Images 5/2/17


debunk it..


this is a music group called “sexstains”..they have performed at comet ping pong..just look at it..from one of their video clips..


focus on that eye..




its everywhere..


ID mag is one eyed on every cover..


missy elliott..






its ALL coordinated..the media is FAKE news..thats backfired horribly on them..and with biased journalism like the above its no wonder..


and thats how the game is played..add hollywood and its reinforcement of the systems desired meme and you have an extremely successful indoctrination process..


no matter which way you look at it..the pyramid will always be pointy at the top and wide and broad at the base..


~ by seeker401 on February 5, 2017.

10 Responses to “Images 5/2/17”

  1. The only “chaos” we the people see are the liberal lefties and the main stream media 😉 we are sitting back and enjoying their complete and total meltdown 😊

    • looks like automated spam, seek. the word “chaos” does not appear in this post.

      i wonder who is paying people to post stuff like this. i like seeing libs crying as much as the next reasonable person, so why the need to pay people for canned comments?

      • i think hocus is legit..has a wordpress blog so my post can appear on his feed as others posts do on my feed..but my radar is up!

        everywhere i go and look its trump trump trump even here in my bottom of the world hideaway..they still dont get it that any publicity is good publicity and that there is NOTHING trump can do or say that would outrage his supporters enough to not vote for him..musk is right..but dont expect a drop off..this is why i said i wont be doing a lot of trump posts and concentrating more on the underlings..the worlds media will be hunting his every breathe for 4 years..we wont miss anything!

  2. thx Seek for the images specially 1 one soSOROS in that btw his Son is
    inBerkley too
    when we saw THEY-DER-SPIGEL the other day we can’t believe hey isBEZOS have stock on it too?


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  5. tday inNYC

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