1958's Blog.

  17. round and round and round and round and…

  18. WASHINGTON, D.C. — Upon hearing of her extremely narrow Senate confirmation, newly confirmed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos issued an order that all globes being used in any American school are to be “flattened like God made it just 6,000 years ago.”

    DeVos was confirmed in the Senate 51-50, with the deciding vote being cast by Vice President, and 2015 winner of the “Lantern-Jawed Bigot of the Year Award” from Christofascists Weekly, Mike Pence. When Pence broke the tie, it was the first time since 2008 that a Senate vote had to be broken in such a way. Perhaps most notably, this was the first time in our nation’s 240-year history that a cabinet member had to be confirmed in such a way.

    “Sure, I was literally dragged across the finish line by Vice President Pence,” DeVos said in an email to the DOE staffers directing the globe flattening edict, “but elections have consequences. Apparently so does giving hundreds of millions of dollars to campaigns.”

    Ms. DeVos’ order says she plans on putting the “pro back in quid pro quo.”

    “I’m going to make sure I leverage this opportunity the right way, like a professional grifter should,” DeVos’ email says, “and that means I’ll be putting the pro back in quid pro quo, that’s for darn sure.”

    Flattening globes in classrooms all across the country will help in “a myriad of ways,” DeVos said.

    “Jobs will be created, firstly,” DeVos said, “when we hire the flattening teams. Also, our children will be finally seeing the world how our one, true, American Christian God — all rights reserved, trademark Trump Presidency, Inc. — meant it to be when he created it all, literally every single, living and non-living thing, in six days.”

    Previewing some other plans she has for the Department of Education, Ms. DeVos told reporters she was “extremely pleased” that the millions of dollars given to Republican candidates over the years was “money well spent.”

    “It’s like when you go to the store and you pick out the perfect Bible,” DeVos said, “and you know it’ll make the best science textbook ever. That’s how it feels, knowing it was money well spent giving shit loads of cash to Republicans for decades. We’re extremely pleased in this family right now. We got the best government position our money could by. Just like the Constitution says it should work!”

    Reached for comment, Delores Umbridge told the media that she was “quite proud” of her friend Betsy. Umbridge said that DeVos taught her everything she knows about “being a boot-licking tool of a vile, dark force” and she had every confidence DeVos would “absolutely nail it.”

  19. speaking of devos… gotta love the look of fear on her face…

  20. sorry,. one last post re ‘flat earth’ ‘eric dubay’

    • JoelH Eric Dubay is a Freemasonic cointel controlled opposition straw-man agent to take down flat earth as your video is a perfect example of. Character assassinating Eric Dubay does nothing to discredit flat earth.

    • JoelH Also, this is religious advertising, and I’m not against religion. And this is furthermore a perfect example of an ad hominem.

  21. The International Space Station (ISS) is another NASA hoax as proven by the videos. Here is one on how an ISS video was faked using “zero gravity” from an aircraft’s parabolic flight; (1) “International Space Station Hoax | Does Gravity Exist?,”; and (2) Lots more ISS fakeries “NASA hoax ISS Actornaut Chris Cassidy accidentaly admits they are filming in the USA BUSTED,”; (3) “Biggest Nasa Space Station Screw Ups – Part 1,”; (4) “International Space Station Hoax,”

    • “Arthur,” where do you and the rest of the FE scum get instructions on which blog to target? just curious.

      • xxx As an afterthought maybe the 500 year old Illuminati – Jesuit – Freemasonic ball earth psyop would sign you up as a ball earth agent to complement the flat earth actor Eric Dubay, their loony, anti-Semitic, cointelpro, strawman, discrediting flat earth agent.

        • for those looking for an example of “gish gallop” … see above.

          …and arthurbaby, you’re still FE scum working a delphi psyop.

  22. xxx Wow, what vitriol for a couple of comments! Before I go I will say you replied to the wrong comment, and that my comment was for what this post is about which is the ISS hoax. Are you an agent with blog targeting instructions, with your ton of senseless, unfounded anti-Semitic, off base, thread hijacking accusation while thread hijacking, ad hominem, vitriol, shill-like comments? I’m not an agent because seeker401 suggested I post that comment here as a more appropriate thread instead of the other seeker401 thread.

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